NEW in the RT VIP Salon: 8/29/15

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Readers, if you haven't had your morning coffee yet, do not fear. Our Monday Giveaway of Viking Warrior Rebel by Asa Maria Bradley will give you the jolt you need to make it through the day. It's an October Top Pick!, so we know you're not going to want to miss a chance to win a print copy of this hot paranormal romance.

To keep the stakes high, Senior Editor Emily Walton has provided an excerpt of the new romantic suspense tale The Talented Mr. Rivers by HelenKay Dimon. Cara Black brings us behind-the-scenes of her mysteries and inspiration from the City of Lights, Paris. Members are certainly in for an adrenaline rush this morning.

When that adrenaline wears off, relax and unwind with Michele Hauf's coloring book column and Senior Editor Danielle Valente's October horoscope. We also celebrate the end of Read-a-Romance Month (RARM) with a roundup of books you need to add to your shelf.

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