Hump Day: Jodi Ellen Malpas' The Protector

THE PROTECTOR by Jodi Ellen MalpasThere's something sexy about a damaged hero. When a strong, independent heroine crashes into his life, well — that's even better! Today's Hump Day excerpt offers a tantalizing taste of the sexual tension between Camille and her bodyguard Jake in Jodi Ellen Malpas's The Protector. The book is available for purchase next week. In the meantime, we'll just have to be satisfied with a super sexy excerpt ...

People think they have Camille Logan nailed: daddy's girl; beautiful, spoiled young woman with her father's bank balance to fund her lifestyle. But Camille is determined to have a life free from his strings. Out on her own, she's made mistakes, including one that found her clawing her way back after a stint in rehab and plenty of bad press. Now, after fighting so hard to be independent and happy, she finds her life threatened as a result of her father's ruthless business dealings. Caught between resentment and fear, Camille prepares herself for the measures her father will take to protect her. But nothing could prepare her for the ex-SAS sniper who crashes into her life.

Jake Sharp resides in his own personal hell. He was distracted from duty once before, and the consequences were devastating — both personally and professionally. He vowed never to let that happen again. Accepting the job of bodyguard to Camille Logan isn't the kind of distraction from his demons he should take. Women and Jake don't mix well, yet protecting the heiress seems the lesser of two evils. But Jake soon discovers that she isn't the woman she's perceived to be. She's warm, compassionate, her presence settling and his duty to protect her soon goes deeper than a well-paid job, no matter how hard he fights it. He needs absolution. He comes to need Camille. But he knows he can't have both.

To the excerpt!

I’ve never felt a connection so intense that I can physically feel it. It’s no distraction. It’s no means to an end. It’s tangible. It’s pulling at every one of my muscles and stabbing at every inch of my naked skin. I’ve never felt so absorbed by a woman that she makes me want to sacrifice my soul in her honor.

I’ve never felt this. Never.

Many words are trying to wrestle their way into my twisted mind, but only one is making it through.


Holding her willowy body against me is beyond any realms of pleasure I’ve experienced in my time. It’s a feeling that is so very easy for me to accept, but so very hard for me to understand. All of it. I’m not tender with women. I don’t take my time to extend their enjoyment or wish that it never ends.

This woman has changed all of that. I never want this to end.

She’s panting shallowly into my face, straining to keep her eyes open. She’s almost there, and I need to be with her when she climaxes. I push myself up onto my fists, digging them into the mattress to get better leverage.

“Hold it,” I order, unable to ignore the frantic flash on panic on her face. “I’m nearly there.” I pick up my pace and realign my position and control. It’s there. It’s coming. “Oh fuck!” I bellow and pump on, swiftly entering and retreating from the luscious warmth of her tight pussy, each drive ramping up the urgency.

“Jake!” Her scream of my name as she shakes violently beneath me tips me over the edge. My cock explodes, and I roar through the crippling pleasure, feeling her vibrating around me as I find release in long, pulsing spurts. My climax knocks me out, making me fall to my forearms, trapping her beneath me as I battle my way through. It goes on forever, Cami’s sleepy groans muffled in my ear by the rush of blood to my head. My body feels relieved, sated, but my mind and heart is more twisted than ever. I feel settled but apprehensive. Then she sighs, long and satisfied, and the apprehension begins to cloud everything—all of the peace, calm and rightness of this moment.

Fuck me, I feel like I’m under attack from the enemy, my mind sprinting through my options and analyzing my safest and quickest route out of the danger zone. This time, there feels like no way out.

It’s the oddest feeling of tranquility and terror. She’s a young, bright woman with a shining future. Me? I’m a disturbed, twisted arsehole with a black soul and a hard heart. I shouldn’t risk infecting her with my demons. Yet at the same time, I’m full of hope that she could be the cure that I haven’t been looking for. It’s always just been me, my memories and my bitterness. That was fine by me. But since I’ve met Camille, all of my burdens have been diluted by a want so powerful it’s made it difficult to focus on anything else. The irony of my situation is fucking brutal. My duty is to protect her from a potential threat. An unknown danger.

I’m the biggest, most real threat to this woman. She needs protecting from me.

It’s guaranteed I’ll hurt her. I’m a danger to her. Her father won’t be happy about this, and Lucinda might wring my fucking neck. No emotional connection with your subject. It’s rule number-fucking-one. It distorts your purpose and hampers your duty. It also gets you swiftly ejected from the agency. But shit, there’s a whole lot of emotion running rampant through me right now, and I’m powerless to stop it. Feeling powerless isn’t something I deal with well. I need my purpose. My purpose is my job. What I’ve just done could lose me that. I’ll be in an empty, black pit once again. No purpose. Just nightmares.

I clench my eyes shut and lift my hips, pulling myself free of her warmth, all the time ignoring the sense of loss that fills me with every inch I withdraw. Her sleepy mumbles of protest would be like sweet music to my ears…if I wasn’t currently in mental turmoil.

What the fuck have I done?

The Protector will be available in digital and print on September 6. Digital copies start at $7.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play, or find a copy in your local bookstore on IndieBound. If more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave, you can find them here (your secret's safe with us!).