Hump Day Excerpt: One Lucky Hero by Codi Gary

One Lucky Hero by Codi GarySomething about coming off of a holiday weekend has us even more ready for our mid-week excerpt break than ever! Today's Hump Day scene comes from Codi Gary's One Lucky Hero, a sexy installment from her Men in Uniform series. One Lucky Hero stars Violet, who's looking for one night of fun when she meets Dean. But a week after their fling, Violet runs into the sergeant as she's dragging her delinquent kid brother to a training program. Can these two stay casual? We shall see …

Violet’s heart slammed, sputtered and vaulted as Dean’s mouth dipped down, covering hers with lips as soft as cotton. She opened under him, and his tongue swept inside, deepening the kiss until her toes actually curled.

Her hands slid over his back, digging into the muscles until she looped her arms around his neck. Every nerve ending was going haywire as Dean’s hands slipped down her back until he was cupping her ass, squeezing her cheeks as he stood up, lifting her with him. She yipped in surprise against his mouth and pulled away, gazing down at him as his hands supported her, pressing her to his body like he wanted them to fuse together.

“Wrap your legs around me.”

She did so, squeezing him with her thighs. Dean nipped the column of her throat, the graze of his teeth like a shock. 

“I want to taste every inch of you.” His deep, rich voice was rough and utterly delicious as it vibrated against her neck. 

“Oh…” A breathy moan escaped her before his mouth was back over hers. Violet returned his hungry kisses, opening one eye as he started moving. He carried her down the hallway to his bedroom, and she hardly had time to study her surroundings before he set her on the bed. 

 “Lights on or off?” 

Violet stared at him towering above her, his hands gathering the bottom of his t-shirt. He brought it up and over his head, revealing washboard abs and a chest that would put The Rock to shame. Violet forgot what the question was, what she had for breakfast…hell, that body would make any woman forget her own name.

“I don’t know.”

“On it is.”

Dean dropped to his knees in front of her, spreading her knees with his hands before sliding them up, hooking her shorts.  Bending his head, he placed his mouth on her inner thigh beneath where her shorts had covered and sucked hard.

Violet had never imagined that sucking could be hot. Anytime her past boyfriends had ever tried, she’d been too worried about hickeys or other visible marks. But the quick, intense pressure of Dean’s mouth on such a sensitive place made her back arch and her inner muscles clench. He released her flesh, kissing the spot softly before he sat back with a grin, and reached for the button of her shorts.

It took Dean less than thirty seconds to slip her shorts down over her hips and thighs, tossing them aside with a flick of his wrist. 

Waiting for his next move, Violet’s body trembled with anticipation. When he crawled between her legs once more, she gripped the bedspread in her hands, staring up at the ceiling as his mouth traveled higher on her thighs. At every pull on her skin, she wanted to beg him to never stop the soft, feathery kisses sending lightning bolts of pleasure through her body. 

As the heat of Dean’s breath burned her through the cotton of her panties, she started to sit up and tell him he didn’t have to. She had never enjoyed having a guy go down on her, and usually just laid there waiting for him to get bored. But when he hooked her underwear to the side and put his open mouth on her, she stopped breathing. Because his tongue was doing something amazing, sweeping up until it met her clit and pressing in with hard, fast flicks.  “Oh, wow…” 

She hadn’t even realized that she’d said the words out loud until he lifted his head, his lips glistening.

“You liked that?” 

She nodded slowly, unsure how to answer. She’d had few lovers, and they’d never asked what she liked.

Violet watched him grab the sides of her panties and slide them down her legs. When they were off, he pressed her legs open wide, but she tried to close them, feeling too exposed.

“Don’t.” He ran the rough skin of his palms over her knees until they splayed over her inner thighs, pressing them back. “You’re beautiful. I want to watch you come.”

Violet hardly had time to process that before his mouth was back with a few of his fingers, and for the first time, Violet understood the difference between being with a boy and being with a man. As Dean hooked his finger, rubbing it over a place she hadn’t even known

existed, she cried out and his words rushed over her.

“That’s right, baby. Tell me what you like.” 

No man had ever touched her like this, and as his mouth closed over her clit, sucking it between his teeth and lightly pulling the hardened bud, she realized that this could become an addiction. This floating, tingling, oh my God I’m going to crumble into a million pieces feeling

was too good to give up.

And as a thousand body humming sensations rocked through her, she forgot about all her stress, all the pain of the past. She lost herself in Dean’s touch, his mouth, the deep murmurs racing across her sensitive flesh. It was like a bubble had formed around them, blurring the rest of the world in a distant haze.

A safe place where nothing but pleasure existed.

Dean’s other hand closed over her breast, and even through her shirt and her bra, it was amazing. Suddenly, the next flick of Dean’s tongue and swipe of his finger had her crashing, crying out loudly, sure that her limbs were going to fall right off her body as they tightened and quivered violently.

Before she had even recovered, Violet heard a drawer open and close and the sound of a wrapper. 

“Take off your top,” Dean said roughly.

Violet lifted her head and watched him slide off his boxers, his long, thick cock springing free. She had never been so eager to watch a man strip down, but Dean was beautiful, like a statue sculpted by God as a reward for mere mortal women. He ripped open the condom wrapper with his teeth, and she remembered the sharp sting of them on her neck, and the memory raised gooseflesh over her skin. 

“Violet, you’re killing me, baby. If you don’t get that shirt off, I can’t guarantee its safety.”

Understanding dawned on her, and she carefully pulled her shirt over her head. She didn’t want it ripped in his eagerness. Although, the thought of a man so turned on he would rip her clothes off her body? Really hot.

Her hands were behind her, fussing with the clasp of her bra, when he picked her up and moved her to the head of the bed. One of his hands joined hers and in seconds, he had her bra unsnapped and was sliding it down her arms.

“Should I be terrified that you can undo a bra with one hand? Cause that takes some

serious skill,” she said. 

“My best friend and I used to practice in high school.”

The image of a younger version of Dean sitting in his bedroom with another kid, trying to open a bra over and over made her giggle. 

The giggle ended in a choking noise as Dean took her nipple in his mouth, sucking on her hard and fast. Violet cupped the back of Dean’s head between her hands, holding him against her as she felt his hard cock, his hips rocking. Soon she was whimpering in frustration, wanting him inside her, yet wishing that this would never end.

And then Dean shifted over her, his hand between their bodies, adjusting the head of him against her opening. As he pressed forward, she winced and her muscles stretched to take him in.

She’d never been with anyone quite so big, and it had been so long since she’d done it anyway…

His body stilled over hers and his lips brushed her lips, her cheek, before finally grazing the shell of her ear.

“Relax. We have all the time in the world.”

One Lucky Hero will be available digitally on June 7 for $2.99, and you can preorder your copy right here: Amazon,, Kobo, iTunes, or find it for $6.99 in a local bookstore through IndieBound. And if it's more Hump Day excerpts you're craving, we've got you covered