Hump Day: Shannyn Schroeder's In Your Arms

IN YOUR ARMS by Shannyn SchroederIt may be cold outside, but it's about to get hot up in here! Wednesday is our favorite day of the week because it means we get to share a super sexy excerpt with all of our readers. Today's Hump Day excerpt comes from Shannyn Schroeder's In Your Arms, available December 27. 

Kindergarten teacher Emily is ready to leave her past behind and settle down. Then her car breaks down and Sean comes roaring into her life, a savior on the back of a motorcycle. These opposites feel an undeniable attraction, but will they be able to overcome their differences and make it for the long haul?

She unlocked her car and they climbed in. Before she started the engine, Sean wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck and pulled her close for a kiss. One thing he really liked about her was that she didn’t pretend to be shy. She enjoyed the idea of them being naked every bit as much as he did, and she didn’t try to hide it. Her tongue slicked against his and his fingers tightened. A moan vibrated from her mouth into his.

He loosened his grip and she pulled back.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. I want to get home. I’m too old for fucking in a car.”

The light in her eyes told him that not only had he not hurt her, but she was turned on. No different from when he’d grabbed her ponytail or demanded she not touch herself this afternoon. She started the car and took off. He paid no attention to where she drove. His focus was totally on her.

“Quit staring at me.”


“Because it’s weird.”

“I like what I see.”

She shook her head and pressed a little harder on the gas. She whipped into a spot in front of a six-unit building. Nothing fancy, but a nicer neighborhood than her mom’s. When they stepped out of the car, she asked, “You need your stuff ?”

“Nah. It’ll stink up your apartment.” He followed her up the walk and through the front door.

She headed up the stairs and called over her shoulder, “I’m on the second floor.”

Walking up behind her offered him a great view of her ass, which reminded him of their afternoon with her bent over, gripping his dresser for support. His dick pressed against the zipper of his jeans. As Emma unlocked her door, he looked at the apartment across the hall.

“What’s it like living with so many neighbors?” She lifted a shoulder and pushed through the door. “I don’t think about it much. I’ve met them, but it’s not like we’re friends or anything.”

“No fights or nasty gossip?”

She laughed and locked up behind him. “In order for that to happen, you have to do more than nod and smile in passing when you grab your mail.”

Sean thought about it. Even when he had lived in an apartment, it had been a two-flat so he’d only had neighbors below him. And they’d bitched about his noise all the time. At home, he knew all the neighbors. They always stopped to talk and catch up.

“So we can make all the noise we want and no one will complain?”

“Nope. Don’t care if they did.” She tossed her keys on a small table near the door and kicked off her sneakers. “You want something to drink?”

Fuck, no, he didn’t want a drink. He hadn’t wanted the two at the bar. But he didn’t want to say so. Politeness was killing him. “Only if you’re having one.”

“Maybe later,” she whispered. She tilted her head toward the hall. “Bedroom’s this way.”

Thank God.

Emma stripped her shirt off as she walked. She was in more of a hurry than he was. He stared at the tattoos on her back. As much as he enjoyed tracing them, he wanted to spend more time on her front. Working his way down from top to bottom. She stepped over the threshold to the bedroom, unclasped her bra, and flung it into the corner. Then she turned to face him while she shoved her jeans down.

“You’re a little behind there, O’Malley. Get a move on.”

His brain tripped for a minute while watching her get naked. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her before, but she still stole his breath.

She took a step toward him and reached for the button on his jeans. “Need some help?”

“Maybe.” He tugged his shirt off while she unbuttoned him. When her fingers grazed his skin, his dick throbbed.

Emma took his jeans and underwear down simultaneously and lowered her body with them. She looked up at him from hooded eyes and licked her lips. His dick jumped like it was begging for attention. She wrapped her fingers around him and lowered her lips to the head of his cock.

Her tongue darted out and swiped at the head, swirling around. When her mouth engulfed him, he sank his fingers into her hair to her scalp and held tight. He allowed her to set the rhythm and barely withheld the instinct to drive his hips into her.

The woman was a master at giving head. She licked, sucked, and stroked him. Then she cupped his balls with just the right pressure. If she had a gag reflex, it didn’t show. Occasionally she’d hum and the vibrations tickled him. Not only was she good, she enjoyed it.

His fingers tightened on her hair to get her attention. As good as this blowjob was, he wanted her naked in bed. She slid off him and rocked back on her heels. He got off on the way she looked, staring up at him like that.


“Only that you’re gonna make me come before I’m ready to. I can’t wait to get back inside you.”

She stood in one fluid motion and took a step back.

“Where you going?” he asked as he grabbed her at the waist with one arm. He kissed her neck, right at the spot he knew would make her moan. Then he slid his fingers into her underwear to stroke her. She was already wet.

He circled her clit in slow motion until her hips were undulating with him. Then he pressed two fingers inside her, laying his palm flat against her clit. She stiffened in his arms for a second, a quick breath, and then she tried to grind against his hand, but he held her still.

Her heartbeat thumped under his lips at her neck. He nudged them backward until they were at the bed. He slipped his hand from her body and her underwear. The look on her face was one of disappointment. Sean nipped her bottom lip. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’re nowhere near finished. I want to lay you down and take my time.”

Her mouth eased into a smile, and she hopped back onto the mattress. With her back flat, she raised her hips to pull off her panties. Once she removed them, she tossed them to the floor with the rest of their clothes. She spread her thighs wide and said, “Whatcha waiting for?”

Her beauty and cockiness drew him to her. Her gaze locked on him, regardless of where he moved or what he did. He lowered to the bed and kissed her ribs. She giggled, causing him to smile. Giggling wasn’t something he thought of in regard to Emma. But that was a definite giggle.

She scooted to the side. “Ticklish.”

“I remember.” Then he set out to make her forget how ticklish she was. With a firm grip on her hips, he kissed his way down to her pussy, which was gleaming with want. Fuck yeah. He swiped his tongue over and around again and again, just shy of reaching her clit. Emma began to moan. When he looked up, she was staring at him.

“You either don’t know what you’re doing or you’re trying to piss me off. Neither bodes well for a good evening.”

He chuckled, blowing his breath across her sensitive skin. “You forgot another option. Slow, sweet torment until you’re ready to explode. When I make you come, you’ll be begging for more.”

“Someone doesn’t have any performance anxiety.”

Instead of answering her, he moved his mouth back between her legs and delivered on the promise he’d made. Although he always made a point of making sure his partner orgasmed, he’d admit that, plenty of times, he rushed to the end. There was nothing special in his conquests, other than the finish line.

This was different. It wasn’t lost on him. He wanted her writhing and sweaty and begging him to stop and for more all at once. He wanted to ruin her for the next guy who thought he’d show her a good time.

In the back of his brain, that last thought was like a pinprick, but he let Emma’s taste and smell and sounds drown it all out. She started bucking beneath him and swearing. And when she came, it was loud and wet and fan-fucking-tastic. With his fingers back inside her, he felt the muscles contracting around them all the way to his dick. He was definitely going to make that happen again when he was inside her.

By the time he rose and covered her body with his, her face was relaxed and sated, but still filled with lust. The look she wore was completely open, as if she didn’t care how much of herself she exposed.

 “You have a condom nearby or do I have to go find my jeans?”

“Drawer.” She pointed over his shoulder.

He opened the nightstand drawer and found a box of condoms. He also spied her toys. A vibrator, nipple clamps . . .

“Are you lost?” Emma had propped herself up on her elbows to look at him.

“Checking out what you have.” He grabbed a condom from the box and a red toy that looked like a rubber cock ring with a vibrator attached. He twirled it on his finger. “What’s this?”

She tilted her head. “You slide your dick through the hole with this at the top.” She sat all the way up and pulled at the cord dangling from the device. She flipped a switch and it vibrated in his hand. “Then that bumps my clit every time you slide home.”

She rose up on her knees, putting them nose-to-nose. Kissing his jaw, she whispered, “I don’t come from penetration alone. If the guy’s decent, I get mine before him. Sometimes after. But with this . . .” Her breath coasted across his neck, which she continued to kiss. “It’s amazing to come with a guy’s dick inside me hot and hard.”

His dick pressed into the soft flesh of her belly as she sucked on his earlobe. The faint buzzing of the vibrator continued in his hand. He pushed her back on the mattress and she flopped without any resistance. He dropped the vibrator and rolled on the condom. He fit the ring of the vibrator over his dick and pulled the wire from her hand.

She cocked an eyebrow. “I like to control my pleasure.”

He leaned over her, rubbing his dick against her slick folds. “Not tonight. I control it all.”

She huffed as if annoyed, but her eyes told a different story as his head prodded at her entrance and her thighs widened. Instead of sliding in, he continued to rub, bumping her clit and enjoying the jolt in her hips every time. She started a rhythm without him and had begun breathing heavy again and he couldn’t wait any longer. He thrust into her and flipped the switch on low. He felt the hum of the vibrations sending a strange but pleasant sensation through his cock.

Sean slid out and pumped back in, following the rhythm Emma created. Within a minute, she started moving faster, chasing the vibration on his dick, so he sank deep and ground against her. He switched to high, and she squealed and clawed the sheet. Yeah, this was gonna be fun. He flipped back to low and pumped a couple more times before pulling out.

“Flip over.”

She licked her lips and he thought she might fight him, but she slowly turned over to her stomach. He licked up the line of her spine and pulled her hair off her shoulder. She rolled her head to the side and lifted her hips.

He kissed her neck and sucked a little.

“No marks,” she said.


“You can’t leave a hickey on my neck. I can’t go to school like that.”

He left her neck because he didn’t know if he could continue without leaving a mark. He spun the vibrator around and the buzz jolted against his balls. At this rate, he might not be able to hold out. He put his fingers between the vibrator and his balls to lessen the sensation as he drove back into her.

“Faster, Sean. I’m close.” Her fingers curled around the edge of the mattress.

He switched back to high, the buzzing sound filling the room, and drove deep. He settled in and allowed the vibrations to send shock waves through both of them.

She scooted forward, tried to move up and away, but he pinned her with his hips. A long moan escaped from Emma. He tilted his hips just enough to allow for a small thrust, but not enough to take the pressure from her. She let loose with a long stream of curse words, her body stiffening and clenching around him. Her fingers dug into the edge of the mattress as her body tightened and held him deep.

Sweat dripped down his face as he strained to hold his control. Her body relaxed and she shivered under him. He turned the setting back to low and used one arm to haul her hips higher. Now, he did give it to her hard and fast. She whimpered each time he connected with her body because of the low thrum of the vibrator.

His balls tightened and his whole body shook when he came and collapsed on her. At least he had the ability to turn the vibrator off. The rest of him was pretty useless. He pulled out of her body and rolled to the side. Knowing he would fall asleep like this, he surged up to dispose of the condom. He set her toy on her nightstand and wrapped the used condom in a tissue and tossed it in her trash.

Flopping back onto the bed, he said, “You okay?”

“Fuck yeah,” she answered without raising her head. Her body lay crossways on the mattress, which would be really inconvenient for sleeping.

He laughed. “That’s another one and I wasn’t even trying for it.”

“I’ll give up every swear word for the week for an orgasm like that.”

Satisfaction swelled in him, but he knew he couldn’t take all the credit. She managed to turn him on every bit as much.

His stomach grumbled. Suddenly the birthday cake they’d eaten earlier sounded good.

“You still have cake?”

“Uh-huh.” She raised her right arm and waved in the direction of the door. “Fridge.”

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