Hump Day: Zara Cox's Black Sheep

BLACK SHEEP by Zara CoxWe made it to midweek! We'd say that's very deserving of a reward, no? Take a few minutes to yourself to enjoy this super sexy Hump Day excerpt from Zara Cox's Black Sheep, available next month.

When Axel and Cleo were young and innocent, they truly believed that their love would last a lifetime. But their families felt differently. Now Cleo is trapped. She is not only a prisoner of Axel's father's, but also beholden to aher mother who is under medical care. Then Axel returns to free her and everything changes ... 

His mouth recaptures mine, tongue and teeth delivering pleasure so concentrated that my fear begins to melt. Other thoughts encroach.

He’s so good at this.





A vicious volt of discomfort rams through me even as his pheromones bombard me. What the hell…

Recalling the crazy little move that set him alight in his apartment, I nip at his mouth. He jerks beneath me, breaking the kiss to stare deeply into my eyes.

“There’s my little cherry bomb. Again,” he growls.

I dive back in, the hands that pushed at his shoulders a minute ago twisting into the leather, folding into the hair at his nape.

One hand grabs my hip, attempting to situate me more firmly in his lap. My head bumps the roof, and my ass hits the steering wheel. I’m still sideways, the top of my hip cradling the monstrous erection tenting his pants.

“Fuck it.” He slaps a button, and his door rises into the air. He steps out of the car with me still in his arms. Straightening, he just looks at me. In the still, dark night, the only sound is our ragged breathing and the scurrying of forest creatures. In the air, the scent of maple mingles with earthy spice and a well-oiled engine.

Stomping around to my side, he sets me down on top of the low roof. A sultry breeze whispers over me while the hood of the expensive car warms my ass.

All around me, shadows. “What…what are you doing?”

One firm hand pushes me back onto the hood and holds me down. The ambient glow spilling from inside the car casts enough light for me to see the bald hunger on his face and the menacing hulk of his body.

My heart leaps into my throat. “Axel…”

His free hand runs over my body from shoulder to thigh, cupping my breast along the way. A helpless thrill of lust fires through me.

“I was going to wait till we got back to New York. But then you decided to go ahead and fuck with my mind. Didn’t you, sweetheart?” His hand creeps beneath the T-shirt to grip my upper thigh. His fingers conduct a lazy circle inches from my burning core.

Sensation sizzles through me. Dark and carnal and so powerful that I can only shake my head.

Fierce eyes pinned on me, he draws my leg slowly, inexorably, over one shoulder. The T-shirt falls to my waist, exposing my lower half to a summer night and a monster’s regard.


This time I heed the warning. He grabs my other leg and flings it over his shoulder. His hands capture my waist, his thumbs digging into my hipbones. The action causes my hips to jerk upward, offering my scent and sex to him. He looks down, his lips parting in a rough pant.

“I’m going to shave every wisp of hair off this pussy. Tomorrow,” he rasps. “Right before I eat your bald cunt again. Then you’re going to spend every moment you’re with me without panties. I want this pussy available to me whenever the mood takes me.”

A strangled sound of raw need erupts from my chest. My hands slide on top of the sleek car, flailing uselessly with nothing to hold on to. I watch his head descend. Slowly. Torturously.

Then he blows gently on my sex. The sensation is so unexpected, so intensely thrilling that my whole body shudders. Before the tail end of my shiver dies off, his tongue swipes at me.

Bold. Possessive. Full-on.

The broad kiss devours me from hole to slit, then his pointed tongue flicks with mind-melting expertise over my clit. Then he repeats the action.

Sensation rips me wide open. “Oh…Oh…”

His hands leave my waist, sliding beneath my body to lift my ass off the roof. He holds me effortlessly aloft, his thumbs sliding on either side of my pussy to part me wider.

He deepens the kiss, savors me so thoroughly, I can’t stop the moans that erupt from my throat. My body, unaccustomed to pleasure on such an intense level, coils with acute anticipation as Axel continues to pleasure me with unrestrained decadence.

When pre-orgasm wetness slicks my body, I feel him tense for a second before a shudder ripples through him.

“Fuck!” The curse is torn from his throat. If he had a soul, I would imagine it stemmed from there too.

His movements grow more feral, his mouth and nose buried deep, scenting and lapping every drop of pleasure from me. The knot in my pelvis coils harder, my back arches off the roof, and I’m ready to detonate. “Oh God!”

His head snaps up.

“Cleo.” My name is a sharp bark. I lift my heavy head off the roof. “Look at me. Do not take your eyes off me for one fucking second when you come.”


“That’s right. You say nothing…scream nothing but my name.”

“Yes. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

He licks me again, groans deep as he sucks my whole pussy into his mouth. “Jesus, you taste…fuck.”

The rush and the roar build to a breaking point. I know I’ll forever be damned for the pleasure I take from the monster who ruined my life. But I can’t think, can’t function beyond the bliss bearing down on me.

His eyes pin me, absorbing every twitch and tremble, gasp and moan.

“Axel.” It’s not a scream but a whisper.

“Fucking give it to me. Everything.”

“Oh…Oh…Axel.” The deepest, darkest, headiest orgasm rolls through me, singeing me from head to toe. My limbs jerk like puppets, my thighs squeezing the jaws of my psychopathic captor.

“Yes…holy fuck.” His tongue quickens against me, staying true to his word and lapping up everything I have to give. When his gaze drops from mine, I sag back against the roof. I’m not sure if the stars above me are the real thing or a byproduct of my bliss.

A minute passes. Two. He eventually trails his lips along one inner thigh, then the other.

His hands leave my body, and I hear his zipper lowering. My gaze drops as his jacket comes off and is tossed onto the hood. His ripped, superathlete’s body is exposed and framed against the shadowed trees.

“My turn.”

Black Sheep will be available in digital and print on March 14. Digital copies start at $4.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. If more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave, we've got you covered.