Hump Day: Jade A Waters's The Assignment

THE ASSIGNMENT by Jade A WatersWe may have made it to Hump Day, but we are still struggling to get back into the swing of things after the holiday weekend. If you're like us, we recommend that you sit back, relax and enjoy this super sexy Hump Day excerpt from Jade A Waters's The Assignment, available next month. 

Maya has bounced back from a troubled past and she seems to have found happiness with Dean. But giving in to desire isn't as easy as it sounds. In order to get in touch with her submissive side, Maya must complete a series of assignments designed to open her mind and lower her inhibitions ...

“Dean.” I didn’t understand the sensation in me. My body shook, and I felt euphoric without him even touching me yet.

Dean’s face brightened. He took a couple of fingers to my cleft, tracing my slippery opening and making me cry out. I started to close my legs but he shoved them apart, the muscles in my thighs quaking against his force. “Your legs stay open,” he said sharply, his fingers making slow, entrancing circles. He slid them up to pinch my clit and sank his thumb inside in rapid thrusts. I rolled my hips up with a groan. “If you want more, you must keep them open. Do you understand?”

I tugged on the ropes in affirmation, the tingling in my pelvis maddening. I was bound and trapped beneath this beautiful man, and so fucking turned on.

Dean didn’t cease the exquisite movements of his thumb and fingers, and his eyes slit as he watched my pussy flex. Heat showered me, threatening to knock every reasonable thought from my head. My vision blurred. Everything about this consumed me.

I’d never felt anything like it.

Dean raised himself on his knees. He eased down the zipper of his slacks, pulling them and his briefs off his hips in a quiet sweep. His cock leaped up to his belly, the crown bulbous and smooth, and all I could think of was my lust for him.

“Please.” I kept my legs wide like he’d instructed, overrun by burgeoning need so heavy even my lungs felt weighted. “Fill me, please…”

Dean took his shaft in his hand, squeezing until the head turned a lighter shade of red. Against the muscles of his stomach it looked like a dream—hard as stone and beckoning me, promising delight.

Dean wrangled his trousers off and took two condoms out of his pocket. He threw one of them onto my nightstand and dropped the other on the comforter, circling my hips with his fingers before dragging them back to my slit. Once he slipped both thumbs inside, I was delirious with pleasure. “Are you on the pill?”

I came to slightly. “Yes, but—”

He shoved his thumbs deeper. “I don’t intend to take off the condom. I’m simply asking to know. Backup is good.”

He came at me then, his tongue dipping in with his thumbs, the pressure of his touch profound as he lapped at me. I struggled to keep from clamping my thighs around his head, concentrating on the burn of the rope in the shifts of my thighs while he brought me to elevated planes of pleasure. My face grew numb, my breath ragged and I was floating in my mind, separating from my body. Dean dragged his tongue lower, his thumbs making hearty thrusts to match his tease of the tender ring of my ass.

I moaned, subjected to his touch and unable to move. His tongue penetrated me and he rubbed his nose against my cunt, his thumbs grazing my inner walls.

My reflex was to thrash, to jump away from this, but he’d pinned me in place. Dean groaned, his tongue bringing the orgasm close, and I felt such driving need I shrieked out his name.

With his eyes glassy and his face drenched, Dean pulled away from me. Feral moans escaped my lips as he found the condom and rolled it over his throbbing length. He crawled over me, his sexy body about to overtake me in this bound-up state.

“Please,” I breathed.

The muscles of his shoulders rippled when he aligned himself with me. He peered into my eyes with such need, such hunger, my heart threatened to beat right out of my chest. Dean ran his silky head along my crevice, wetting himself, feeding his tip inside me.

I clenched around him. “Fuck, more!”

“You’re on fire inside. So hot.” His words were distant, sweet, a gentle ring in my ears. I couldn’t see straight anymore. I was only aware of the quivering of my body and the effort it took to move my hips the tiniest fraction of an inch he’d allow me while he kept himself just beyond my entrance. “So good,” he said.

I rocked again. Dean gathered my bound legs to his chest, the touch of his skin reaching me between the strands of the rope. He reared back, and I was ready, completely out of my mind.

He whispered, “You’re mine.”

Then he plunged inside.

I growled when he filled me, his girth stretching me apart. He stayed there, his hold on my legs allowing him to reach the deepest parts of me.

“Oh, Maya.” The head of his cock hit my G-spot, coaxing a tremendous wave of pleasure from me. I writhed in my ties and tried to grind against him as his weight banged my clit.

Dean repeated like this, pulling halfway out and sinking in until I felt split apart. My brain untethered from my body, spiraling out of control. He groaned my name, the sound hungry and savage, and when he bit my knee I let go.


My orgasm cascaded through me. It shook my breasts and contracted my walls in violent spasms that milked him as he pushed and retreated. I shuddered, my mind flying out into an ecstatic abyss that made me wail. Dean’s pants morphed into deep grunts when he lost himself in turn.

“Oh, yes!” he growled.

He spilled over me in one last, powerful thrust. Every ridge of my cunt trembled with aftershocks, and Dean loosened his arms, his cheek hitting my forehead. Then we lay there, gasping in the silence of my room for an eternity.

Gradually, the blood pooled back into my face. Dean lifted his head and flexed himself inside me.

I jumped, the movement minuscule against the confines of the rope.

“That was the most incredible experience of my entire life,” he said.

The heat that had circulated in my pelvis for the lengthy stretch of our play moved up my torso. It filled a space within me that expanded with a different kind of awareness, one that terrified me, yet felt so right. “Me, too.”

Dean kissed my neck while I lay there stupefied. Eventually, he elevated himself and started untying my limbs, the smile on his face delicious and hot.

But it was nothing compared to the fire that raged in me.

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