Hump Day: Melissa Cutler's One Wild Night

ONE WILD NIGHT by Melissa CutlerWhen we are weary and desperate for the weekend on a Wednesday morning, there is one thing that gets us out of bed— the promise of a hot Hump Day excerpt. Today's motivation comes from Melissa Cutler's One Wild Night, available next month.

Cowgirl Skye Martinez has vowed to leave her wild streak behind and prepare for the responsibility of running her family's ranch. But when a midnight horseback ride with a sexy stranger leads to a whole weekend of super-hot encounters with country bad boy Gentry Wells, Skye discovers that her plan may not be so perfect after all ...

With the driving thump of techno music as their score, he walked her to the balcony. Irrational fear of falling or the glass giving way kept her from getting too close—right up until Gentry pushed her up against the rail and gave her a dirty, wet kiss that went on and on, until the only thing on her mind was Gentry’s tongue and the hard planes of his body pressing against her—that, and the wanton hope that someone in another balcony or on the dance floor might be watching them.

Twisting behind him, he grabbed an ice cube from the bucket on the table and set the tip of it on her shoulder, just inside the strap of her dress. He traced her collarbones with it, then drew a line of icy water between her breasts. Her nipples hardened. Chill bumps broke out all over her skin. She threw her head back and surrendered to sensation as Gentry drew lines and swirls on every exposed piece of skin, putting on a show of pleasure for whomever might be watching.

“All right, baby, are you ready to push the envelope a little more?”

She lifted her head and looked at him again. His nostrils were flared and his eyes dark, oozing virile power. “I thought we already had.”

He offered her a lopsided grin full of wicked promise, then he sank to his knees.

“I’m going to taste you now. I’m going to make you come.” His hands roved over her legs. “Widen your knees. Let me in, baby.”

Gentry’s hands slid up her legs until they disappeared beneath her dress. His fingers closed around her panties, then pulled. The sensation of air swirling between her legs on her wet, heated flesh made her clench in pleasure. She cast a look over her shoulder. No one in the other balconies was paying them any mind, which was too bad, she realized with surprise.

He scrapped a finger along the curls covering her plump flesh, one side and then the other, then right up the middle. “So beautiful. And so fucking wet.”

He reached behind him for another ice cube, then traced the same path that his finger had. He pushed the ice in between her folds. It stung her hot flesh, bombarding her senses with pleasure and pain.

Then he held the ice cube up to her mouth. “Eat it.”

She didn’t think twice before accepting the ice on her tongue. It tasted faintly of her, but only a little. The cold made her shiver again as she held it on her tongue and let the water trickle down her throat. Gentry bunched the fabric of her dress until it neared her hips. Soon, the whole club would get a view of her ass. She was all for pushing the envelope tonight, but public nudity? Did she actually want to take it this far?

He buried his face in her curls and kissed her sweetly, warming her flesh again. “Don’t worry. It’s a one-way mirror.”

She looked out across the room at the other balconies and confirmed that to herself. The sliver of disappointment she felt at his answer shocked her. She had her answer. “That’s too bad.”

His deep chuckle rumbled between her legs. He suckled her as though savoring a delicacy. “You really do have a kink for breaking the rules.”

She rolled her head, face tipped up and eyes closed. “Yes, always,” she breathed.

His tongue breached her folds. Ripples of bliss consumed her and she cried out. The music fell away. The club, the other people, and all she knew about herself in that moment was that she was sexy and beautiful and a powerful, gorgeous man wanted her. There was no room in her head or her heart for anything but the way he made her feel. Just Gentry and his hand and his mouth, that hard body holding her while she quivered and bucked and descended into the madness of pleasure.

The buildup of her release was swift and potent. She gripped handfuls of his hair. “Oh, damn, Gentry. So close…”

Just like that, he stopped, removing his mouth and hands.

She whimpered and squirmed, a slave to the impossible pressure inside her screaming out for release. “What the hell?” she bit out between pants for air.

He looked up at her with eyes that were dark and intense to the point of almost seeming angry. “What are you going to do about that kink of yours when you marry your boring husband? You gonna pretend you don’t need it? Pretend like that part of you doesn’t exist?”

She mashed his face into her pussy. “Shut up. Finish what you started.”

He resisted her efforts and stood. His lips were shiny with her juices and his shaggy blond hair was in disarray. “Or is that part of the kink? Maybe you like to put yourself in little boxes just for the pleasure of breaking out of them.”

She fought against allowing his words to sink in. He knew nothing about her, so he had no idea what he was talking about. Why would she do that to herself? Make rules so she could break them. When she and her mom had conjured that love spell, Skye had meant every word. Unlike tonight, her life was no game and he was out-of-line to suggest that she treated it as such.

“Why do you care?” she said.

The question seemed to catch him off-guard. He blinked and rolled his tongue across his lower lip. “Hell if I know.”

Their eyes locked. Skye felt her layers peeling back, revealing too much, even as she saw in him a raw, bald vulnerability that matched her own. They stared at each other, breathing hard. The music thumped as loud and fast as their hearts. Real. That was the only word to describe them at that moment. Real and honest. Two broken souls clinging to whatever rock they could in the storm of life.

But the moment could not last. Like walking on the edge of a cliff, one could only stay vulnerable as long as you didn’t think too deeply about the danger of doing so. They startled back, as though they’d scared themselves with the truth.

“Not tonight,” she said. Tonight was about forgetting. It was about getting lost in the game and the kink and the wild wonders of each other’s bodies.

He nodded, hearing the truth behind her words loud and clear.

They came together in a clash of lips and tongue and teeth in a kiss that bordered on desperate. In a way, they were. She wrapped her leg around him, wrapped her arms around him, and battled to regain that lost, mindless descent into bliss.

His hand snaked between them and found her pussy as his other hand reached into his jeans pocket and came out with a condom. Beneath the low brim of his ball cap, heat and need radiated from his dark, half-lidded yes. “I’m gonna give you what you need. I’m gonna help you cross that line.”

Yes, finally. “So do it,” she challenged. “Just fucking do it.”

He seized hold of her hips and spun her around so that she faced the dance floor. His erection dug into her ass. He placed her hands on the rail. “Keep them there and spread your legs.”

The young blonde across the way was holding a pink drink in a martini glass and swaying to the music. She must have felt Skye’s eyes on her because she squared up to the balcony and gave Skye and Gentry her full attention.

Gentry wrapped a hand around her waist and found Skye’s clit, working it in relentless little circles until she was breathless again. Still, she held the pretty young thing’s gaze, even when Gentry’s cock nudged at her entrance.

Bracing her hands against the rail, her eyes on the blonde, she shifted her hips, arching for him, but the moment he started that slow push inside her, stretching and filling her, every nerve ending in her body lit up and she lost all sense of herself. She hunched into her hands, head lowered, lips open with a moan that went on and on and on.

He kissed her back. “You with me, baby?”

She lifted her heavy head and angled her chin over her shoulder to offer him a look that was half-smile, half-plea. You’re still fucking talking, she wanted to say. If only she could get her mouth to form words. Instead, she rocked her hips, moving him in and out, figuring that if he wouldn’t move, being so hell-bent on driving her crazy without release, then she’d do the moving herself.

His hand cupped her pussy, his middle finger pressing ever so perfectly against her clit so that it slid up and down as she moved. And then, finally, he took over, thrusting so hard that her hips hit the balcony, so hard that she wasn’t sure how he was managing to keep that finger on her clit. Another look across the club revealed that the pretty young blond in the black dress wasn’t alone. Another woman was toying with the young thing’s hair. Both sets of eyes were on Skye. Good. Let ‘em watch.

The sex got raw and dirty, fast as they devolved into their animal selves, thrusting and grunting. Nothing between them but slick heat and friction. Then his hand closed on her throat, lifting her up. She arched her back to keep him inside her and let him pull her up until his face appeared near her ear. His breath fanned out over her cheek.

“You are so goddamn hot. I need you to ride me.”

Oh, she liked the sound of that, but there was one problem. “I don’t want to say good-bye to my friends.” She nodded toward the blonde, who licked her lips and sipped her drink. Her friend’s lips teased her ear and her hand cupped the blonde’s tits through her dress.

Gentry followed her gaze, then gave a growl of a laugh. “I can see why. I think I can make us all happy. You stay there for a sec.”

He pulled out of her. She traced the swells of her breasts, purely for her friends’ benefit. Behind her, glass rattled and tickled as Gentry moved the bottle service tray off the ottoman, then scooted it behind Skye.

Then he was standing behind her again. He spit on his hand and worked it over the length of his cock, then pressed into her, thrusting, once, twice, until he seated himself fully inside her, flooding her senses all over again.

“Come back with me, now,” he said.

Taking her by the hips, he sat on the ottoman and then laid back so that Skye was straddling him backward, reverse cowgirl style. She braced her hands on his legs and found her friends across the club again. They were both smiling this time. Skye blew them a kiss, then, with Gentry’s hands on her hips urging her on, she started to move her hips in a rolling, bucking thrust, around and around like she was back in the bar riding that bull like the cowgirl she was.

Gentry swore and smacked her ass. “You keep that up, I’m gonna come. Touch yourself. Get there with me.”

No problem. She was so close, as it was, that all she needed was to flick her clit a few times while she bounced and she was there.

The young blonde and her friend had stopped moving, so enthralled were they with Skye, their faces the pictures of arousal. Skye looked the blonde in the eye and mouthed to them, “I’m coming.” The blonde’s lips parted at those words, but that was the last thing Skye saw. As her body shattered into a million little pieces, she gripped Gentry’s wrists and threw her head back, crying out her pleasure for all the world to hear.

Whoever she’d been when she’d boarded that private jet was all but gone. And in her place, a wild, wanton force of nature, free of the bonds of time and faith and family—and with an equally wild bad boy beneath her, anchoring her and goading her on. They were so compatible, she and Gentry. Two reckless, hungry souls looking for escape, and at least for this one night together, they’d found it in each other’s arms.

One Wild Night will be available in digital and print on March 7. Digital copies start at $7.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. And if more hot Hump Day excerpts is what you crave, we've got you covered.