Hump Day: Cecilia Tan's Hard Rhythm

HARD RHYTHM by Cecilia TanHoo boy, is it hot in here! Today's Hump Day excerpt is from Cecilia Tan's super sexy Secrets of a Rockstar series. We're taking a peek inside the latest installment in the series, Hard Rhythm, which will be available in January. We at RT love music about as much as we love books, so this series is right up our alley! 

It's pretty hard to shock Maddie Roffel, hostess at L.A.'s most exclusive private sex club. That is, of course, until she meets Chino Garcia, drummer for The Rough. Things get hot and heavy quickly, and the two have no problem tearing up the sheets, but will they forge the emotional connection Chino craves?

My hair was still wet as I went up the stairs to Madison’s second-floor entrance.

She opened the door, revealing to me the delicious sight of her in a white tank top and pink shorts. Her feet were bare and she smiled as she stepped back to let me in.

“Thanks for coming,” she said. “This is all kind of new.”

She could’ve been talking about our mutual attraction, but then she went on about her new gig, the video sex toy blog she'd asked me to help with, leading me to her couch without even letting me say hello. The ceiling was vaulted with a few overhead fans turning gently, circulating the AC. “They sent me all these portable cameras. I’m still figuring out what they want. All I really know is they—”

I kissed her. I caught her around the waist and swung her toward me and kissed her. “Well, hello,” I said. “May I come in?”

“Hi, Chino,” she said, blushing prettily. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“It’s okay, sweets,” I told her. The kiss had revved my already humming engine, and all I really wanted to do was tell her forget the video, it’s time to fuck. But I was enjoying riding the high that came from wanting her. It was like every time I didn’t give in to the urge to just get right down to the “good ol’ in-out” I got another hit of the drug. Besides, I really had promised to help her with the video. “I’m taking it as a sign that this gig is really important to you. You nervous?”

“I guess?”

“I know it’s not because of the sex,” I said, thumb on my chin. Let’s see if I could lighten her up. “Compared to dungeon hostess or, what was it you said? Something about a lucha libre mask?”

She laughed softly. “Yeah. My attempt at ‘exotic dancing.’ And there was burlesque and selling sex toys. And abuse counselor. You’re right. Nothing should faze me. But it’d be easier if they’d told me more about what they want. Less guessing.”

“Maybe they want you to discover what works for yourself.” I took a seat on her couch and pulled her down beside me. She smelled delicious and I couldn’t help but assess whether the couch would be a good one for sex. Yes. It had a nice wide back—good for bending her over— and firm cushions. “What toy are you doing today?”

She got up from the couch and crossed to the computer desk in the corner of the room to retrieve a box. I watched her the whole way, her well-sculpted dancer’s legs crowned by curvaceous hips. So fine.

“I’ve got a bunch of things to choose from.” She upended the box onto the couch between us and several smaller packages and boxes tumbled out. I started picking through them. “This dildo looks like a giant Gummi Worm,” I said, holding up a bright green translucent thing in a clear plastic box.

“It’s supposed to feel amazing, though,” she said. “According to the hype.”

I pulled out another package, which from the picture appeared to contain a matched set of a blindfold and thong panties.

“Definitely not that,” she said.

“Yeah, a bit boring,” I said. “Although it could be kind of funny. ‘Hello, everyone. I’m trying out this blindfold and I can say very definitely it is dark under here.’”

She laughed a little at that and threw the package back into the box. “How about this?” She broke the seal on another package and held up something curved and sleek hanging between two loops of black elastic. “It’s a vibe controlled by an app. You’ll have to download it.”

I was already pulling out my phone from my leather jacket’s inner pocket. I slid the jacket off and while I fussed with that Madison went over to her computer and fired up her video software.

“Hello and welcome to Madison’s Mad World of Toys,” I heard her say. “Where I’ll be introducing you to new and exciting toys that are definitely for adults only. I’ll be trying out each toy personally, sometimes with the help of a friend. Today we’re exploring the V-Curve, a special vibe that a woman can wear under her clothes and which is controlled by a smartphone app.”

I moved quietly to stand beside her desk, showing her my phone and giving her a thumbs-up. She held the toy in front of the camera on top of her monitor. “Apparently these adjustable elastic straps are supposed to hold it in place.”

“They’re like the ones you’re supposed to adjust on airplane oxygen masks,” I said.

“That,” she said, with her eyebrow raised, “is my aforementioned friend.”

“Adjust your own vibrator before helping others,” I said, in my best imitation of a flight attendant voice, making her crack up a little.

She clicked pause on the recording. “You want to introduce yourself or stay anonymous?”

“Well, as our manager would say, helping out a friend with her sex toys is definitely ‘on brand’ for The Rough. But why don’t you just say ‘my friend Chino’ and we can let people figure it out.”

“Okay.” She clicked the mouse again. “My friend Chino is going to use the app to control the vibrator. First, though, let me see if this thing fits.”

She kept right on recording as she dropped her shorts. The camera couldn’t see that—it could only see what was above the desk—but she bent over and put her feet through the loops, then wiggled it all upward. “Chino, would you get me a little dollop of lube?” She pointed back toward the pile of things we’d left on the couch. “Part of it’s designed to go inside me.”

“Glad to be of help.” I tipped her head back and gave her a devouring sort of kiss, my hand slipping under the toy, teasing her, spreading her with two fingers and flicking her clit with a third. As I felt her swell, the same thing was happening in my own pants, as if we were connected. When she moaned into my mouth I slipped that finger into the sweet spot and let her go. “There. Plenty of lube.”

She looked up at me, her cheeks flushed, her mouth slightly open like she wanted to say something but hadn’t quite got the words for it yet. “Thanks,” she finally said, and then resumed fitting the toy into place. You’re welcome, sweets. You’re more than welcome.

Raking her hand through her hair, she looked into the camera and tried to focus. “Well, it’s in. Part of it’s inside and part of it curves up to touch my clit. It’s not the most comfortable while sitting in a chair but I could probably get used to it.”

“How is it if you’re walking around?” I asked.

“Let’s test it.”

She handed me another small digital camera on a strap. “Here, you wear it and follow me while I walk.”

“Wear it?”

“You can put the strap around your head so wherever you look, the camera will record.”

“All right.”

Madison slipped her shorts back on while I strapped the camera to my head. I felt like a bit of a dork wearing it, but hey, she had just given me permission to stare at her beautiful ass. “You want to walk back and forth in the living room?”

“How about we walk down the block and back?” She slipped her feet into flip-flops by the door.

“I think this video thing is bringing out your exhibitionist side.” I adjusted myself in my jeans before going out the door, wondering who was going to walk funnier, Maddie with her sex toy or me with a boner the size of Baja. I started the camera going as we went down the stairs to her driveway.

“Oh, hi, Maddie!” said a man in the front courtyard. He had a neatly groomed mustache and appeared to be bringing a tiny schnauzer in from a walk. I kept the camera focused on the dog, who happily came to sniff and lick my hand when I offered it. Probably tasted like Maddie’s vagina; if so, the pup approved of it.

“Jim! Didn’t realize you were home in the middle of the day.”

“It’s a Sunday, Maddie.”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot.”

“That’s because you work too hard,” Jim said. “I get up in the middle of the night sometimes, you know, dear, and I can see the glow of your computer screen and hear the tap tap tap of your nails on the keyboard.”

“Um, yeah, work. In fact, we’re in the middle of filming a vlog right now,” Maddie explained. “Talk to you later, Jim?”

“Sure thing, dear. Don’t let me interrupt.”

I tried not to snicker as we walked away.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Oh, just, you know. He’s taking his dog out for a walk, you’re taking your sex toy out for a walk…”

She huffed and mock slapped me on the arm. “Okay, I guess let me walk ahead of you so you can film it.”

“Sure thing, sweets.”

I let her saunter ahead, staying focused on her ass. Fine. Mm.

She turned around to walk backward, saying to the camera, “It’s interesting while walking. I can feel it but I think you’re supposed to. Even if it didn’t have the vibrating function, walking definitely provides a certain amount of stimulation.”

She turned around and kept walking, setting a quicker pace now. We went to the end of the block and then turned around.

As we were walking back, I pulled my phone out of my jeans. “Let’s see how easy it is to connect the devices now,” I said. The app blinked green when it was connected. I filmed the control panel that appeared on the phone screen, or at least I hoped I did, and then I thumbed one of the sliders from left to right.

She let out a sudden squeak and whipped around. “Chino!”

“What? You said you wanted me to control it.” I moved the slider further to the right. “How’s that?”

Madison made a Y of her legs like a girl having to pee. “Can you wait until we get back ins—”

I flipped it all the way and she threw her head back and began to sink to her knees on the sidewalk. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, dialing it back a little. “Come on, let’s walk.”

I took her by the arm, camera be damned, and walked her back to her place and up the stairs. I steered her to the couch.

“Okay, Maddie,” I said, sitting across from her. “Why don’t you tell the viewers what you’re feeling when I do this?”

I eased the slider toward the right again and she sucked in a breath. “That’s the clit vibe. It’s much more intense than I was expecting for a battery-powered toy.”

“And now?” I upped it again.

“The intensity goes up. If you’re not careful I’ll come from that in like two minutes.”

“Okay.” I lowered that slider and tried the next one. “And?”

“And, oh God, the internal vibe just started. It’s right on my G-spot.”

“Huh, okay. So if this one does the clit”—I aimed the camera at the phone screen again while I manipulated the sliders—“and this one does the G-spot,”—I jumped it up momentarily and she squealed—“then what’s the third one do?”

I began sliding it upward very slowly. She groaned. “Ungh. It starts to pulsate. Both parts of the vibrations together.”



I gradually moved that slider and it felt like I was controlling her breathing. Her breaths came faster and faster as I pushed it, then slowed if I reversed it. Ultimate control. My cock throbbed with no stimulation at all, other than the knowledge I had such command of her body.

I began to play the three sliders—and Madison—like a high tech musical instrument, changing the combinations of sensation and listening to her moan, groan, gasp, and sigh.

“I’m so close now,” she said breathily. “So close.”

“Well, let’s show the people what it does,” I said, pushing all three controls to their max and making Madison scream. Her hips jerked, her head flew back and forth, and she kept her hands on the back of the couch as she rode out her climax. “I’d say it works just fine,” I said, lowering the power again and coming closer, straddling her legs so I could zoom in on her face, which was now rosy and ecstatic-looking.

I turned the camera off and set it on the coffee table, with my phone still in my other hand. “I like this toy.”

“You can buy one—”

“No no, sweets. Not that toy. You. You’re my toy.” 

Hard Rhythm will be available in digital and print on January 31. Digital copies start at $5.99, you can preorder yours here: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance, or find a print copy in your local bookstore on IndieBound. Looking for more super hot Hump Day excerpts? You'll find all that you desire here.