Hump Day: Kristen Ashley's The Deep End

THE DEEP END by Kristen AshleyWe've made it to the middle of the week! Surely we deserve a reward for all the hard work we've done thus far? Take some time to enjoy today's Hump Day excerpt, a sweet treat from Kristen Ashley's The Deep End, available next month.

The Honey Club caters to clients with a certain sexual appetite. Domme Amélie has grown bored, but finds herself a challenge in the club's newest member, Olivier. As the pair pushes their limits within the walls of the club, they discover their relationship could flourish in the outside world as well ...

“Go take care of that stallion. I’ll be here.” She lifted her hand when Amélie opened her mouth to speak. “And I won’t choose a playmate until you get back.”

“Thank you, Mira.”

“No worries, Amélie.” As Amélie slid out of the booth, Mirabelle finished, “Enjoy.”

“Oh, I will, darling,” she murmured, casting a look that made her friend laugh softly then turning her attention to the room.

She caught Olivier’s eye momentarily but she didn’t need to check to see if he was watching. He’d returned to the table as commanded but now his body was at an angle so he could see her and she barely took her first step before he lifted his beer to down it.

God, she could climax just watching him drink.

She’d reserved a different room that night, and feeling Olivier fall behind her close to her heels, after the annoying delay of needing to step aside so he’d open the door to the playrooms for her, she led him right to it.

The light in the playroom could only be seen at the edges of the dark blinds that had been let down.

She went to the door and put her hand on the handle, only to hear Olivier’s quiet rumble of, “New digs.”

She looked over her shoulder at him, not controlling the small smile that played at her lips, openly showing him her amusement at his terminology.

But she did hide the disappointment that the reasons behind her choice of this room would not be availed that night. “Indeed,” she replied.

She pushed in, flipping the switch to declare occupancy, and he came with her.

He closed the door and stood at it because he had nowhere to go. She had only taken two steps in.

His eyes quickly took in the room and the variety of complicated apparatus. She saw disquiet enter them along with a tightening of his jaw as well as his entire frame.

Fear and excitement.

Oh, how she wished she could have carried out what she’d planned this evening.

However, friends making bad decisions you might be able to do something about before they brought those decisions to fruition always took precedence.

“Do not move from there, Olivier,” she ordered.

His focus cut back to her as she negated the space between them then lifted her hands to pull the suit jacket off his shoulders.

He drew his arms back for it to fall down and she felt the quickening between her legs just at that.

Yes, he was affecting her. Yes, he was affecting her intensely.

But she had no idea at this early point in their play whether to guard against it or let it fly.

Now was not the time to make that decision. Now she needed to take care of her steed and then look after her friend.

Therefore, once she’d divested him of his jacket, she leaned around him and hooked it by the door herself.

She then moved back, eyes to his face, lifting her hand to rest it lightly on his chest.

His total focus was on her. Neck bent, eyes darkening, she could feel his heart beating an accelerated, heavy beat.

“It sometimes startles me how handsome you are,” she said quietly.


Her name came gruff and, just as any way he’d said it, she liked it like that.

Slowly, she slid her gaze down his chest to see the bulge of his cock straining the front of his pants.

The gruff was still in his tone, but he’d controlled some of it, when he asked, “Can I touch you?”

She slid her hand down and her gaze up as she answered, “No.”

A flash of defiance and annoyance in his eyes that set the lips of her pussy quivering.

She engaged her other hand to tug his light-blue dress shirt out of his slacks.

Just that had him setting his teeth into his lip.

She took that in gladly, almost gleefully, knowing she affected him too.

She knew this already but now she knew just how intensely.

She lifted the front of his shirt and found what she was looking for. Trailing her fingernail through, digging in at the waistband of his pants, she followed the thick trail of hair nearly to the base of his cock.

“Do you know how wet it makes me, knowing you’re harnessed for me?” she asked.

“I’d like to check,” he said by way of answer.

She dug her nail in and his hips reflexively swayed back as a hiss of breath passed through his teeth.

Then he pressed back into the touch.

Being so good.

“My beast,” she breathed.

Turning her finger, she unlatched the hook of his pants and slowly slid the zipper down.

His chest started visibly moving with his breaths.

“I’d like to touch you, Mistress,” he requested, the unguarded gruff back.

“And I’ve answered that request, chevalier. If I change my mind, you’ll be the first to know.”

His jaw got hard, forcing a muscle to leap up his cheek.

He just kept getting more and more beautiful.

She again engaged both hands as she ran them along the waistband of his trousers, hooking her thumbs into his boxer briefs.

Holding his gaze as his hips swayed at the unexpectedly quick, powerful move, she yanked both down to his middle thighs.

She looked down. “Hold your shirt up so I can see you.”

Quickly, his hand went to his shirt, yanking it up.

She quelled a smile at his readiness, both in pulling up his shirt and in the huge erection he had for her. She saw the harness beautifully banding his balls and licked her lips.

“Keep that shirt held up,” she ordered, reaching out and wrapping her fingers around his cock. She gave a gentle tug, looking up at him. “ You’ve not touched this?”


That was a near-to grunt.

She tilted her head to the side. “No?”

“No, Mistress. The shower, to get it out of the way to put the harness on, other than that, as you asked, no.”

“Very good, Olivier,” she whispered. “Now, keeping your pants where they are, turn and put your hands to the door. And I want your ass tipped up, please.”

She let him go and allowed herself to fully enjoy the emotions that flashed unshielded through his expressions— loss at her touch, indecision, excitement— and finally he turned.

She moved to her bag, the tug of disappointment palpable that some of the things in it that she’d intended to use that night would go unused.

But they’d have another night (and another, and more) and she’d make it up to him.

Oh yes, she absolutely would.


She found what she needed, slipped it from its wrapper, and came back to him.

Settling in to standing behind him, she reached around and expertly rolled the condom on.

She’d prepared. She had a variety of things now to fit his size, including magnum condoms.

“Amélie, what— ?” he started.

She knew his question. In the variety of requirements of membership at the club, staying clean so nothing could limit play was one of them. The contract required that every member submit samples monthly to the club for testing (and, as undignified as it was for the Dominants, it was nevertheless mandatory that both Doms and subs gave these samples at the club so there was no cheating).

Further, if you went elsewhere to have your fun, you were contractually bound to use protection.

“Your suit is lovely, Olivier. It wouldn’t do to get anything on it,” she explained.

She was now holding him tightly at the base of his cock, very tightly, so the gruff had turned to throaty when he said, “Right.”

She moved in closer, so he could feel her breasts brush his back, running her hand down the side of his hip, stroking her other hand down his cock.

His head fell back as she whispered, “God, I love the weight of you.”

“Good,” he grunted.

She slid her hand around the lower swell of his ass then engaged her fingernail as she glided it along the crease of his hip and thigh toward his balls.

She cupped them and gave a gentle squeeze.

He automatically stroked her fist as his hips jerked.

“I like the weight of these too,” she informed him.


That was close to a groan.

She tightened her hold, getting nearer, now pressing her breasts to his back, feeling him trembling.

“Would you like to fuck my fist, Olivier?”

“Fuck yeah,” he replied immediately.

“Is that how you answer your Mistress?” she inquired.

“Fuck yeah, Mistress.”

She felt her lips quirk and pressed closer. His body stilled then continued quivering.

“Ask, Olivier, and ask nice. You want my answer to be yes,” she ordered.

The response came immediately.

“Please, Mistress Amélie, let me fuck your fist.”

She moved her hands from his balls, retraced her path along the crease of his thigh and smoothed it over his buttock, one thumb running along the side of the crevice in his ass.

His hips jerked again.

“Please, Amélie, I need to fuck your fuckin’ fist,” he gritted.

“Then perform for me, my steed,” she allowed.

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