Your New Adult Guide To New Orleans Hot Spots

Booze, sunshine, skimpy clothes and, of course, hook ups with hot guys! What could be better? The four authors of Avon's latest erotic new adult anthology, Spring Fling, agree, as they've each contributed a story young women spending their spring breaks in New Orleans — we couldn't think of a better setting — and finding true love — or just some hot, hot loving. With the upcoming RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans this May, we asked each author to share their favorite New Orleans hot spots. Because who knows, maybe we'll relive a spring break moment or two. (We behaved, Mom, we swear.)


Julia Kent: The allure of Maison Bourbon, New Orleans’ notorious jazz club, isn’t the music. What draws me in is the sense of timelessness, of enormity. Those first hesitant steps across the threshold of a jazz bar in the wee hours of the night make me feel like I'm crossing over into world unknown. The music turns into my own pulse as my senses take over. The air is redolent of a part of myself I know I possess, but that is too buried to be known just yet.

Cathryn Fox: This May when I visit New Orleans, I’m definitely going to hit up Howl at the Moon and Bourbon Heat, since they were clubs my characters visited in "Show Me." I also plan to walk the New Orleans Riverfront. At dusk, in the moonlight, this is the perfect place to steal a hot kiss!

Sarah Fawkes: I've had the privilege to spend four Mardi Gras and three Spring Breaks in New Orleans, and I can very easily tell you my favorite spot: on the balconies overlooking Bourbon. Many of the bars allow patrons to go upstairs and stand on the balconies, and during the festival days they are as packed as the streets below. From up there, you get to play god, dropping beads only to those who "earn" them (take a wild guess how to do THAT!).

On a more low-key note, one of my favorite places is the square in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. Street performers, artists and musicians gather here year round to peddle their wares and entertain the crowds. From sidewalk chalk art, to moving statues, to dancers of every variation, St. Ann's Street right across from the Cafe Du Monde is alive with life and freedom.

Lauren Hawkeye: I've never had a chance to visit New Orleans, though I intend to remedy that this year. But there are several places that I'd love to check out if I were on a romantic trip with my hubby! Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar is supposedly the oldest building, and in the 1700s was believed to have been used as the base for the Lafitte brothers' smuggling operation ... which to my romance writer's mind is horribly romantic and sexy. I would also love to take the Algiers ferry, which is supposed to provide some of the best — and most romantic — views of the original city of New Orleans.

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