Cover Breakdown: Brenda Jackson's FORGED IN DESIRE

We're back from a lovely holiday weekend, ready to obsess over some books! We hope you're inclined to join us. Today we're investigating Brenda Jackson's January 2017 title, Forged in Desire. We can't stand it — even the title is good! Let's check out the blurb:

Strong enough to protect her. Bold enough to love her. 

When good girl Margo Connelly becomes Lamar "Striker" Jennings's latest assignment, she knows she's in trouble. And not just because he's been hired to protect her from an underworld criminal. The reformed bad boy's appeal is breaching all her defenses, and as the threats against her increase, Margo isn't sure which is more dangerous: the gangster targeting her, or the far too alluring protector tempting her to let loose. 

Though Striker's now living on the right side of the law, he's convinced his troubled past keeps Margo out of his league. But physical chemistry explodes into full-blown passion when they go on the run together. Surrendering to desire could be a deadly distraction—or finally prove that he's the only man qualified to keep her safe, and win her love.

Cover Breakdown: Brenda Jackson's FORGED IN DESIRE
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Forged in Desire will be with us January 31, 2017. In the meantime, why not check out some other Cover Breakdowns