Why You Should Read LGBTQ* Erotica. Yes, you!

Me and My Boi by Sacchi GreenReading is good for you mind, it can expand your horizons, expose you to new worlds and cultures. Today, Sacchi Green, whose anthology Me and My Boi, is out today, is here to explain to us why reading LGBTQ* erotica is good for your mind — and your body. 

I edit lesbian erotica anthologies, looking for stories about more than sex, but with sex flowing naturally from the story as a whole. I want a variety of voices, fully developed characters, vividly drawn settings, intriguing plots or story arcs, and originality. The complexity inherent in the very nature of life for lesbians (and the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum) adds an edge of potential risk, whether overt or unspoken.

That complexity and risk in lesbian and gay lives makes reading erotica especially important for us. The reflection of our own desires, fantasies and identities is both validation and celebration, even more essential than the physical and emotional charge.

Broadening your horizons is good exercise. Read erotica outside of your own orientation and you’ll get the entertainment value of novelty and variety, while discovering the ways in which erotic and romantic desire are universal. There’s an educational component, too. Men reading lesbian erotica can learn more about female eroticism, and women can widen their understanding of the range of pleasures they can experience—and fantasize about. The same applies, for gay erotica, and with transgender stories the whole variety benefit is amplified.     

You may also discover excellent stories and writers. Straight and LGBT erotica can stimulate both your mind and your senses. Erotic interchanges are essential parts of character development, dealing with heightened emotions and, in some cases, heavily weighted baggage from past experience. Shyness or confidence, impulsiveness or self-control, tenderness, vulnerability, repression, unapologetic sensuality; these are only a few of the traits that can surface in the heat of a sexual encounter. When both characters share the same gender, they can have as wide a range of personalities and characteristics as any other pairing.

Tastes vary, and the best writing may be hard to find, but explore a bit. Exploration, too, is excellent exercise.   

You can get your own copy of Me and My Boi for $15.99 (prices vary, discounts available!) by clicking here: Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | All RomanceGooglePlay. And for more erotic stories, be sure to visit our Everything Erotica page.