Hump Day: Calista Fox's The Billionaires

THE BILLIONAIRES by Calista FoxWe love Wednesdays. Not only does Wednesday mark the halfway point to the weekend, it is also the one day a week that we get to share a filthy, dirty Hump Day excerpt with our readers! Today we have a mind-bending excerpt from Calista Fox's RT Top Pick! The Billionaires, out next week.

Jewel, Rogen and Vin grew up together on neighboring vineyards. As Rogen and Jewel were falling in love, a massive feud errupted between their families and Rogen was set away, effectively ending their relationship. Seeking solace from her lost love, Jewel grew even closer with Vin ... then he left too. After a decade apart, the three friends are back together and they're ready to bare it all ...

“I was just thinking,” she brazenly began, “that this past week, I’ve been with both of you. And I’m not trying to hide it from either of you. We might as well be open about it, right?”

…Jewel’s pulse shifted into high gear. “I want you both. It’s no mystery, no new revelation. Well, relatively speaking. But it is the truth. I want you both,” she repeated. “Not one more over the other, but equally.” Her fingers skimmed along Rogen’s abs, up to his chest. Then she went on tiptoe to sweep her lips over his. Against them, she added, “And you can both have me.”

…If she was going to back down, now would be the time to do it. Before they went any further. Before they got swept away by passion and her potentially horrible judgement that could later be blamed on the Sangiovese, but only in a cowardly way.

Yet this was Rogen. And Vin. They’d never hurt her. What they would do was everything in their power to give her exactly what she desired. Many, many orgasms.

She needed them— the men and the orgasms. Desperately. She nipped at Rogen’s bottom lip and whispered, “You like it when my nipples are ridiculously hard. So do I. Make them that way.”

His grip on her biceps tightened. He was trying to keep himself in check. That just wouldn’t do. She wanted him to unleash his passion. She wanted them both out of control— because of her. “Rogen,” she urged in a soft voice. “Do it.”

He released her arms. His large hands slid up her rib cage and cupped her breasts, massaging confidently, the pads of his thumbs whisking over the tight centers. Exactly what she wanted. A small whimper fell from her lips.

Vin stepped behind her and she felt his heat at her back, his smooth skin against hers, above the straight line of her nightie at her shoulder blades. He held her hips as Rogen’s head dipped and he tongued her nipple through the lace, the material creating a hint of friction. The erotic sensation coursed through every inch of her. Pulsated in her pussy.

She raised an arm and snaked it around Vin’s neck, craning hers so that he could capture her mouth in a scorching kiss. Her other hand sought Rogen’s silky, spiked strands of hair, her fingers threading through them.

Fever blazed through her as Vin’s kiss deepened and Rogen peeled away the lace at her chest, tucking the cups under her breasts. His mouth closed over her nipple again and it sent a lightning bolt against her clit.

She broke her kiss with Vin. “Oh, God,” she moaned. “Yes. Suck my nipples, Rogen. Suck them hard.”

He did while caressing her breasts, squeezing almost roughly, insistently. Everything inside her went haywire.

Vin’s lips skimmed down her spine as he sank to his knees behind her. She shuddered from the vibrant sensation that burst against each vertebra.

His fingers hooked in the sides of her thong and he dragged the black satin down her legs and helped her out of her panties. It was a little difficult to focus on that while Rogen drove her wild with his tongue fluttering against her nipple as his finger and thumb rolled the other one, pinched lightly. A moan wrenched from the back of her throat.

Adding to the glorious sensations was Vin spreading her pussy lips and flicking his tongue over her clit.

Oh, fuck!

Two mouths on her body . . . two tongues!

The warm moisture against her tingling flesh in both places at the same time was sinful. Fantastic. A little overwhelming, but she concentrated on separating out the feelings and savoring the two distinctly different rhythms and textures and . . . oh, hell.

They both suckled at the same time— Rogen on her nipple, Vin on her clit.

Jewel cried out.

Vin’s tongue dipped into her pussy. Rogen’s flickered over her taut nipple. One, then the other.

“Dear God,” she ground out. “That’s incredible.”

Sensation built upon sensation. Vin’s tongue laved at her clit again. Then his lips tugged at her slick folds, pushing her right to the precipice.

“Yes. Yes . . . ” Vin eased two fingers into her and slowly stood. He whispered in her ear, “You are dripping wet. So fucking wet.”

“How could I not be?” she asked, breathless. “The two of you know exactly how to touch me, exactly how to make me come. And I want it. I want to come for you. Both of you.”

His fingers glided smoothly along the inner walls of her pussy and he pumped heartily. One of Rogen’s hands slid down her belly and the pads of two fingers rubbed her clit. Quickly.

“Oh!” Another cry tore from her as they worked her expertly.

Vin caught her mouth with his and she tasted herself on his lips and tongue, turning her on even more. Rogen continued suckling, teasing her nipples. Both men’s fingers pleasured her inside and out.

Her pulse echoed in her ears. Her heart hammered.

There was nothing more exquisite than having Rogen’s sinewy body pressed to hers . . . along with Vin’s sleekly powerful one melding against her so that she was completely surrounded by them. Could smell them both. Could feel them both.

It was decadent and beautiful.

And it sent Jewel over the edge.

She ripped her mouth from Vin’s.

“Oh, God! Yes!”

A fiery orgasm erupted deep within and seared every inch of her. Jewel’s body vibrated, her inner muscles clutching Vin’s fingers. Her own fingers fisted in Rogen’s hair.

“Christ!” She gasped for air as every nerve ending ignited. “Oh, God!”

Vin slid his arm around her waist to hold her steady.

The firestorm raged within her. Hot. Radiant.

So exciting. So addictive.

Her pussy continued to clench and release Vin’s fingers, drawing out every little bit of her climax.

God, it felt so good! She rode the high as Rogen lifted his head and kissed her. Intensely. Passionately.

The tremors ran rampant. Heat danced over her skin. A restless, gnawing sensation grew in her core. A deep, dark need that demanded to be sated.

When Rogen finally dragged his mouth away so they could breathe, Vin clasped the lace clinging to Jewel, pulled it up her body, and whisked it off. Her bare breasts pressed below the ledge of Rogen’s pecs while Vin’s hands slid all over her flushed skin.

“Yes,” she murmured. “Touch me everywhere. I want it all.”

Greedy, sure, but it was a once- in- a- lifetime opportunity she did not intend to squander.

Rogen kissed her again as she was sandwiched between their muscular bodies. Vin’s lips grazed her neck, his teeth nipping below her ear. He’d discovered that precious spot, too.

 Her hand slipped between hers and Vin’s bodies, and she stroked his cock through his pants and briefs. He was thick and full. Rogen was as well.

“You want me to fuck you,” Vin confidently said. A moan lodged in her throat as Rogen continued the sexy liplock.

Vin’s warm breath tickled her skin as he added, “And you’re going to come harder than you just did.”

…While Vin extracted a condom from his wallet and then undressed, Rogen knelt on the floor alongside the bed and pressed her thighs open with his palms.

“Yes,” was all she could say, still in a passion- induced daze from how insanely good it felt to have them both pleasuring her. Rogen’s mouth on her pussy was exactly what she wanted at the moment.

His tongue swept over her dewy folds. Slowly. So, so slowly. Tantalizing and teasing. A huge contrast to Vin’s erotic suckling that had lit her up.

Vin stretched out beside her as she lay back, Rogen’s head still between her legs.

Vin palmed a breast and caressed her with an urgency that, combined with Rogen’s slow burn, had her brimming with desire. The variance between the two men actually worked in tandem to create a maelstrom of sensations that excited her.

Vin’s head dipped and his tongue flickered over her nipple, both puckered centers still taut, still tingling. One of his hands roamed her body, his fingertips blazing their own trail, making her stomach quiver and her pulse race.

“I can’t believe how incredible it feels to have both your mouths on me,” she said in a raspy voice. Then amended, “Yes. I can.”

Because it was Rogen and Vin.

“Fucking fantastic,” she told them.

Rogen slipped two fingers inside her as his tongue fluttered over her clit. The little pearl was hypersensitive. The lust coursing through her made every inch of her highly responsive. More so than ever before. She felt Rogen’s tongue and fingers, Vin’s mouth and hands, so acutely. Inhaled their distinct scents. Reveled in their heat. Listened to their heavy breathing.

She affected them as deeply as they did her. And it didn’t seem to be a competition between them but a collaborative effort to get her off.

Perhaps that was why she’d decided to jump on this opportunity. Because Rogen had always wanted to make her feel good; Vin had always wanted to make her come so hard she screamed his name.

And now Jewel was in heaven.

Rogen’s fingers stroked her pussy, finding her G- spot and rubbing with just the right pressure, the right pace, while his tongue still flitted against her clit. Vin gave her a sizzling kiss.

Her excitement escalated. She pulled her mouth from Vin’s. “I’m going to come again.”

“Yes,” he said with anticipation in his tone. “Come for us.” His head dipped and he suckled her nipple, sending her barreling toward orgasm.

“I’m so close,” she told them. Against her breast, Vin muttered, “Keep licking her pussy, Rogen. Lick it good. Make her come.”

Rogen’s pace hastened. Jewel’s hips undulated. She felt the climax mounting, mounting, cresting. . .

“Oh, yes.”

Exploding . . .

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Her eyes squeezed shut. Little white orbs burst behind her lids. “Oh, God!” she cried out, losing it completely.

The climax blazed through her, effervescent and intoxicating. She held fast to it, clung to the erratic beats, the heat consuming her.

Her chest heaved with her labored breaths. Her arousal didn’t dim the slightest bit. Rogen’s fingers were still inside her; Vin’s lips still grazed her sensitive skin.

Endless moments slid by as she savored her orgasm. Savored every single second with two lovers who were clearly determined to give her everything she needed.

Making her adore them even more. Making her want them even more.

When she eventually opened her eyes, she simply said, “Spectacular.”

Rogen withdrew from her and sprawled alongside her. One corner of his mouth quirked in that half- assed grin of his that was part cocky, part heartwarming. And which always caused her stomach to flutter. “I love that you get so into it, that you like my mouth on your pussy.”

“So very, very much,” she assured him. He gave her a sexy kiss, then said, “Let Vin fuck you.” This time, her stomach flipped. She lay between the two men, on her side, facing Rogen with Vin at her back again.

Holding Rogen’s gaze, she told him, “He does it differently than you.” Perhaps that was more of a warning. “He fucks me hard.”

Rogen murmured against her lips, “I want to be the one to watch this time.” His fingers swept away strands of hair from her face. “I want to hear you moan. Beg. Come.”

 From behind her, Vin lifted her thigh, hooking his forearm at the underside of her knee, spreading her legs wide open.

Rogen inched closer to her, so their bodies touched. His hand cupped her breast. His gaze remained locked with hers.

Jewel’s staccato breaths filled the otherwise quiet room.

He said to Vin, “Do it, man.”

The head of Vin’s cock rubbed the opening of her pussy. Teasing her? Preparing her? Both?

 “Fuck her,” Rogen urged.

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“Yes,” Jewel ground out as the anticipation and the need to feel Vin inside her intensified. “Please, Vin. Now.”

He thrust in.




“Oh, God!” Jewel called out as sparks flew. Rogen growled, low and sexy.

Vin stilled. “She’s tight. So damn tight.”

“I know,” Rogen said in a strained tone. “Show me how she likes it with you.”

Jewel gripped Rogen’s shoulders for support. Vin’s cock pulled almost all the way out of her.

 “You want it, don’t you, baby?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she said on a broken breath. “Don’t tease me, Vin. Fuck me. I want to feel you, hard and hot inside me.”

He plunged all the way in.


Her ass ground against his pelvis. His hips bucked and his cock hammered into her, fast and furious. As though he had a point to prove.

…It felt good. So fucking good. In ways she couldn’t yet resolve. Because it was Vin inside her and Rogen suddenly kissing her, as though he couldn’t stand not being joined with her in some physical way.

His hand on her breast skated down her belly and his fingertips massaged her clit, first in a circular motion, engaging her. Then picking up Vin’s tempo and rubbing fervently.

She ended the kiss. It was all too much. All too wonderful. All too insane.

She couldn’t process the sensations, especially as Rogen added to them by tonguing her nipple, then drawing it into his mouth.

Jewel shifted slightly and her arm coiled around Vin’s neck again. He kissed her briefly but kept his attention on fucking her. Wildly. Perfectly. His gaze on her.

Sharp whimpers of desire fell from her parted lips. She wasn’t sure Vin had ever driven so deep into her, and that was saying something.

Rogen’s rugged features were set, tense. His eyes burned. He told Vin, “Pump that cock into her. Damn it, Vin. Fuck her harder. Make her come.”

“Yes,” Jewel begged. “Please. God, Vin, please!”

The heel of Rogen’s hand pressed against her clit, rubbing the entire area, a completely new sensation.

“Rogen,” she gasped. “Harder.” Her hand clutched his, holding him to her, making him push more firmly against her wet, sizzling flesh.

Vin’s fervent fucking rocked her hips, causing her clit to rub more quickly, rhythmically, against Rogen’s hand.

“Oh, God.” It was like nothing she’d ever felt.

Dark, throaty moans leapt from her throat. Her eyes shut. She felt everything inside her tighten. It felt good, so damn incredible.

She almost didn’t want to let go. But she had no choice.

The sensations burst wide open and she screamed. Loud.

She shattered to the depths of her soul. Clenched Vin so tight that he lost it, too, and called her name as his cock surged inside her and his body convulsed.

“Oh, yeah,” Rogen said. “Keep her coming.”

Vin’s hips jerked. The heel of Rogen’s hand rubbed. Jewel continued to climax.

The two men drew out every single second. Every ounce of her orgasm.

“Goddamn,” Vin said on a sharp breath. “She squeezes so fucking tight.”

“Feels better than anything, doesn’t it?” Rogen asked in a tone tinged with lust and yearning.


Jewel’s lids drifted open. She tried to focus on Rogen, but her eyes wouldn’t quite settle. He was staring at her, though, memorizing every stage of her orgasm.

He swallowed hard, the cords of his neck pulling. “You really are insanely beautiful.”

Her fingers grazed his temple and she smiled softly, her heart soaring.

Vin withdrew from her and gently rolled her on her back, the upper part of her body sprawled across his. With Vin still holding her thigh in the crook of his arm, keeping her legs spread, Rogen slowly entered her.

Her pulse jumped. He was a little wider than Vin. Not quite as long. She’d never really noticed the subtle differences until now. But they could account for how she always felt so filled by Rogen. And how Vin always seemed to drive a bit deeper.

She liked that she could catalog the contrasts in her two lovers. That she could pinpoint what specifically stimulated her when each man was inside her. With Vin, it was how he pushed her so damn high with his hard and fast moves. With Rogen, it was that she burned from his sexy, steady pumping.

He targeted that ultra- sensitive spot within her and it was such a phenomenal sensation to feel him stroking, gradually applying more pressure.

The corrugated grooves of his stomach rubbed along her belly, and his lower body melded to hers. Vin released her leg and Rogen draped it over his hips. With Vin’s rigid muscles at her back and his hands now on her breasts, she knew she’d be coming in a matter of minutes.

She glanced at Vin and said, “Kiss me. The way you do when you’re really pissed at me and all those alpha tendencies take control.”

His mouth crashed over hers, as it had when they were in the bathroom at Bristol’s. His tongue thrusting, his kiss hungry, greedy, demanding.

Rogen filled her pussy with his thick cock and he leaned over her, his lips brushing her neck, his teeth tenderly biting.

Yes! she screamed in her head as Vin continued to kiss her.

Her body rocked from Rogen’s solid thrusts. She lifted her hips to meet each one, clutching his shaft, releasing, clutching tighter.

“Yeah, Jewel, like that,” he said against her throat. “Just like that.”

He gripped her ass cheek with one hand while he was propped up on the other elbow. She wanted all of his weight on her but could barely breathe as it was. Still, having him between her legs, feeling his hard body against hers, losing herself in the exciting cadence he set, took her to all- new heights. She knew he felt it, too. Vin as well, because his sizzling kiss intensified, and once again Jewel was flying.

Rogen gave a powerful thrust that pushed her higher. She ripped her mouth from Vin’s.

 “Rogen!” She came just as hard as she had with Vin.

“Ah, fuck. Jewel.” Rogen let out a strangled sound. “Fuck, yes. Squeeze my cock.”

Seconds later he erupted inside her, his hot cum filling her, the erotic sensation titillating, exhilarating.

He kept thrusting through his climax. Still filling her. Still moving within her.

“Oh, God. Rogen,” she whispered. “I’m going to come again.” The release rippled in her core, so sweet and beautiful. Different from the other orgasms that had incinerated her, but in a very alluring way. This one tickled and teased. Made her gasp.

Rogen gave her soft, tender kisses that kept her pulse racing.

When his forehead dropped to her shoulder, she glanced at Vin, who swept strands of damp hair from her temple as she enjoyed every tingle along her skin and straight to her core.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

His jaw clenched briefly. Then Vin nodded. She knew he understood what she was so grateful for— not just for giving her what she’d wanted, but for the gentle gesture.

Both of which she would forever hold close to her heart. Would never forget. No matter the ramifications she had to face in the morning.

Copyright © 2017 by Calista Fox and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Griffin.

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