Wattpad Top Three: June 2016

We love finding new reads on Wattpad, the reading and writing platform that is filled with amazing, free stories for you to try. There are so many of thousands of stories, available any time via Wattpad's website or app, it can be hard to know where to start! Here are our June picks for your reading pleasure. 

Slow Dancing by Noelle
Genre: New Adult
The Story: We feel that, as romance lovers, you probably only need to read the blurb to start reading this one, so here ya go: "Moore is the fake girlfriend of billionaire Kaden Bretton. But Kaden is suffering from temporary blindness and still thinks he's dating his real girlfriend, Evangeline, who's actually buried six-feet underground." We know! It's well written, twisty fun, as Isla tries to help the guy she's been crushing on for years recover from a terrible car accident. There's a nice family dynamic, too. Give it a try!

The Love Curse by Rebecca Sky
Genre: YA Paranormal
The Story: This is a cute, angsty read! Rachel Patel has the power to make a guy love her with just one kiss — like, really, really, completely obsessed with her love. As these sorts of things often go, it's not as great as it sounds. Especially when Rachel meets a guy she does like, cadet Benjamin Blake. How's she going to avoid kissing him? Does she want to? Wattpad is super popular with teen readers, and this story is a great example of why. Check it out!

Stiletto Sisterhood by Fallon Demornay
Genre: New Adult/Chick Lit
The Story: 
Who doesn't want to be a member of Taylor Swift's squad? Or have a group of girls who've always got your back? These ladies (the vixen, the activist, the icon, the maven and the rebel) live by the motto: "Chase dreams. Not boys." And we are here for all of it. As these ladies try to make it in the world, their exploits are narrated by "six" the final member of their group, with prose, texts, GIFs and more, and you'll be rooting for them the whole way. 

Do you have any Wattpad favorites? Let us know! And check out our other favorite picks here.