Hump Day: Stacey Lynn's Crave Me

CRAVE ME by Stacey LynnToday's Hump Day excerpt is guaranteed to steam up your computer screen. We're taking an exclusive look inside Stacey Lynn's Crave Me, available next week. As we were feeling a little restless in the office today, we thought someone like Simon the Dom would be perfect for getting our booties back in line! But before we get to the excerpt, here's some insight into the plot:

Chloe has always had a thing for her sister's ex and while her sister couldn't handle the life of a submissive, Chloe is certain she can. Since Simon would never consider taking advantage of his ex-girlfriend's sister, Chloe decides to seduce him while in disguise. Of course, after a single kiss with the masked mystery woman, Simon is hooked. HE MUST HAVE HER. But will the pair survive Chloe's training as a sub?

I could barely talk. Lust and excitement were heating my body, making it difficult to stay calm. I wanted to reach for him, grab him until he restrained me, and pushed me down and took me.


I barely had to think about it. I shook my head. Excitement won, hands down. “No, sir. Not with you.”

A rich, deep sound rumbled from above, a laugh or a sound of pleasure, I didn’t know. It didn’t matter. I was finally going to be Simon’s in a way I’d wanted for years.

His thumb skimmed my ear again, dragged across my jaw until it was at the soft flesh at my chin. He pressed up, tilted my head to look at him, and when I did, my breath caught in my throat. My hands curled into fists.

God, he was so stunningly beautiful, he rendered me speechless.

His glasses were gone, and for one of the first time since I’d known him, my view of his face was unhindered. He appeared fiercer, more powerful without them. Less high school teacher and more wicked.

“You’re exquisite,” he murmured, those eyes scanning my face, grazing my lips before dipping down to my slip and heating when he stopped at my breasts. “More beautiful than I even pictured you.”

“Thank you.”

One of his brows arched up slowly and he tilted his head.

“Sir,” I quickly corrected myself. God. Why was that one word such a complete turn on? Like saying it had an electric current connected directly to my sex, my clit pulsed.

“Do you want a drink before we get started?”

I’d had a glass of wine after work while I was getting ready. More alcohol could go straight to my brain.

“No, thank you, sir.”

“Very well.” His finger left my chin and he held out a hand for me.

I placed my palm in his and he tugged me to my feet, his gazed focused on my nipples and the shifting and falling of my slip as it covered my pussy.

“Sit here,” he said, directing me to the coffee table in front of the couch. “If you don’t want a drink, you can watch me have one.”

I sat where he suggested, centered on the coffee table. His hands pressed my knees apart, spread them wide as he settled me at the edge of the table.

“Place your hands at the back of the table and hold on to the edge.”

Oh God. Maybe I did want that drink. Maybe we could talk. We were getting started, and I was suddenly splayed before him, my pussy bared, my breasts arched up.

“Good job,” he whispered and took his spot on the couch. He sat down, directly in front of me, knees spread so they were just inside mine, opening me further. He reached for a glass on an end table and brought it to his lips, his gaze never moving away from my exposed slit. “You’re wet, Little Bird. Dripping for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I croaked.

He took another sip from his glass, ice and a clear liquid I assumed was water based on the lack of bubbles. He took his time like it was expensive whiskey, relishing every sip.

He didn’t speak to me, and with every passing moment, my skin prickled. Anticipation pounded against my ribcage, and soon the only sounds in the room were my labored breathing, the clinking of ice cubes on glass.

Annoyance bubbled just beneath the surface of my skin as he continued to make me wait. I grew tenser with every passing moment, his gaze unwavering from my pussy that was clenching with need. His gray-blue eyes turned to the color of stormy waters. A bulge grew larger beneath his zipper, along his thigh.

He was large. Hard. How could he be making this take so long?

My fingers on the table ached from gripping the wood and my muscles quivered from the tension.

I was just about to cave, to say screw it, and scream at him for making me wait so long when he leaned forward and set the glass down by my hips. His hands settled on my knees and I jumped, startled at the contact from him.

As if he’d touched me where I needed him to be, my hips arched up, seeking something so far away from me.

“One of the most important parts of submission isn’t just your willingness to listen, but to obey. It’s you, as the sub, choosing to do it, to give yourself to your Dom in whatever way he demands. It’s killing you to wait for me to touch you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir,” I breathed.

His lips twitched, salacious grin appeared and he peered at me through his thick lashes. “I can tell. Your eyes are blazing fire and your jaw is so tight I’m surprised you haven’t snapped your teeth yet. You want to get off this table and scream at me for making you wait, for not giving you what you want. Do you know what makes me so fucking hard about watching you get irritated with me?”

He’d nailed it. I hadn’t even seen him glance at my face while he’d watched me.

His hand left my knee and a stinging pain hit my outer thigh, making me jump. My eyes flashed to his, and I could feel the fire in my gaze as he grinned wider. “Answer me, Little Bird.”

“What?” I gritted out. “Sir.”

He leaned forward until his nose brushed against mine, his lips to my cheek and back to my ear. “It’s going to be so damn fun, breaking that impatience out of you.” His hand still on my knee tightened, gripping me harder.

His knees widened and he scooted forward. My inner thighs trembled from the stretch as he forced me to spread as far as I could.

Then, something ice cold pressed against my clit and I gasped.

Chilled water dripped down my swollen pussy and I groaned.

“Simon.” I moaned, losing myself in the intense burning, the dichotomy of my heated blood and the ice he was sliding against my slit.

“Sir,” he snapped, glaring at me. “Don’t forget again.”

“Okay,” I breathed out. “Sorry, sir.”

“Good girl. This might sting a bit, but I promise I’ll kiss it better. I’ll make it all better for you, okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

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