Hump Day: Carrie Ann Ryan's Passion Restored

PASSION RESTORED by Carrie Ann RyanValentine's Day may officially be behind us, but we aren't ready to let the love-fest end! We're heating things up this Hump Day with a super sexy excerpt from Carrie Ann Ryan's Passion Restored, available later this month.

Owen first noticed Liz across a crowded bar. Though they didn't officially meet, fait intervened later that night when Owen was involved in a massive car accident and Liz was the ER nurse prepping him for surgery. Liz pushes the sexy patient from her mind, determined to move on with her life, but that becomes awfully difficult when she discovers Owen is her new next door neighbor ...

Owen reached up and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, and she licked her suddenly dry lips. How could this man do that to her? She didn’t even know him, and yet she wanted to, wanted to know the feel of him, the way he tasted, the way he moved.

“Where is your sling?” Liz asked, her voice annoyingly breathy. “Shouldn’t you be taking it easy?”

His finger traced her jaw, and her breath caught. “I’m allowed to move without it. I’m almost fully healed as it is other than the road rash and some aches and pains. And as for taking it easy, I’m pretty sure you’ll be the judge of that, don’t you think?”

She blinked, unaware that he’d moved closer, their hips now brushing, the long, thick, line of his cock pressing against her belly.

Holy hell. She was in over her head, and yet she wasn’t sure she cared.

“What are we doing?”

He cupped her face, his head lowering. “I don’t know, Liz. I don’t fucking know.”

When his lips touched hers, her eyes closed, and her mouth parted. He tasted of soda and Owen, sweet and salty. She wanted to devour him, but with the way he kissed her, she knew it would be the other way around.

Before she could think, he’d pulled her toward the open door behind them and had her back pressed to the other side of it, his hands on her body, her hands on his back. The quick snap of the lock told her he’d locked them into the room, and she couldn’t focus on that. Instead, she slid her hands up his back, under the thin knit of his sweater, and moaned into him. His skin was so hot, so soft, and yet she wanted more.

Owen pulled away, his breath coming in pants as he reached under her shirt, cupping her breasts over her bra. “You’re so fucking sexy, Liz. Did you think about what you were going to do to me when you showed up in those jeans? I want to pull them down ever so slightly so I can cup that thick ass of yours as I fuck you. Are you going to let me do that? Are you going to let me sink my cock into that pussy so we both can come hard against this door?”

She shuddered in his hold, gasping as he pinched her nipple. “We shouldn’t.”

His eyes darkened. “Tell me why.”

“Because…because…” Well, hell, she couldn’t think of a good reason right then. “We’re neighbors!” she blurted. “It would make things complicated.”

He licked her lip before biting down. “We can make sure we don’t complicate things. I like you, Liz. I want to get to know you. I want to feel you.”

“You say that, but people always complicate things. It’s how it works.”

He bit her earlobe, and her legs went weak. “Then we’ll be careful. Kiss me, Liz. Kiss me back.”

And because she was weak, she kissed him back. Her hands slid up his back again, her body shaking as he molded and cupped her breasts. When she tilted her head back, he latched on to her neck, kissing and licking until she was on the edge of coming already, and he hadn’t even touched her core.

As soon as she thought that, he had his hand on the button of her jeans, trying to work them off. “These are fucking tight, babe. No wonder you look hot as fuck in them.”

She groaned and reached out to cup him through his jeans. When he hissed out a breath, he grinned. “I wore them on purpose you know.”

“To fuck with me?” he groaned, pumping into her hand.

“Maybe…but more to make sure I kept them on with you around.”

His eyes darkened. “That’s not going to work, babe. I’m going to tear these off if I have to. But the idea that you thought tight pants would keep me from wanting to fuck you? Honey, you have no idea.”

She leaned forward and bit his lip. “Does it help you to know that I want you to fuck me? That your jeans cup your ass so well that I’m going to have visions of your thick thighs and cock for weeks to come?”

Liz wasn’t averse to dirty talk, but her previous lovers hadn’t really wanted her to speak during sex. Owen, however, groaned and tugged a belt loop on her jeans.

“Keep talking like that, and I’m going to end up dry humping you against the fucking door.”

She laughed, revved up and not even embarrassed. She might have reservations, and knew this was probably a mistake, but she couldn’t care right then. Like all things that worried her, she’d deal with it later.

He slid his hand between her legs and used the seam of her jeans to press against her clit. “Help me take down these jeans, Lizzie. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Only if you do the same,” she breathed.

He smiled then, looking even sexier than before, and nodded. “Deal. I like the way you think.” He pulled away to undo the zipper on her jeans while she worked on his. They wiggled and grunted, shifting to pull down their pants just below their hips. It probably wasn’t the sexiest looking thing in the world, but hell, she had never been more turned on.

She froze as she caught sight of his cock. “Holy hell. You’re pierced?”

Owen played with the tip of his dick, rubbing his fingers over the two metal bars. “It’s a dydoe piercing. Is that going to be a problem? I can take them out right now if you want.”

She shook her head, her gaze on his cock. “I want to know what that feels like in me.”

She looked up as Owen smiled widely. The light coming from beneath the blinds on the window behind them not only glinted on his brow ring, but the metal on his dick, as well. She’d never known she wanted a man so pierced, but hell, now she needed to know what she’d been missing.

“Since I’m guessing you’ve never had a man with them before, I’ll be careful. I have condoms that work well over them and don’t split. But if you were going down on me, I’d take them out the first time to protect your teeth.”

She licked her lips, imagining his cock sliding down her throat as she teased him. “Okay.” She wasn’t sure she had enough brain cells right then to think of something else.

Owen reached between them again, and she let out a whine. “You’re so fucking wet for me,” Owen growled. “I can see the spot on your panties.” He pressed his knuckle over the damp cotton, and she panted. “You’re going to make me come just by looking at you.” He tugged her panties out of the way and speared her with two fingers before she could respond. He had one hand on her neck, keeping her in place, and he kissed her brutally. Her body shook. She reached between them and grasped his cock, using the semen dripping at the tip to keep from rubbing him too hard.

Their bodies close together, their mouths never leaving each other, she jerked him off, her hand not quite big enough to reach fully around him while he fucked her hard with his hand. With each movement, her back slammed against the door, the sound echoing in the small room. She knew anyone standing outside it would know what they were doing, and she didn’t care. She just wanted Owen.

When his thumb pressed firmly against her clit, she came, her eyes rolling back, and her hips unabashedly riding his hand. She kept her grip on his dick, needing him to come with her, but he pulled away at the last moment, his body shaking.

“I need to come inside you, not on your belly.” He kissed her, this time softer, as if he couldn’t get enough of her. “Let me get the condom from the dresser. Don’t move.”

She was still shaking from her orgasm, but didn’t know what to think, she just needed him. He left her standing there, her jeans still high up on her legs and her shirt rucked up so the undersides of her breasts were bare. She knew she could fix herself, make it look as if she weren’t so wanton, but she didn’t care. Instead, she slid her hand between her legs to play with herself, wanting to be near the edge again. If Owen didn’t like it, well, he could just get himself off.

When he turned, back, his cock slapping his belly since he’d stripped off the rest of his clothes at some point, he froze.

“You have got to be the sexiest fucking woman I’ve ever seen in my life,” he panted. “Do you make yourself come a lot? Are you thinking of me right now?” He gripped the base of his cock as he slid the condom on, his eyes never leaving hers. “That’s it, Lizzie. Slide those fingers through your wet folds.”

“Owen,” she breathed, her hand moving slowly. “I need you.”

Passion Restored will be available in digital and print on February 28. Digital copies start at $4.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave, we've got you covered.