RT17: Xoxo After Dark Unveils a New Website

The 2017 RT Booklovers Convention was exciting for many reasons. For one, since there are so many interested readers in the same place, publishers and authors will often unveil exclusive pieces of content right on the convention floor! This is exactly what happened on Friday, May 5, at the Gallery/Pocket/Simon & Schuster publishers's spotlight. In celebration of the four year anniversary of the groups's blog, XOXO After Dark, the team unveiled a brand new website that was redesigned with readers in mind. 

Associate director of marketing & senior editor Abby Zidle offered us the grand tour, featured in the video below. For those looking for a quick overview of the site, we've got you covered!

The site's slogan is still the same — "The best conversations happen after dark" — and we couldn't agree more! In addition to all of the incredible content you knew and loved at XOXO, there are also brand new podcasts. Look out for one featuring one of the most beloved authors of Romancelandia, Judith McNaught!

Remember the Great Balls of Fire section on the old site? It still exists, now it's just called "XXXO" — your one-stop-shop for the site's sexiest reads. You'll also enjoy excerpts, interviews, polls and quizzes, giveaways and so much more! In fact, XOXO will be celebrating their fourth birthday all month, offering loads of special content on the site. And since you can't exactly get a website a birthday gift — we mean, you could try, but it would not be easy— they're turning the tradition of gift-giving on its head by offering lots of goodies to their readers. We've even heard that there will be new $1.99 ebook specials every week ...

Watch our Facebook live video for a full tour of the site and be sure to visit XOXO After Dark's new website to see what all the fuss is about!