Hump Day: Kristen Ashley's The Farthest Edge

THE FARTHEST EDGE by Kristen AshleyWhether in the boardroom or the bedroom, we love a heroine who takes control. Kristen Ashley agrees — her Honey Club series prominently features women taking a leading role between the sheets (and in plenty of other places!). This week we are very excited to share a super-sexy excerpt from The Farthest Edge, available next week. Better still, Kristen and the team at St. Martin's even provided us with our very own jars of honey at #RT17, so we are fully prepared to join the elite Honey Club. Before we enjoy some sexy time, a bit of background on the story:

Living off the grid and determined to conceal his existence, Branch needs a way to let go and decompress. Though Evangeline has recently taken time away from the Honey Club to tend to her own personal issues, Branch's offer of boundary-pushing, no-strings sex is too good to pass up. 

These thoughts flew from his head as she put pressure behind his knees and his eyes moved to her.

“I want them up and cocked for me, please.”

He did as told, lifting his knees and cocking them.

She moved her hands from behind his knees to the sides when his calves would have trapped them.

“Wide,” she demanded. Fuck, she was good.

He opened his legs wider.

“More, Branch,” she said, giving a slight press to the sides of his knees.

He opened them wider until he felt a stretch down the insides of his thighs. It didn’t hurt, but he couldn’t ignore it.

And it went right to his balls and hole. “That’s it,” she whispered.

Replacing her hand at his left knee with her mouth, she trailed it down. Down.

Before she got to him, she lifted her gaze and caught his. “I want you watching.”

Oh, he’d be watching. “Yes, ma’am.”

She grinned, slid just the tip of her tongue out and grasped his cock in her fist. She lifted it from his stomach to her tongue and touched it, tip to tip.

He bit his lip.

God, fuck, shit, he hoped he’d earned his orgasm.

She ran the tip of her tongue down to the base, between his testicles, and up. Then she gobbled him deep.

Fuck, he’d never seen anything that pretty. And the feel of her?


The brilliance of it made him do something else he hadn’t done in years.

Lose control and close his eyes as he dug his head into the pillows. He couldn’t help it. Her sweet, hot mouth was something.

She raked her nails down the back of his thigh and he lost her mouth. “Did I say watch?” she asked when he looked between his legs.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then watch, Branch,” she demanded. “Yes, ma’am.”

Hands on, and apparently mouth on, she didn’t hesitate again to suck him deep and God, fuck, shit, it took all he had to watch her pretty curls, pretty mouth, and pretty face bobbing on his dick, taking him deep, the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat, and not throw back his head and groan.


She kept going as she ran her hands up his thighs, pressing them wider, the stretch deepening, the pain coming, his ass lifting, his cock gliding into her mouth.


Pure, fucking glory.

He took it and he took more and he watched the whole show, his ass tightening around his plug, his balls hanging heavy, he couldn’t help it and didn’t care she ended it and tanned him again.

He started rocking into her mouth.

She slid up and breathed, “Yes,” against the tip and went at him again, this time now with her hand, meeting it with her lips. Hand up, lips down, hand down, lips up, all the while he added to the sweet torture, rocking into each stroke.

Fucking ecstasy.

He took it and he took more and he loved every goddamned second. And he did it until he could take no more.

“Ma’am,” he grunted.

She released him and looked up. “My big boy need to come?” “Yes,” he puffed out.

Suddenly, she was between his legs, her warm, soft pelvis resting on the heated hardness of his, her face in his, her hand wrapped around the side of his neck, fingers back in his hair, holding his head up.

“In ten minutes, you’re going to leave,” she declared and he just managed to bite back an oath. “You keep me inside you. You can slide me out to shower and get on with your day. I’m going to give you my number. At nine o’clock, you text me. Then you slide me back in and you take your fist to your cock but you do not come, Branch. You text me when you’ve had enough.

You slide me out. You go about your day. At one o’clock, you text me back. You take me inside. You jack your cock for me until you’re about to come but you do not come, handsome. You text me when you’re done. You slide me out. And at seven o’clock tonight, you come to me, full of me, and then, my big boy, I’ll take care of you.”

The Farthest Edge will be available in digital and print on June 6. Digital copies start at $3.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave (who wouldn't?), we've got you covered.

And here's that honey:

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