Sandra Hill on Vikings versus Angels

The Angel Wore Fangs by Sandra HillSandra Hill is known for her laugh-out-loud romances, which can make us giggle and swoon simultaneously. Her latest Deadly Angels series features Viking angels, which is quite the combination. We wanted to know more, so we asked Sandra, whose The Angel Wore Fangs is out this week, to break down the creature’s features for us.

I have been writing Viking novels for more than twenty years now, since I discovered that I am a descendant of Rolf the Gangr (also called Rollo), a Viking who was the first duke of Normandy (known as Norsemandy in those days). 

Some might hear of my Viking angels and think they’re an oxymoron. Pagan versus Christian. Evil versus Good. Mortal versus Immortal. But actually there are more similarities than differences, and that's why the two make such an ideal combination.

St. Michael the Archangel is the most notable of the warrior angels. He was responsible for fighting Lucifer and evicting him and all the other fallen angels from heaven. He's said to lead an army of God's fighting angels.Vikings, too, were fierce fighting men, known for their prowess in battle. While the angels have wings to aid in their endeavors, the Vikings were accomplished shipbuilders. Many a Viking longship was used in Norse sea battles.
The angel warriors had to be brave to take on the most evil and devious of all enemies, Lucifer. The Vikings feared no one.  Take, for example, their audacious attack on the city of Paris, when they were much outnumbered.
Although the archangels are spiritual beings, they were also said to be able take human form. When they did, their appearance was reported to be extremely handsome, even beautiful.No one can deny that the Vikings were good looking (and didn't they know it!). They were taller than men of other cultures at that time, muscular, took special care of their hair and beards, even braiding and adorning them with jewels — and they bathed often.  No wonder women of many lands welcomed them into their bed furs.

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