Hump Day: Sierra Cartwright's Boss

Sierra Cartwright's BOSSWe were falling prey to midweek melancholy when the sexy new boss walked by ...

Today's Hump Day excerpt is guaranteed to titillate the senses. Sierra Cartwright's RT Top Pick Boss, available next month, will bring all your boardroom fantasies to life. After Sierra shared her inspiration for the erotic romance in the RT VIP Salon, we knew that we had to show our readers more of this sultry story.

Kelsey's life is going exactly as she planned ... until her company is bought by Donovan Worldwide. Kelsey's new boss Nathan wants her by his side all the time — and he's accustomed to getting his way. They make a perfect match, but Kelsey wants more out of life than romantic entanglements. But resisting Nathan Donovan is easier said than done.

What the hell was it about his assistant that made common sense pack a bag and head for parts unknown?

Yesterday Nathan had told Kelsey that he was cautious, but that was a fucking lie when it came to her. If he’d been cautious, he wouldn’t have reacted when his brother Connor had told him she wanted to go to the local, high-end BDSM club, Deviation. As long as it didn’t interfere with job performance, it didn’t—shouldn’t—matter to Nathan what his employees did during their free time, but somehow it did with Kelsey.

And if he were cautious, he wouldn’t have driven to his favorite kink store in South Houston after he’d left her condo last night.

The store had been a forty-five-minute drive each way, but he’d been obsessed with getting her the nipple clamps, a small plug, a leash and a collar that she could wear to the club on Saturday night. He’d wanted the items in his possession and he’d been too impatient to wait for overnight delivery.

He hadn’t gotten home until nearly eleven, and he’d jacked off before going to bed, but that hadn’t stopped him from waking up with a hard-on six hours later.

That one, he’d ignored. He knew he’d pissed her off this morning. What she didn’t know was that he was suffering along with her. He wanted the low-grade yearning to consume him, sharpening his focus.

But his need for her surprised him.

It had been more than two years since he’d been involved with a woman. And now that he’d had a taste of Kelsey’s submission, all he could think of were things he wanted her to know, about BDSM, about herself.

He wondered if her toughness had shocked her. It had delighted him.

When he’d felt how wet she was from his spanking, he’d given her a little more than he’d originally planned to. She’d rewarded him by thrusting back into him, calling his name, orgasming harder than anyone he’d been with.

It had taken all his self-control to leave her last night, and he hadn’t until after he’d reassured himself that she was fine.

While he’d told her having a relationship wasn’t forbidden, it wasn’t intelligent. He knew that ignoring his internal warnings might prove disastrous. And damned if he didn’t intend to do exactly that.

A knock on the door brought him back from the dangerous territory his thoughts had led him into. “Enter.”

Kelsey stood on the threshold, so damn appealing in her heels, borderline-too-tight skirt and white button-down shirt.

Since this morning, she’d freshened her red lipstick.

Fuck him to within an inch of his life.

“I just got off the phone with Holly Newman. She said it’s a good time for me to visit the hospital.”

“I’ll walk you to my car. You can take that. It’s in the VIP lot today.”

“I’m sure I can find that. Probably. Maybe.”

“You don’t have a spot there?”

“Is that a serious question?” Her chin came up in a move he already recognized as defensive. “And would you be asking now if we didn’t have a personal relationship?”

Anger arrowed through him. “Is that a serious question?” he countered, pissed. “It’s about safety. You get here earlier than almost anyone in the building. And from what I can see, you leave later than most. And you’re my assistant.”

“Being the CEO’s executive assistant has never earned me privileges before.” Then, as if she wanted to defuse his anger, she added, “There are a limited amount of spots and a lot of competition for them. Besides, most times I take the train.” She smiled. “If I can borrow your keys, I’m sure I can find the lot. It can’t be that difficult.”

He stood, grabbed his keys from his top desk drawer then said, “Follow me.”

Lightly, she placed her fingers on his forearm. Earlier in the day, he’d removed his jacket and rolled back his sleeves, so they were skin-to-exciting-skin. He loved her touch.

“Nathan, really, there’s no need. I don’t want to take you away.”

“Kelsey, what gave you the idea we were still discussing this?”

Her nose flared as she drew a deep breath.

“I like you better when you don’t struggle.”

“You like it better when you win,” she countered.

He grinned, feeling feral. “Especially that.”

After placing his fingers on the small of her back, he guided her from their offices. In the elevator, she moved to the far side of the car.

And because of the way she’d acted this morning and the fact he couldn’t get her out of his head, he hit the stop button.

Her eyes went wide, the whiskey color banked by fire.

He advanced on her. She retreated until she couldn’t move another inch.

“You feel it too,” he said.

“You frustrate me.”

“You wanted that orgasm this morning.”

She hesitated before admitting, “Yes. I don’t like being left unfulfilled. It’s annoying.” She grabbed a hank of hair and moved it over her left shoulder. “I’m trying my best not to think about it and to concentrate on my job. Honestly, Nathan? This whole submission thing is more complicated than I thought it was.”

He saw the struggle in her eyes, and it mirrored his angst. He fucking wanted her pleasure as much as she did. “If you want it, you’ll have to take it. I won’t make it easy for you.”


“Take it.” He held up his hand.

Her breaths were rapid, and she dropped her tote bag to the floor.

An alarm sounded, followed by slightly disembodied words from the metal speaker. “Everything okay, Mr. Donovan?”

He recognized the voice of the head of security, a dedicated, intelligent man Nathan had met last week. “Fine, Rankowski. Give me three minutes.”

There were a few seconds of silence before the man said, “Ms. Lane?”

“Fine, John.” Her voice was flustered, her vocal cords strained.

“Any longer, I’ll have to ask you to continue or I’ll need to call the fire department.”

“Thank you,” Nathan replied.

“Are there cameras in here?” she asked.

“In the hallway. Not in the elevator.”

“But…people will know.”

“We’re having a private discussion.” He regarded her. “Your choice. We have three minutes. What will it be?”

“I think we’ve both lost our minds,” she whispered.

Wondering about that himself, he captured one of her hands and moved it to his wrist. “Fuck my hand.”

For a long second, he had no idea whether she’d be brave enough or whether she’d push a button to continue the descent.

He inhaled, sucking her into his senses. 

“Yes,” she said.

He captured the bottom of her skirt and yanked it up, exposing that black lacy confection.

“What now?” he asked her.

“Please, Sir.”

“Please, what?”

“Please put your hand in my panties, give me an orgasm.”

“Now? Here? In the elevator? You want me to fuck you with my hand?”

She looked up, then back at him. “Yes.”

“Then tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me with your hand, Nathan.”

“Scream for me?”

“Make me.”

That was why he was so captivated, he knew. It was the combination of sass and bravery, of hesitation and innocence. If he could have wrapped up a gift for himself, she would be wearing a bow. “Kelsey, my perfect little sub, I will give you anything.”

She guided his hand inside her panties. Her pussy was drenched.

“Did you already come, you naughty sub?”

“No, Sir. I’m just that ready.”

Without another word, she pushed on his hand and he plunged three fingers inside her.

“Fuuuuck,” she said, gasping. “That’s too much.”

“Take it. Take me. And tell me to stretch you wide, push against your G-spot, make you drown us in your pussy juices.”

“You’re crude, Sir.”

“And you’re fucking hot for me.”

“Yes. Stretch me.” It wasn’t a request.

Right now, he didn’t care. He was as consumed as she was. He and caution were no longer on speaking terms.

“Make me come,” she said. Then, as if remembering herself, added, “Please. Nathan.”

He crooked a finger and found her G-spot. He continued to move inside her while he flicked his thumb over her clitoris.

“I’ve got to come,” she said.

“Wait,” he told her in a rough voice, pushing her, making her call on all her mental and physical reserves, relentlessly driving her in ways he was sure no man ever would. And at this moment, he refused to think of a time when another man might think he had the right to claim her.

“Now, now, now… Now!”

Her fingernails bit into his skin. He leaned forward to bite her shoulder.

She screamed.

“Now,” he demanded, moving a second finger against her G-spot and ruthlessly pressing her clit.

Kelsey, his woman, his sub, screamed.

He captured the sound with his mouth, devouring it and her.

Her body sagged forward, and he happily caught her. He’d hold, protect this woman for as long as she needed, probably longer than she wanted.

“Mr. Donovan?” the head of security interrupted again. “Everything okay?”

He leaned forward. “You should probably reassure him that you’re okay,” Nathan said, impressed with Rankowski’s persistence. The man had been around a lot of years. No doubt Nathan wasn’t the first to stop the elevator with a beautiful woman aboard.

“Give us another minute, please, John,” she said. She cleared her throat.

“You’re sure, Ms. Lane?”

Since he’d known who else was on the elevator, no doubt he’d been watching security cameras.

Nathan feathered his executive assistant’s clit, and she scowled at him.

“One minute,” she reiterated.

“Sixty seconds, ma’am. If the car isn’t moving, I’m taking action.”

Nathan slowly pulled his fingers out of her cunt and shoved them in her mouth. “Suck me dry. And pretend they’re my cock.”

Her eyes watered and she gagged because he was knuckles-deep in her mouth, but she wrapped her hands around his wrist and took everything, licking, cleaning.

Then, no doubt with less than three seconds left, he pulled his fingers from her mouth.

He saw satiation in her eyes, and he fucking liked it.

Nathan straightened her thong and smoothed her skirt before stepping away from her. He tucked wayward strands of hair behind her ear then wiped a smudge of lipstick from her skin. He made sure she was perfectly put back together before resuming the trip.

They exited into the parking garage, and they were met by the efficient Rankowski. “Problem with the elevator?” he asked.

“None,” Kelsey assured him.

He looked at both of them intently. “I’ll ride it up to be sure it’s in proper working order.”

Nathan nodded. They both knew the elevator was fine. Rankowski was simply excusing himself now that he was reassured that everything was okay.

“He’s protective,” she said. “Tends to be with all female employees. He’s even offered to walk me to my car if I leave after dark.”

“Good.” He pointed toward the SUV. When they were about twenty feet away, he unlocked it with the remote.

After she’d slipped behind the wheel and adjusted the seat, he gave her a few instructions to familiarize herself with the dash, and he added her number to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system.

She opened her mouth to protest but closed it again almost immediately.

“Drive safe.” He grabbed the end of the safety belt and reached across her to fasten it before trailing a finger down the side of her face. “Feeling better now?”

“That was…” She grinned.

He smiled back at her. A shared experience neither would ever forget.

“Did we really do that?”

“You tell me.”

She pressed her legs together. “My pussy is throbbing still.”

“Will you make it until this evening?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“My sub.” He meant it. With a nod, he took a step back then closed the door.

Before she made the turn to exit the parking structure, she stopped. He saw her glance in the rearview mirror, and she found him standing near the elevator, watching her.

She gave a little wave before accelerating.

With a jolt he realized the last few minutes had been more than D/s for him. They’d been primal, and he’d been a man powerfully driven to satisfy his woman, mark her as his, keep others away from her. With every thud of his heart, he heard one word echo in his head. Mine. Tonight, he’d be sure she knew it as much as he did.

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