Cover Reveal: Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown

We love holiday stories — even as we're sweating in the summer sun. So we're excited for today's cover reveal for Lorelie Brown's Take Me Home. This Belladonna Ink novella has a fun holiday twist. Let's check out the blurb! 

Thanksgiving arrives in one week and one day. Feeling hemmed in by parental expectations? Are they disappointed by your sapphic proclivities? I can help! The only pay I want is the holiday meal!

I didn’t know what I was looking for until I saw her Craigslist ad.

I love my family. I’m lucky to have them—well, most of them. But my aunt? I’m so tired of her giving my mom crap because I happen to be a lesbian. So one pink-haired tattoo artist pretending to be my girlfriend will annoy my Christian fundamentalist aunt right back and make my Thanksgiving perfect.

Only . . . Brooke turns out to be cuter and more complicated than I expected. And before you can say “yorkiepoo,” we kiss . . . and abduct a dog together. I want to keep them both—but Brooke isn’t the kind to be kept. Lucky for me, I’m the kind to chase what I want.

And now, the cover!

Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown

We definitely need pink hair like that in time for Thanksgiving — just to get everyone talking! Take Me Home will be available in November. Until then, why not check out some other cover reveals