Preparing for the Release of Fifty Shades Darker

We're so excited for the release of the second film in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker! Of course, it's been a hot minute since we've seen Fifty Shades of Grey, and we could use a refresher. Since Fifty Shades Darker releases tomorrow, we decided to take a walk down memory lane and recap the first film in the series!

The saga begins when Ana agrees to do her sick friend Kate a favor by interviewing the elusive young billionaire, Christian Grey. Shy and nervous, Ana makes quite an entrance into Christian's office, tripping over her own feet. Despite the awkwardness of the meeting, Christian is intrigued by Ana and is determined to see her again. He even offers her an internship at Grey Enterprises!

Ana/Christian interview

After their meeting, Christian can't get Ana out of his head. He goes to the hardware store where she works and asks for her assistance in finding some ... interesting home improvement items.

Ana Christian hardware store scene

Ana and Christian hardware store scene

Though Ana initially tries to keep her distance from Christian, a tipsy decision to call the magnate results in him rescuing her from another man's unwanted advances. Ana spends the night with Christian at his hotel and the pair makes plans to meet after she is done with work the following day. This leads to Ana's first ride around Seattle in Christian's helicopter, Charlie Tango.

Christian Helicopter

After a magical ride around the city, Ana and Christian return to his penthouse at Escala. Ana innocently asks if Christian plans to make love to her. He tells Ana he doesn't make love ... then he gives her a tour of the red playroom.

Christian shows Ana the red room

After seeing the playroom, Ana obviously has a lot of questions. She admits to Christian that she is a virgin and that she is a bit overwhelmed. After Christian's done freaking out over the news, he resolves to give Ana the most satisfying first sexual experience possible. No rules, no limits, just feelings ...

Ana & Christian first time

Ana falls asleep. When she awakens it's still dark out, but she is alone. She follows the sound of a piano and gets her first glimpse at the melancholy that permeates Christian's life.

Christian playing the piano

They talk for a while, but Christian reveals very little about himself. Finally, Christian brings Ana back to bed and they fall asleep.

The following morning Ana cooks them both breakfast.

Ana and Christian breakfast

Then it's time for a super sexy bath ...

Christian and Ana bath

After the bath, Christian produces his standard Dom/sub non-disclosure agreement and asks that Ana read it over.

Once Ana returns home she discovers that Christian has sent her a very expensive gift- a brand new laptop. This is also how contract negotiations begin, with the two sending flirty and informative emails. Ana jokingly replies to an email about the contract saying, "It was nice knowing you," but Christian isn't laughing. When Ana returns to her apartment after a run, Christian is there waiting for her. Then Ana gets her very first taste of BDSM when Christian binds her wrists with the infamous gray tie.

tying wrists

By Ana's graduation day, they still haven't reached an agreement and Ana seems to be avoiding Christian. However, that doesn't last long. Christian gives a speech at the ceremony, one thing leads to another and before we know it, Christian is introduced to Ana's stepfather, Ray!

Ana graduation

Finally, Ana and her roommate Kate move to Seattle, mere miles from Christian. It doesn't take long for Christian to bring Ana into the playroom. After outlining some of the rules, Ana has her first experience in the red room!

Ana red room

Red room scene

Afterward, they go to dinner with Christian's parents. Of course the whole family loves Ana, but the buoyant feeling is short-lived. Ana lets it slip that she may go to Georgia to visit her mother and Christian is not pleased.

But Ana wants some distance. She needs time to clear her head, so she goes to visit her mother. However, Christian can't bare to stay away from Ana for long. He flies to Georgia, surprising Ana while she is out with her mother. It doesn't take long for Christian to charm Ana's mother, then whisk Ana away to his room. He spends the rest of the weekend wooing her. They go gliding (which is something we've officially added to our bucket list)!

Ana and Christian Flying

Christian leaves Ana in Georgia to deal with a business situation back in Seattle. Of course, once Ana returns home she is immediately brought to Escala. Their reunion is fun and lighthearted ... until punishment is put back on the table. Ana hates the idea, but after a heated confrontation with Christian she tells him that she needs to experience it in order to understand.

After a very intense demonstration from Christian, Ana is extremely upset. Sobbing, she tells Christian that he'll never punish her again. She cries herself to sleep.

In the morning Ana has a tense conversation with Christian. She asks for her car back, then she leaves the apartment. The last thing we see are the elevator doors closing on her tear-stained face ...

Fifty shades of Grey Final Scene

Of course, we all know that this isn't the end for Ana and Christian! Tomorrow we finally get to see what happens next. Fifty Shades Darker is out in theaters Friday, February 10. Before you head out to get your ticket, take a look at the trailer:

We hope the next film, Fifty Shades Freed, will be released soon. We are about as impatient as the man with the twitchy palm! In the meantime, you can find more sexy reads on our Everything Erotica page.