Hump Day: Lora Leigh's Intense Pleasure

INTENSE PLEASURE by Lora LeighWe are so close to the holiday weekend we can already taste the turkey! We don't know about you, but we are ready to kick up our feet and relax with some sexy reading material. Even though our work week is a bit shorter, today is still Hump Day, and that means we get a steamy excerpt break. We mean, we have needs, people! Today's Hump Day excerpt comes from Lora Leigh's Intense Pleasure, available in January.

Falcone and Raeg are faced with an impossible task — keep Southern socialite Summer safe from an assassin without revealing how much they both desire her. Falcone and Raeg have been Summer's confidantes for years, but she never expected a romance to bloom. The trio will have to work together to keep Summer safe and make their relationship work.

Sweet Summer.

Confusion filled her pretty eyes. She did not even know what she wanted so desperately, why no other man had ever given her what she’d known he and Raeg could give her. And it was exactly what he needed himself to sate the greedy lust that always rose whenever he was around her.

If he gave her time to think about this first, then her fears would pull her back. And that he simply could not allow.

Before she could make another protest, his lips covered hers. Slanting over the soft curves, Falcon took the taste of her with greedy hunger as her arms wrapped around his neck, her body arching to him.

Catching her wrists, he drew them over her head, holding them with one hand and cursing his brother’s stubbornness. Had Raeg been there he would have restrained her, held her arms above her head and helped Falcon to give her a pleasure she could only know with both of them. A pleasure he couldn’t give her alone.

It would take both of them to fully sate this woman’s hungers. He had always known this.

She arched against him, moaning into his kiss, her tongue dueling against his, challenging for control. Taking her alone would be more pleasure than he’d known in his life. But how much better could it be?

Pulling back, he stared down at her, taking in her flushed features, her passion-drugged gaze, the arch of her swollen, flushed breasts and cherry red nipples.

“Do you wish he was here as well?” he asked, grimacing in hunger at the thought as he cupped the silken weight of her breast. “That both of us touched you?”

For a moment something so hungry and tormented flashed in her gaze before it was gone.

“Does it matter?” she whispered, her voice filled with need. “He’s not here.”

Her nipples darkened, became harder at the thought of it though.

“If he was,” he told her, “we would hold you between us and both sweet nipples would know the hunger we have for them.”

His head lowered, his lips covering one hard peak, teeth raking it, then his lips closing on it as he sucked the tempting morsel into his mouth.

The low strangled cry was not quite enough to draw Raeg’s attention. But it would be, Falcon swore. Very soon, it would be.

Keeping her arms stretched above her, he sucked, nibbled, teased her nipples. Suckling kisses were given to the tight little buds, each caress drawing her deeper into the hunger building between them, loosening her restraint and her fears of being overheard.

Control was always the issue for Falcon when taking a woman alone, especially one he knew would begin instinctively fighting the need for pleasures she had never imagined hungering for. Restraining her kept her focused on her own pleasure rather than pleasuring him. She had no choice but to let her senses fill with each sensation.

Gripping the tender nipple between his teeth and exerting just enough pressure to create that pleasure-pain that shocked the senses, he licked over it, adding to the sensations before he released it and sucked it firmly. The taste of her skin, the hardness of the little bud against his tongue, the throb of reaction a little pulse in the tip, making him hungrier for her.

He’d known she’d respond to that edge of sensation between pleasure and pain. That place where a woman’s sensuality became far too curious and her inhibitions surged free.

Summer’s moans went from strangled to unrestrained. Her head tossed against the bed, her body shuddered, perspiration slickening her flesh as he alternated his caresses, soothing, fierce, sucking hard and tight against the sensitive flesh, then licking it, easing it before making it burn again. From one nipple to the other, he tormented each in turn, wondering how she much more she would have loved it had Raeg been there to concentrate on one breast as he had the other.

Soon, her cries echoed around him, and still Raeg was not there.

Regret and disbelief that his brother could be so stubborn filled him. Summer wasn’t the only one who would fight what she knew would complete her. Even Raeg, it seemed, was determined to wage that battle.


It was her cries.

Stepping from the bathroom into his bedroom, a towel around his hips, Raeg felt his dick go rock-hard instantly at the sound of them.

Iron. Spike. Hard.

Hungry, desperate cries. The faintest sound of them, hoarse and resonating with such pleasure it couldn’t be contained, hit his senses like a sledgehammer. It was a sound he thought he’d never hear, from a woman he’d tried to convince himself he couldn’t have.

He knew that sound, knew the edge of confusion, of dazed uncertainty that filled each cry. He knew, and he was helpless against it. It was a sound that had filled his fantasies, his darkest dreams, and filled every hungry desire he had for Summer.

Leaving the bedroom, Raeg walked to Summer’s room, the open door an invitation he couldn’t resist. Didn’t resist. He then stepped into his greatest fantasy.

Summer, spread on the bed, her wrists captured in one of Falcon’s hands, the hard tip of a breast being sucked firmly as Falcon drew her slowly into a pleasure she couldn’t know was coming.

“Now,” she demanded, breathless, that edge of desperation in her tone an assurance that the needs Falcon had struck a match to, she was going to instinctively fight it. Raeg could hear it in her cries, her plea that his brother take her now. She would fight each level of pleasure she would be drawn into, and that struggle would only intensify his and Falcon’s pleasure in taking her.

And he knew Falcon. His brother would struggle against the demands, but his hunger and hers would make it difficult to pull her into that dark edge where she’d begin craving sensations one lover alone would find difficult to harness.

As he watched, Falcon’s free hand moved slowly over her thigh, the silken, slick bare flesh between her thighs drawing his touch. He couldn’t resist it, not alone, not without a reminder that it wasn’t quite the time for a deeper, more intimate touch yet.

“Falcon.” Raeg spoke firmly just before his brother found the sweet, heavy juices spilling from her. “It’s too soon.”

Summer shuddered. Raeg saw the hard, rippling response to the carnality and nearing orgasm that nearly exploded inside her at the sound of his reminder.

His brother released the hard, reddened nipple, his blue eyes several shades darker with the needs he was fighting.

“Do you require a third?” Raeg asked, desperate to touch Summer, aching for it. Every muscle in his body was strung tight, tension radiating through him as his hunger burned hotter than he could ever remember feeling it burn.

“A third?” Falcon snapped, his voice darker, deeper with the struggle to hold back his lusts. “I don’t need a damned third, I need an equal.”

A commitment to Summer, to her pleasure, to the woman and the needs waiting for them to unlock inside her. An integral part of the relationship, free to take her with or without his brother. She would be as much his as she was Falcon’s. And the thought of that was like a heady drug rushing through his senses.

“Very well,” he agreed, barely hesitating. “An equal.”

The second he acknowledged it he felt a shift inside him, a knowledge he simply couldn’t face at that moment. Later, he decided. He’d consider it later, when his mind wasn’t clouded with his needs as well as Summer’s.

Moving around the bed as Falcon shifted position and moved behind her head, Raeg met her violet gaze with a slow smile.

“Is she going to fight it?” he asked his brother as he dropped the towel from his hips and watched the haze of sensuality intensify in her expression.

“Every step of the way,” Falcon assured him, the obvious satisfaction in the knowledge echoing in his voice.

Still holding Summer’s gaze, he let his hand slide up the inside of her thigh. Reaching the saturated flesh between her thighs, he let a single finger slide through the heavy juices. Finding her clit, Raeg exerted just the slightest pressure, nearly pushing her into release, and held it there.

He had every iota of her attention now.

“One word will stop this,” he told her. “One word only. When you say it, we’ll both walk away. Understand?”

Defiance flashed in her eyes.

Glancing up at Falcon, he watched as his brother’s lips quirked. He had caught the look as well.

“All you must say is no, love,” Falcon assured her. “If you are frightened, if anything causes you pain, then you tell us. But when you say no, this ends. It will mean you do not desire what we hunger for. What we know you hunger for. That your fears are greater than your need.”


Just “no.”

They wouldn’t hurt her. She knew they would never hurt her. Not physically. There were worse ways they could hurt her though.

“I believe she understands,” Raeg stated softly, lifting his finger from her clit and causing sensation to streak through the tender knot of nerves.

Her hips lifted with an involuntary cry, a tremor racing through her as she fought to find the wave and let it carry her into release.

“She’s far too close,” Falcon’s voice was strained, as strained as she knew her own would be if she attempted to speak.

“No, she’s fine,” Raeg assured him, kneeling between her thighs and watching her closely, the heavy length of his cock throbbing imperatively. “Aren’t you, sweetheart?”

There was a challenge in his gaze, a dare that said she couldn’t possible take whatever they decided to dish out. And why the hell she was going to let them dish it out, she wasn’t certain.

“You’re a tease,” she accused him.

“Think that’s all?” he asked her, a dark, heavy eroticism filling his expression. “Shall we see?”

That was all he could do, she told herself. Tease her. The tugging of her hair was good, that bit of heat mixing with the pleasure had been shocking for a second, but it was gone now.

His gaze moved across her slowly, leisurely.

“What’s your greatest fantasy?” he asked then, pushing her legs further apart. “When it’s dark and you’re alone with only your fingers for pleasure, what do you fantasize about?”

What did she fantasize about?

“Both of you,” she whispered. She didn’t have to lie about that—they already knew she wanted them.

“Separately? Together?”

What did he want?

“Together.” She frowned up at him, breath catching as Falcon bent to her, his tongue licking over her nipple as he knelt next to her.

Her gaze moved to his cock as he laid on his side, stretching to his lower stomach, so hard, throbbing.

“Together,” she repeated, fighting to breathe.

She’d touch him, but he still held her wrists, restraining her, keeping her from reaching out to him.

She jerked in reaction as Raeg’s teeth scraped over her thigh, far too close to the sensitive, needy flesh of her sex.

“Together how?” His voice was lower now, a gentle croon, nothing threatening, nothing to distract from the desire to taste the hard length of cock just beyond her reach.

“However you want me,” she moaned, licking her lips. “Every way.”

“Falcon.” Raeg’s tone firmed. “Put her on her knees.”

On her knees?

A second later she was being rolled to her stomach, Raeg’s hands gripping her hips, pulling her to her knees as Falcon released her wrists to allow her to hold her position.

“Give her what she’s so hungry for,” Raeg told his brother then. “Fuck her mouth. I’ll see how much of a tease she can take on that pretty pussy.”

Falcon’s fingers gripped her hair, surprising her, holding her in place as the head of his cock pressed to her lips, pushed past them, and filled her mouth with the taste of iron-hard male heat.

At the same time, Raeg’s head pushed between her thighs, his body stretched out beneath her, both hands reaching up to cup her rear and draw her hips to him.

Raeg’s tongue licked through the sensitive wet folds of her pussy at the same time his hand landed on the curve of her rear in a heated caress.

Heated. Fiery heat snapped through her senses as his tongue circled her clit.

She tried to jerk back from Falcon, tried to make sense of what she’d just felt whipping through her senses. But before she could process that need, Falcon’s hands clenched in her hair, the head of his cock filling her mouth again.

The moan that slipped past her throat was part cry, part whimper.

In the next breath, it was a strangled scream.

Raeg’s tongue pushed inside her, thrusting hard past the clenched entrance to her pussy as his hand landed on the curve of her ass again, that blooming heat attacking her senses, mixing with the pleasure and sending shudders tearing through her.

And it didn’t stop. Each lick, each thrust of his tongue was another heavy caress to her rear. Always in a different place. Some landing heavier than others, all of them tearing past a reserve she hadn’t known she possessed and opening a hunger inside her she couldn’t have imagined.

Slowly, too slowly, the heated pleasure intensified, the burn building to a pleasure-pain she hadn’t imagined existed. Her hips writhed, pushed to his too playful tongue, only to still as the caress landed harder, chastising her for trying to take her pleasure before he was willing to give it to her.

All the while Falcon’s fingers tightened and released her hair close to the scalp, his cock shuttling between her lips, working past them in slow, measured thrusts that gave her just enough time to believe she’d soon taste his release only to take it from her once again.

Already dazed, desperate for them, Summer felt the need for that mix of pleasure and pain begin rising. It built in a part of her sexuality that she’d never imagined existed until now, then spread through her senses like a tidal wave.

Each surge of pleasure from his tongue, his sucking lips, was followed by his heated caresses. Caresses that soon weren’t enough, the heat dimming, the needs for more only growing.

And she needed that harder caress.

Damn him, why wouldn’t he just go ahead and spank her? Just give it to her? If the heavy caresses were this good, what would a spanking actually do for her?

His hand landed harder then and dazed satisfaction began over-taking her. Between each burning caress his fingers would stroke and caress the curves of her ass, part them, and send flares of sensation streaking through her anal opening.

As the pleasure-pain began to burn, to build, she sucked Falcon’s cock, working her mouth over the engorged head, sucking and tonguing it, desperate for the taste of his release.

She had never had a man spill between her lips.

The slow measured thrusts between her lips moved deeper, pulling a strangled cry from her as the engorged crest flexed and throbbed against her tongue.

“Raeg, I can’t last much longer,’ Falcon groaned. “Her mouth is so sweet. So sweet and hot.”

Raeg’s tongue speared inside her, retreated, circled her clit again. The heated, heavy caresses to her rear came closer together, and each time his hand landed, the pleasure-pain of it filled her senses, drugging them further, pushing her closer to her own release.

“Your ass blushes so pretty,” Falcon groaned. “Dark pink, clenching with each little slap . . .”

She cried out around his cock, needing, aching . . .

“I want to fuck your mouth just like this Summer. Fuck it slow and easy while you scream around it, and I will watch him work his cock up that sweet, tight ass . . .”

Raeg’s lips surrounded her clit, his tongue swiped over it. His hand landed with such erotic, wicked heat . . .

Ecstasy exploded through her.

Her mouth tightened on Falcon’s cock, her tongue undulating just beneath the head. Orgasmic explosions ripped through her senses, jerked through her body, and sent her hurtling into chaos.

No more than a heartbeat later, Falcon’s hands tightened further in her hair, amplifying the pleasure before she felt the first, rapid pulse of semen fill her mouth, shocking her senses.

That first taste, and she wanted more. Each rapid taste of male heat, slightly salty, reminiscent of a Georgia thunderstorm. It filled her taste buds and added to the explosions tearing through her.

And with each, hard detonation of pleasure rocking, Raeg’s lips and tongue were there to catch, to taste, the release of her juices spilling from her.

It was never-ending, only to end far too soon.

Falcon’s still-erect cock pulled from her lips, his voice soothing, deep, as Raeg eased from between her thighs. His lips and tongue were no longer tormenting her, driving her deeper into that climactic storm.

Collapsing to the bed, the sweetest lassitude swept through Summer. Stealing over her, dragging her into a quiet, dark place where nothing existed but the warm peace she’d been craving.

Finally . . .

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