Hump Day Excerpt: Rake's Redemption by Chantal Fernando

Rake's Redemption by Chantal FernandoIt's hot outside the RT offices, and it's about to get steamier — thanks to this week's hump day excerpt! We've got a peek at Chantal Fernando's RT Top Pick! Rake's RedemptionThe latest in Fernando's Wind Dragons MC series, it stars the most notorious womanizer of all the brothers, the titular Rake. Let's take a peek at his charms, shall we? 

“Hmmmm, good girl,” he hums his approval when I let my body relax, giving in to him. “You smell so good, Bailey, I can’t wait to have my mouth on you. But first I want to make sure that you’re ready for me.” I was ready. So ready. And he knew it. I decide to keep quiet, biting my bottom lip as Rake continues to kiss the inside of my thighs, his stubble rough on me, one hand gripping underneath my knee, the other still on my lower stomach. What feels like hours later but is probably only seconds, he finally lowers his face to my pussy, so close that I can feel his breath on me, but not touching. “Babe,” I choke out. “Please.”

“Hmmmm, I like you calling me that,” he says, not lifting his head. “Maybe I’ll reward you.” His tongue peeks out and swipes through my folds, tasting me. He makes a deep sound in the back of his throat before he grips my ass with his hands and buries his face in my pussy, exploring every inch of me. I cry out. He doesn’t stop, but instead licks my clit in short, quick strokes, which has me whispering his name like a prayer. “Rake, I’m going to come,” I manage to say. He stops. I feel like crying. “Not yet,” he says huskily, moving up to lick my extremely sensitive nipples. “I need to come,” I whisper brokenly. “Wait, Bailey,” he demands. “Don’t come until I tell you to.” I nod, close my eyes and try to think of anything except what he’s doing to me. Apples. Strawberries. Oranges. Fuck, I can’t. “I need to come,” I plead, opening my eyes, on the verge, so damn close. I don’t know what he hears in my tone, but he looks at my face, nods, then returns to pleasuring me with his mouth. I come the second he licks my clit, my body shaking, pleasure filling me, overriding my system.

So damn good. Rake keeps his mouth on me, prolonging my orgasm as much as he can, until it’s too much, too sensitive, and I beg him to stop. I gulp air greedily, panting. Probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Fuck. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that. “Are you on the pill?” I nod. “I got tested when you first came back, and I’m clean.” He pauses. “I haven’t been with anyone since then.” I lick my bottom lip. “Okay. I want to feel you.” He groans, and straddles me. My thighs are still trembling as he slides inside of me, making me moan some more as he fills me with his big, hard cock. I lift my hips to move in time with his deep, hard thrusts, so greedy for him, wanting him to give me everything he has and more. I can take anything he has to offer, because I was made for him. “Love being inside you,” he rumbles, staring down at me. “You feel so fuckin’ good, Bailey.” I open my mouth to reply, but no words come out, so he just grins and kisses my lips.

“I want us to come at the same time,” he says, tracing his lips down my neck. “Tell me when you’re ready.” He slides into me a few more times, his hips hitting just the right spot at just the right angle. “I’m ready,” I whimper. “I’m going to come.” “Come now,” he says, then covers my lips with his again. I come, and so does he.

I can’t even describe how amazing it feels. Not just the amazing sex, but the emotion too. He kisses my forehead, and my lips once more before he unties me, rubs my wrists, and kisses each one in turn. “How was that?” he asks, pulling me onto him, my breasts resting against his chest. “Did you like it? Are you sure you were okay with it?” He rubs my back, as if comforting me. “Amazing,” I reply in all honestly. “I loved it, Rake. I was fine with it—just like I told you I’d be.” His green eyes smile down at me. “You like to play, baby?” I lick my dry lips. “I guess I do.” “Fuck,” he whispers, then says louder, “That was me breaking you in, Bailey. There’s so much more I want to do with you, explore with you.” “I trust you,” I whisper, staring at his lips. He lowers his head and kisses me. A soft, sweet, gentle kiss. A kiss that makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Rake's Redemption hits stores June 28, and you can preorder your copy here: Amazon,, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay, All Romance. And in care you're after another Hump Day read, we've got ya covered