Ruth Hogan on The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth HoganReaders, meet debut author Ruth Hogan! Ruth's The Keeper of Lost Things is "witty and charming," according to our RT reviewer, who loved this mainstream tale of Anthony, the keeper of lost things who lost a keepsake from his fiancée many years ago — the very day she died. As the tale weaves found objects together, we wanted to hear more about the treasures in Ruth's own life. 

As a self-confessed magpie, my house is full of tiny treasures that I have collected over the years.  Every treasure holds a precious memory and has its own story to tell, which makes each and every one of them priceless and irreplaceable.

Victorian brass doorknob

Author's Dog with Dented Brass Doorknob

My first dog, Bokey, was a large black Labrador Gordon Setter crossbreed with velvet, floppy ears and an insatiable appetite for food and mischief. He could open any door, particularly if the door in question was between him and food. This round, brass doorknob was on the kitchen door at the cottage where I used to live, and so it had a tough life. No longer round, it is dented and crumpled by teeth marks, and when I moved I brought it with me. It always reminds me of the time that Bokey broke into the kitchen and ate an entire cooked chicken.

Light Up Church

Musical, light-up model of a church

This church was my paternal grandmother’s, and every Christmas she would place it in her front window on a blanket of cotton wool surrounded by fairy lights. Ever since I was a little girl, I had my beady eye on that church. To me, it was a little piece of magic. It still plays Silent Night and the stained glass window still lights up, and every Christmas I stage my own little diorama with the church as a centrepiece surrounded by snow covered fields and farm animals.

Wooden Bowl

Wooden face powder box

This box used to sit on my maternal grandma’s dressing table, full of face powder with a powder puff on top.  She used to let me play with it, and dust my face with the powder until I looked like I’d fallen into a sack of flour. I keep drawing pins in it now, but there are still traces of powder in the wood, and it still smells of grandma.

Day of the Dead Bride and Groom Snow Globe

Day of the Dead Bride and Groom Snow Globe

My husband bought me this as a wedding present. We ran off to Brighton in October last year and secretly got married in the Pavilion with just a few friends. When we got home, we threw a Day of the Dead party to celebrate and invited all the friends and family who didn’t come to the wedding. I collect snow globes, and Day of the Dead is my favourite festival, so it was the perfect present.

The Keeper of Lost Things will be out tomorrow! You can grab your copy here: Amazon | | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay. And for more Mainstream reads, visit our Everything Mainstream page!