Shop the Cover: Michele Hauf's The Thief

When we read romances, we sometimes imagine ourselves in the role of the heroine — falling into the arms of the hero, solving a dangerous crime, wielding our clever banter like a weapon in the ballroom. And because we love being the heroine in our mind's eye, we also thought it might be fun to look like her too! So we present our new feature, Shop the Cover, where we find the looks the cover is sporting, so you can imagine right along with us. Sigh. We're starting things off today with Michele Hauf's excellent cover of the RT Top Pick! The Thief

Shop the Cover: Michele Hauf's The Thief

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1. When you're fighting to save the world, who says you shouldn't look fabulous in plum lipstick? 

NYX lipstick in "Transylvania"

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2. We would wear this necklace all day, every day.

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3. If you're going to nab a choker, may as well make it a fabulous one, no?

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4. We think this red capelet dress is just about perfect for a former jewel thief living in the French countryside to wear on a caper, no?

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The Thief will be available in stores and online April 11. You can preorder your copy here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. Thanks for Shopping the Cover with us!