Exclusive Excerpt: Elle Kennedy's Addicted

ADDICTED by Elle KennedySometimes coffee doesn't cut it in the morning. Perhaps this super sexy hump day excerpt from Elle Kennedy's Addicted will do the trick! You can get Addicted in June, but in the meantime we've got a scene that proves three isn't always a crowd ...

Best friends Lennox and Jamie had a beautiful life in paradise — until a deadly attack forced them to join Connor Mackenzie's band of outlaws. When another man steals Jamie's attention, Lennox isn't pleased. 

The second they crossed the threshold, the familiar scent of books triggered a wave of nostalgia that transported Jamie right back to her childhood. Her and Lennox’s parents had accumulated hundreds of books over the years. Often times they had to leave them behind when they abandoned camp, but they’d always found new ones along the way, a new collection to build on.

She breathed in the musty smell of well-read pages, tracing her fingers along the dusty spines of the books in the first aisle. A little metal tag told her she was in the self-help section. She moved her flashlight over the titles and snickered at the first one she saw. The loud sound bounced off the walls and echoed beneath the high ceiling of the library.

“What’s so funny?” Beckett came up beside her.

She pointed the light at a book called A Man’s Guide to the Secrets of the Female Mind.

He snorted. “This author is clearly a fraud. Everyone knows the female mind will remain a mystery until the end of time.”

As the two of them wandered down the aisle chuckling over various self-help titles, Lennox’s faint voice called out to them in the darkness. “Over here. Beck, bring the duffel.”

They found him in the world history section. Beckett unzipped the large canvas bag while Lennox began pulling out books and tossing them over.

Nearly thirty tomes had made it into the bag before Beckett looked at Jamie and asked, “Is he always this intense? I didn’t realize he had such a hard-on for textbooks.”

An indulgent smile lifted her mouth. Of all the kids in their childhood camp, Lennox was the one who’d been the most captivated by the history lessons. Far more interested than she’d been, though she’d attended each lesson just to be near him.

“Learning gives him a boner,” she said frankly.

Lennox overheard that and chuckled, but didn’t slow down his quest. They hit the geography aisle next, where he relieved the shelves of several heavy atlases while Jamie ducked into the neighboring aisle and perused the medicine books there. She knew Hudson had worked as a nurse in the city, so she grabbed a few titles she thought might interest the woman. Then she stumbled on an even luckier find—a book full of home remedies, and one about the healing attributes of plants that grew in the Colorado area.

She promptly threw them in the bag, which was getting heavier by the minute.

Jamie tracked Lennox down to the language section. “I think you have enough.”

“A few more,” he said absently.

Her flashlight illuminated the hard cut of his jaw, which was covered in dark beard growth because he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days. His stubble had scratched her thighs this morning when he woke her up by burying his face between her legs. The naughty memory made her body ache.

Before she could stop herself, she wrapped both arms around him from behind, then slid her hands down to his groin. The book he’d been inspecting was all but forgotten. Groaning softly, Lennox eased his hips forward, and she could feel him hardening beneath her palms.

God, she couldn’t think straight with his tight ass pressed against her and his lemony scent infusing her senses. When she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed his neck, he groaned again and thrust his growing erection into her hands.

“Guys, listen to this.”

They broke apart when Beckett appeared with a paperback novel in his hand. He had his flashlight pointed to one of the pages and he sounded gleeful as he began to read. “‘You want more of this big cock, you dirty little slut?’” Beckett raised his voice to a higher pitch. “Gina moaned in delight. ‘Yes. God yes. Please, Drake, give it to me. I’ve been such a bad girl.’”

Jamie snorted, while Lennox let out a soft whistle. “Damn,” he remarked. “No wonder the council monitors everything that’s being published these days. That’s some raunchy shit.”

“What’s it called?” Jamie asked curiously.

“On Her Knees.” Beckett barked out a laugh, then flipped some more pages and stopped on another passage. “‘That’s it, you dirty little slut, swallow every last drop.’” He glanced pensively at Jamie. “Again with the ‘dirty little slut.’ Should I be calling women that when I’m in bed with them?”

“Only if you want your balls chopped off.”

“What’s the matter, love?” Lennox pulled her toward him. “It doesn’t turn you on?”


“Really? But what if we want you to be our dirty little slut?”

Beckett moved up behind her, and suddenly she was sandwiched between the two men. “Or how about we’ll be the dirty sluts?” he suggested, his breath hot on her ear. Then he drew the lobe in his mouth and sucked.

Heat sizzled down to her core. With Lennox’s erection pressing in her stomach and Beckett’s rubbing against her ass, she was trapped between two walls of pure masculinity, and loving every second of it.

“Does that mean I get to be in charge?” she asked.

Lennox chuckled. “You’re always in charge. We both know that.”

Beckett kneaded her ass cheeks. Lennox undid the button of her jeans. Both men clicked off their flashlights, and then hers was yanked out of her hand and turned off too. Darkness surrounded them. No windows on this side of the library, which meant no moonlight, just pitch-black. But there was something insanely erotic about not being able to see them.

“What do you say, Beck? Should we show her how dirty we can be?” Lennox’s deep voice echoed in the aisle.

Beckett was already working her jeans and panties down her hips. “Shoes,” he murmured.

She kicked off her sneakers. A second later she was naked from the waist down and Beckett was on his knees behind her, nuzzling her ass with his cheek.

She heard a rustle of movement. The heat of Lennox’s body disappeared. He was sinking to his knees too.

“Spread,” he whispered.

Jamie parted her thighs and jerked when a hot, rough tongue rasped over her clit. Beckett’s teeth sank into her ass at the same time, and the prick of pain combined with the jolt of pleasure triggered a helpless moan.

Holy hell.

No, not hell. Heaven. With Beckett nibbling on her tender flesh and Lennox flicking his tongue on her clit, moving it around in teasing circles, she was in absolute heaven. One long finger slid down her crease toward her pussy, and pleasure shot through her when Beckett pushed that finger inside her. There was nothing more exhilarating than having two men completely dedicated to her pleasure.

“You taste so sweet,” Lennox muttered. “I could eat you for days, baby.”

He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked. Beckett added another finger and thrust deep.

Jamie’s mind grew foggy, her entire being focused on the pulsing between her legs. She whimpered, rocking her hips against Lennox’s face while at the same time trying to push back against Beckett’s probing fingers.

“Good, love?” Lennox mumbled.

“So good,” she mumbled in response.

He peppered kisses on her thighs, her stomach, her hips, before licking his way back to her core. She couldn’t see a damn thing. All she could do was feel. Each stroke of Lennox’s tongue. Each thrust of Beckett’s fingers.

When she suddenly felt a warm tongue between her ass cheeks, she jerked hard against Lennox’s mouth.

He lifted his head with a laugh. “Whatcha doing back there, Beck?”

Beckett gave an answering chuckle. “Just having some fun.”

Jamie’s pulse careened when he resumed tormenting her ass, his tongue touching that puckered ring of muscle. Holy shit. She was going to self-combust. The nerve endings were so sensitive there. Her body was on sensation overload.

As Lennox continued to tend to her clit, Beckett’s fingers slid back into her pussy while his tongue penetrated another erotic zone, spearing her hard.

The orgasm started in her fingers and toes. Tingling wildly, dancing along her skin, then igniting in a shock of pleasure between her legs before shooting outward again. She moaned as the waves cascaded through her. It was so damn intense, and the two men rode it out with her, the hungry noises they were making intensifying the rush, prolonging the climax until she was a droopy, whimpering mess.

By the time she recovered, they were both laughing, husky sounds laced with pure male satisfaction.

She heard another rustling, a click, and then light hit her eyes, nearly blinding her.

“I think she enjoyed that,” Lennox told Beckett.

The other man brought his wet fingers to his mouth and sucked them dry.

Jamie was still shaking as she bent over to retrieve her flashlight. She switched it on and swept the light over their groins. They were both visibly hard.

“My turn to return the favor?” she teased.

To her surprise, Lennox shook his head. “That’ll have to wait until we get back to camp. We’ve already been here too long—we need to get going.”

She knew her disappointment showed her in her eyes, but Lennox remained firm. He picked up her discarded pants and handed them over. “Get dressed, love.”

She obeyed, because arguing with him always got her nowhere.

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