Cover Breakdown: Kristin And P.C. Cast's The Scent of Salt And Sand

We're back and better than ever after a restful holiday weekend and we can't wait to share today's cover breakdown with you. When we heard that mother-daughter duo Kristin and P.C. Cast were penning an Escaped series novella, we could not contain the squee! Then we saw the cover and our jaws totally dropped. It is so pretty!

The Scent of Salt & Sand will be available in October. Since that's such a long time away, we thought we'd satisfy our curiosity with a look at the blurb and a good old fashioned cover breakdown! Plus, the Casts are showing their readers a little extra love with an amazing giveaway... 

The Sirens are on a mission: to escape Tartarus and rebuild their kingdom in the bay city of San Francisco. They aren’t monstrous by nature, but the line between good and evil blurs when their very existence is in danger.

Melody Seirina has always been different. When it is her turn to hunt, as all Sirens must do, she meets Dean, and sees a target who will allow her to fulfill her purpose. What she doesn’t count on is falling in love―a love that could destroy them both.

The romance and the tension heat up as Kristin and P.C. Cast, co-authors of the House of Night series, team up again to bring their magic to the world of The Escaped, raising the stakes for the mortal realm to a fever pitch.

Cover Breakdown: Kristin & P.C. Cast's THE SCENT OF SALT & SAND
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The Scent of Salt & Sand will be available in print in October. In the meantime, you can find more cover breakdowns here.