Fear and Forgiveness: Mary Alford Talks Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Deadly Memories by Mary AlfordThere are many fans among us of inspirational fiction, but how does writing in that genre affect the book’s plot? Today author Mary Alford, whose inspirational romantic suspense, Deadly Memories, is out now, is here to talk to us about the intersection of faith, forgiveness and suspense. Take it away, Mary!

What’s it like to look into the mind of a killer — and then learn to forgive him? Well, if you’ve ever read a Christian romantic suspense story before, you know that faith, forgiveness and suspense are key factors that go hand in hand in these books. It’s a fine balance, just like there is between light and darkness in real life.  

In Christian romantic suspense, the hero and heroine are tested both physically and spiritually as the plot develops. But at the end, the bad guy almost always loses, and the evil of our story’s world is defeated. While the couple may not completely understand why the villain did the terrible things he did, as Christians, they still strive to forgive and move on with their lives — together.

But to truly do a Christian romantic suspense justice, you have look into the mind of a killer. Whether you are dealing with a serial killer, a terrorist or simply someone who kills at random, you’ve got to learn what truly makes a killer tick, what drives him to kill — putting you squarely in a dark realm of violent suspense.  

As an inspirational suspense author, I want my stories to feel authentic to both Christian readers as well as non-Christian readers. This means there has to be truth to the violence. It can’t always be sugar coated.  I must get out of my comfort zone to make my stories real for my readers.  

As a Christian, I know the world we live in isn’t always pretty. Bad things happen every day. Someone dies. Someone goes to jail. Lives are changed forever.

And as both a reader and writer of Christian romantic suspense, I want the story to pull me in with realistic suspense, right from the start. I want to feel the hero and heroine’s fear. Their doubts. Their mistrust.

Yet one thing that never wavers throughout the story, is their faith. They turn to their faith and each other to carry them through to the end.

Deadly Memories is out now! Digital copies start at $4.99, you can grab your copy here: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Google Play | iBooks. For more Christian reads to enjoy, be sure to visit our Everything Inspirational page.

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