Christina Lauren on Hollywood Agents & Dating You/Hating You

Dating You/Hating You by Christina LaurenWe're pretty pumped that author duo Christina Lauren have a new book coming out in a few weeks — Dating You/Hating You will hit stores June 6. It's an office romance set in the cut-throat world of Hollywood talent agencies. We know how rough the PR world can be, and we were wondering what the authors learned while researching the RT Top Pick! Here's what they had to say … 

If you think something sounds too crazy to be true, it probably is.

Some of the craziest things that happen to Carter and Evie in Dating You/Hating You happened in real life. Not being agents ourselves, we did a ton of research and talked to everyone from agents, to actors and assistants. Some of it was too nuts to include.

Poaching clients (and fellow agents) from a competitor is a big no-no, and in some cases illegal.

Check out any gossip magazine or Hollywood blog and you’ll probably find some sort of litigation involving client poaching. For all its bright lights and money, Hollywood is actually a small world, and with only so many actors and agencies there’s bound to be some shuffling around. When does it go from strategic to illegal? It’s sort of a gray area. When someone is unhappy with their representation, word definitely gets around. Being in the right place at the right time is one thing, but knowingly luring someone away could land you in court.

Related: a Big Name switching agencies is a Big Deal.

Adding a big name to your list means press, money and prestige for an agency. Losing one is a big hit and everyone will know about it.

Also related: agents keep track of everything.

Talk to any good Hollywood agent and they will know what shows have sold and for how much, who is working with who, who is looking for what and who is unhappy.

Agents talk clients into doing stuff all the time.

Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t want to do Sex and the City. Cher didn’t want to do Moonstruck. And can you imagine Ferris Bueller without Matthew Broderick? What do these names have in common? None of them wanted to sign on to the projects that made them stars, but were talked into it by their agents. It’s an agent’s job to steer an actor in the right direction, and avoid the wrong one. Both of those have lasting impacts.

Sexism is alive and well.

It’s getting better—both because of the legalities of workplace discrimination but also because people are starting to pull their heads out of their asses—but the wage gap and boys club do exist.

Agents are notoriously gossipy.

That one is pretty self-explanatory.

You’re only as good as your last win…

Or failure. And there will always be someone younger and smarter than you.

A good agent is worth their weight in gold.

A good agent can be a ninja dealmaker when they need to, but a real mama bear, too. It’s easy to be taken advantage of in Hollywood—whether that be time or money—and a good agent will watch out for both.

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