Hump Day: Sara Brookes's Get Off Easy

GET OFF ESY by Sara BrookesTwo's company, but three could never be a crowd. Sara Brookes proves this theory in Get Off Easy, available next month. Since Hump Days can be oh-so-dull without a distraction, we got our hands on a super sexy excerpt to share ...

Grae, Saint and Boyce used to be explosive together, but time and life got in the way. A chance visit to Noble House brings the threesome together once more—but will Boyce and Saint welcome Grae back into the fold? There's only one way to find out ...

“Now, I’ve had a very long day, Ms. Burrows. I could use some stress relief.” He stretched his arms overhead as he leaned back in his executive chair. The position showed where the fabric pulled tight against his crotch, displaying the outline of his cock. A very long length of cock that made her mouth water. As she watched, he pulled down the zipper and drew himself out. “Perhaps a blow job to take the edge off.”

Heat coursed through her veins, pooling low in her gut and between her legs, as her gaze darted between the two men. Saint continued working, his face impassive and unreadable. She wasn’t about to let his nonchalance ruin her night. She too could remain aloof, play it cool. She’d done all right so far, hadn’t she?

Maybe while she’d been getting dressed, Saint had chosen to watch Boyce have sex? It certainly wasn’t what she’d expected—wanted—but a night subbing to a man, servicing him, getting off, getting him off, was better than a few minutes alone with her portable showerhead any-fucking-day.

After kicking off her heels, she tucked her legs up and slid closer to Boyce.

“Eager sub, aren’t you?”

Easy byplay with a Dom had never come naturally for her. It had always been something she had to work for. While she’d always submitted willingly, wanting to please the man she chose for the night, the ease she found with these two stunned her.

She was so, so close to actually living out those dark, desirous fantasies she’d been imagining. If Saint would just look up from the computer, see her sitting there, wanting them both, everything would click into place.

“Head here. Feet on Saint’s desk. At least give him something pretty to look at while he’s working.” Her tight skirt kept her from opening her legs too wide. Boyce batted her hands away when she tried to reach down to fix the problem. “Let’s give him an even better picture. A reward for the numbers he’s been putting together for me all month. He works too hard as well. He just doesn’t know when to take a break. Sometimes I have to get a little aggressive about forcing him to.”

Boyce opened a drawer and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs. He locked the desk, stuffing the key in his pocket before securing the ends of two pairs to the opposite handles. Her wrists were first, the metal cold and harsh against her skin, followed by her ankles.

He dragged up the hem of her skirt, gathering it around her waist to expose the lace panties she’d chosen. Boyce whisked those away, spreading her thighs wide as he locked her ankles in the cuffs, then secured the free end to small pins protruding from Saint’s desk.

Something inside her head clicked into place, echoing the sound of the handcuff ratcheting closed. She’d forgotten how much she liked being at someone’s sexual mercy. How decadent it felt being spread out, pussy fully exposed and aching.

When Boyce skimmed his hands up her legs, over her heat, Saint’s keystrokes faltered for a moment, then resumed. As though nothing had changed. As though she wasn’t spread out before him as a sacrificial offering.

Boyce put his mouth to her ear, and roughly whispered, “As curious as am I to know how your cunt feels wrapped around my dick while I’m balls deep in you, right now I want to see your mouth surrounding me.” When Boyce stood, she saw that his cock was swollen and needy. He gripped the base and brushed the head of it against her painted lips, seeking entry.

Grae flicked her tongue against the slit, drawing a low growl from Boyce. Familiarity came back to her in a rush. The taste. The smell. The sound. She remembered hearing those low, throaty rumbles of pleasure from Boyce years and years ago. Sure, she heard them on a regular basis thanks to the Noble House video feeds, but hearing the low growls in person, knowing she was the one responsible for the noise, was different.

She’d drawn those delicious sounds out of him years ago. Saint had been buried deep in Boyce’s ass while she’d had every inch of Boyce’s impressive length deep in her throat.

But this wasn’t a memory. Wasn’t a million pixels blinking on her computer screen.

This was happening.

This was real.

Her nipples beaded in pleasure, scraping against the lace cupping her breasts. She accepted Boyce’s cock with open enthusiasm, loving each inch he fed her as she stretched her jaw wide. Yeah, she definitely couldn’t get this sitting at home.

As she continued to suck, the warm breeze in the room wafted over her stomach. Boyce had parted her shirt, and now ran his fingers over the lacy cups of her bra.

“Pretty packaging for such spectacular breasts.” His hold shifted, pushing up under the bra so his hands cupped her breasts, shaping and molding. When he pinched both of her nipples, she gasped around him. A small tremor rolled through her, originating from where he continued to play with her at his leisure. Boyce’s wide hands squeezed around her breasts, holding as much as he could as he dug his fingers into her flesh.

Holy fuck, that feels good.

“Mmm, yes it does, Ms. Burrows.”

Her eyes widened as she realized not only had she spoken out loud, but she’d pulled her mouth completely off Boyce. “My apologies, Mr. Denali.”

She opened to accept his length again, but he bent to drop his mouth to hers. As his tongue slipped between her lips, she tasted the potency of him. The rawness of his sexuality. Their tongues clashed, tangling with frenetic urgency that boiled her blood and sent a spiral of neediness coiling between her legs.

Somewhere in the distance, Saint unleashed a deep, rumbling growl.

In a flash, the kiss from Boyce became aggressive and hard, ruling her mind and her body. She whimpered, praying Saint put the damn computer away and actually, physically became involved in the ownership Boyce was claiming over her.

Still so fucking close to having them both.

Boyce held her gaze, whispering against her lips, “I forgot how much you go to my head.” As Boyce sucked her tongue into his mouth, she mewled softly.

The clacking of the keyboard paused.

Grae clutched her hands into fists, pulling and tugging at the unforgiving metal shackling her. The pain she claimed she didn’t like added a layer to the sensations swirling inside her. As Boyce continued to ravish her mouth, he closed his hands around her breasts again. He massaged her flesh, tugging on her lip as he drew away.

“How much do you want me inside your snug little pussy?”

A spectrum of a thousand different things raced through her mind. A reaction she couldn’t understand. She wanted Boyce. She wanted Saint.


Need tugged at her belly.

Tell them.

Deep pulses throbbed through her, her muscles clenching with the desire to be filled. Though her legs were open, she felt moisture collecting between her folds.

Tell them you want them both. You know that is all you need to make your fantasies become reality.

If only it was that simple.

Instead, she nodded. “Yes. I want you inside me, Mr. Denali.”

Boyce’s eyes narrowed as he severed his connection, and spread his hands wide on the desktop. Those piercing blue eyes stared at her.

Her heart gave a hard thump.

He knows.

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