Hump Day Excerpt: Body Rocks by A.M. Arthur

Body Rocks by A.M. ArthurWe've made it to Hump Day! We feel like we deserve a treat. How about a smoking hot excerpt from A.M. Arthur's M/M contemporary, Body Rocks? This latest in the Off Beat series stars two rival musicians … who get along very well off stage when no one's watching. Want to take a peek? Your RT web team is always happy to help you through the day …

At ten o’clock the VJ shut down, the lights came up, and Lincoln launched them right into a peppy cover of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.” Dom fell into the groove, more relaxed tonight than he had been last week at Off Beat. That performance had been excruciating because he knew Trey was out there, angry and betrayed.

Tonight Trey was out there horny and waiting. For Dom.

Oh yeah, Dom put his heart into it, fingering the keys with everything he had, smiling out at the faceless crowd, hoping Trey knew it was all for him. The crowd got off on their set, if the cheers and screams said anything. Lincoln announced a break with a breathless, “See you in twenty.” The VJ took over, and instead of following his friends to the green room, he went toward the bar.

He endured a few high-fives from some dudes, and a couple of butt-pinching, in-my-personal-space hugs from chicks, and the whole thing made him want to be invisible. His phone buzzed.

Tell the blond behind the bar you’re looking for Mike.

Dom followed the clandestine order, and the hot blond bartender led him past the closed kitchen and into a narrow hallway far away from the throbbing club music. He should have been embarrassed to follow the perfect stranger to a door marked “Supplies” since the guy had to know he was going there to have sex. But Dom didn’t care, because Trey.

Blondie used a key to open the door, then pretty much shoved Dom into darkness that became total blackness when the door swung shut. The closet smelled like mildew and glass cleaner, and he could hear the faint buzz of electricity. A small strip of light appeared around the door frame, barely penetrating the black.

Trey’s face appeared in the dark, illuminated by his cell phone. He flashed a wicked grin at Dom that went right to his dick, then turned off the light. In blackness, a body pressed Dom against the door, and then his entire world was kissing Trey. The rough demand of his lips, the strong slide of his tongue. Hands everywhere. Dom spun them and trapped Trey with his larger body, loving how Trey gave in and let Dom lead.

Let Dom shove his jeans down, and Dom loved that he’d gone commando. Dom sucked him hard and fast, because they didn’t have a lot of time, and they both knew it. This was a booty call, but it was also so much more. Trey curled one hand in Dom’s hair, holding on without directing him. The other might have been over his mouth, because so many deliciously muffled sounds were coming out of Trey’s throat.

As much as Dom wanted his dick in Trey’s throat, he wanted it in his ass more. He stood and turned Trey around.

“God, yes,” Trey whispered. “Missed you.”

“Me too, baby.”

Dom gloved and slicked, careful to shove the trash into his jeans pocket, then lined up. Trey was as tight as the first two times Dom had fucked him. He reached around and tugged on Trey’s dick. Nipped at his earlobe. “Let me in, baby.”

Trey shifted position, tilting his ass up higher. He looked over his shoulder, eyes glittering in the dim light. Dom held his gaze as he pushed inside. He bit back a “fuck” and a deep groan, needing to make noise as much as he needed to stay quiet. Trey’s head fell back and a soft hiss escaped him. Perfect tight heat surrounded Dom’s cock. It had been less than a week since he’d been with Trey, but tonight might be the last time for a while, and Dom wanted to make it count.

“Fuck me,” Trey whispered.

Dom grabbed his hips with both hands and rocked deeper into Trey. Trey’s fingers scrabbled at the door, seeking something to hold, and he finally settled on bracing his forearms against the wood. Dom kept the slow, steady pace for a few strokes, enjoying the sensation of sliding in and out of Trey’s body. He loved the soft tremors that shook Trey’s legs, the puffs of air he took in lieu of steady breathing. He wanted Trey in bed so he could make him fall apart bit by bit, but all they had was this—fast and dirty in a supply closet.

The moment Trey started fucking back into him, Dom let go. He snapped his hips, falling into the simplest act in the world, reveling in the smack of skin on skin. Trey’s steady gasps. Dom’s own panting. The glide of his dick. The squeeze of Trey’s ass. So good.

He reached around again, stupidly happy to find Trey still hard. He jerked him into orgasm, Trey’s ass squeezing Dom’s cock so tight that Dom had to stop moving. Trey turned his head for a sloppy, sideways kiss. “Wanna suck you off,” he said.

Dom gently pulled out. Trey immediately spun and dropped to his knees. He stripped off the condom and swallowed Dom down. Dom smacked a hand over his mouth to stop the groan that tried to escape, because damn. He didn’t last long, coming in Trey’s mouth after only a few strokes.

Trey tried to lick him clean, but Dom needed to kiss him more than he needed that. Dom hauled Trey up and devoured his mouth, licking inside to taste himself mixed with the flavor of Trey, and goddamn it was great. Everything about Trey was too good to be true, and Dom held tight in case the daydream shattered into bitter reality. The kiss became a hug. Dom pressed his face into Trey’s neck, inhaling deeply, imprinting Trey’s scent into his memory so he’d have it when Trey was gone.

“Fuck, that was,” Trey said.

“Yeah.” Dom kissed his temple. “That was.”

His phone buzzed. Probably a text from Lincoln, telling him to get his ass back to the stage so they could play their last set. Dom didn’t want to let Trey go, but he knew this was a quickie. It had to end.

“Go,” Trey said. “I’ll clean up in here.”

Dom wanted to say something profound, something that turned all of the weird, swirling feelings he had into words that Trey could carry home. Nothing came together that made any kind of sense, so he kissed Trey again. A hard press of lips that promised this wasn’t the last time.

He slipped back out of the closet, keenly aware of the precious thing he was leaving behind, and hating himself for keeping something so wonderful a secret.

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