Hump Day Excerpt: Stacey Lynn's Dominate Me

Dominate Me by Stacey LynnWell, happy first Hump Day of the year to you, dear readers! We thought we'd start things off extra steamy — you know, to set the tone for the year ahead. So today we've got a super sexy scene from Stacey Lynn's Dominate Me, the first in her Luminous series. The whole story will be with us mid-January, but in the meantime, lets get to know Jensen and Hayley, shall we? 

She was more than pretty. She was more than beautiful.

With her dark brown hair falling down her back, her large eyes all glassed over, Haley was a Goddess.

I didn’t know exactly when I decided to be with her for more than sex. But the thought of not having her…not having all of her…twisted a knot in my gut so harshly there was no way I couldn’t take her.

My fingertips dug into her ass as she shifted and reached for the nightstand. Her every gentle, smooth move left me mesmerized.

“Roll it on,” I ordered, hearing my voice go gruff and growly.

My wood headboard pressed into my shoulder blades, causing an ache, but I didn’t care. I wanted her to ride me and learn that even if she was on top, I was still her top.

I would dominate her with only my hands and my words and I would make her mine.

Her fingers trembled, shaking as she opened the condom wrapper and tossed it aside. My thumbs dug into her hipbones as she gently touched the latex to the tip of my swollen head and I forced my eyes to stay open.

“Roll it slowly. I want you feeling every part of me.”

Her eyes flickered to mine before going back to my cock. “This is not a hardship.”

Despite my need, a quick harsh laugh burst from me and was quickly followed by a groan as her hands slowly, torturously slid down my shaft.

I tapped one side of her ass. “Up and on me. You’ll take me slow, and you won’t come until I do.”

Not that I would last long. My dick had been hard since I massaged her back and all throughout dinner.

I let go of her hips with one hand and wrapped it around the base of my dick, squeezing it hard to bite back my need to come. I fed my cock into her, my jaw tightening as the first wave of her heat encased my head.

Fuck. She was so wet and slick, her pussy was tight and clenched around me.

I pulled her down to me, stopping every inch, relishing the way her pussy sucked me inside of her and feeding off the gasps she made. My hand on her hip squeezed tight, prevented her from moving.

Her muscles tensed beneath my hand.

“Watch us,” I gritted out through clenched teeth. “Watch the way my dick slides into you. Holy shit, Haley, it’s fucking perfect.”

“I need to move,” she said, her breath a gasp and a whine. “Please.”

“No.” I took my hand off the base of my dick and forced her down onto me. My dick hit the end of her of tight walls and I tossed my head against my headboard.

“Jens…Sir, please.”

My hand smacked her ass, forcing her forward onto me. I stopped her right as she pressed to grind her clit against me.

“You’ll get off when I say and not a moment before.” My eyes flashed open and I caught her gaze. “Do you need to be bound to listen?”

I didn’t want to have to do it. I wanted to show her what we could do, what we could be without it.

Her green eyes darkened to emeralds and she fidgeted on my lap.

Fuck. She wanted it.

“You want it, don’t you? You fucking love the idea of being bound and restrained and letting me do whatever the hell I want to you.”

Her eyes shimmered with need. “I want you to let me move.”

I grinned at the frantic look on her face. So fucking beautiful.

So confident in what she wanted, so honest and unashamed of asking for it.

I shifted on the bed, and her eyes rolled back at the movement.

“Spin around.” I let go of her hips and helped her move before she could think about what I was asking.

When her ass was facing me, her hair falling down to my thighs, I wrapped it around one hand and tugged.

Her breathy moan made my dick swell.

“Hands behind your back, Haley.” When she followed my command, glancing at me over her shoulder, I wrapped my hand around both of hers.

“Can you move?” I asked, pulling her hands and her hair tight.

Her hips shifted, but she barely moved. “No.”

“Do you like this more?” I asked, my voice a warning tone.

She tried to relax her shoulders and I pulled harder.

“Answer me, Haley.”

“Yes, sir. I like this more.”

Her words were hesitant, as if she was afraid of disappointing me.

Little did she know I was beginning to think that could never be a possibility.

I forced my hips up, slamming into her at the same time I yanked her against me.

“Oh,” she moaned and I moved again, two more hard thrusts inside of her and my balls pulled tight.

“Don’t ever be scared.” I grunted, fucking her like I hadn’t been inside her just a few hours ago. “To tell me what you need.”

My jaw hurt, the muscles in my neck and chest tightened as I continued thrusting up and inside of her.

“I said downstairs we’ll figure this out and my job is still and always will be to give you what you need.”

“I need to come,” she breathed, the words stilted. “Please, please…oh my God.”

I yanked her back until her head hit my shoulder. My hand fell from her hair and slid around to her front.

“Take it,” I growled into her ear. My hips continued pushing up, fucking her while her back pressed to my chest and she couldn’t do anything except take it.

Her whimpers grew louder, her body tensed further, all while my need to shatter inside her grew to an inferno.

I wrapped my hand against the front of her throat firmly, careful not to cut off her breath, and pressed my lips against her ear.

“You’re not bound, Haley…but this isn’t fucking vanilla sex is it?”

Her head shook. “Jensen.”

I dropped my hand from her throat and pinched her nipple, twisting it until she cried out, “Sir!”

“Don’t ever forget,” I whispered. “Don’t ever forget who I am to you in this bed.”

“I won’t. But please…I’m so close.”

“I know you are.” My fingertips ran over her swollen, hard nipples. “I can feel you shivering, feel the sweat at your back. Your pussy is grabbing me like it needs to milk my dick. You love this don’t you?”

“Yes…yes, sir. Please…”

“That’s it. Beg me.” I slid my hand down her abdomen until my fingers grazed her hot and swollen pussy lips.

My orgasm began at my back, rolled down my spine and into my balls.

“Beg me, Haley.”

I powered up, fucking her like I wanted to break her in two and with every thrust up, I yanked her against me, forcing her to moan and scream as she chanted, “Please, please, please, sir.”

“Come,” I growled. I couldn’t wait anymore. I moved my hand against her flesh and flicked my thumb gently over her exposed clit.

“Come all over me, let me feel you,” I said, teasing her clit and fucking her with abandon.

Her body convulsed as her orgasm racked through her. My hand wrapped around hers let go and slid over her chest.

I enfolded her in my arms, dug my forehead into her shoulder, and bit down on her flesh while she fell apart. My orgasm pulled me over the edge.

I exploded into her, and for the first time in my life, hated the idea that I was gloved, that something I wanted so desperately was being kept from me. We’d discuss that later.

Haley continued shivering in my arms and I relished the feeling of her warmth, her sweet scent, and the fact that even if she’d had other men, no one had given her what she needed.

No one but me.

Copyright ©2017 by Stacey Lynn

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