Feminism in Comics: Sarah Kuhn at Comic Con

We dream of one day attending San Diego's Comic-Con … but in the meantime, we've got the next best thing! Below is a video of one of the many amazing panels to come out of this year's convention. "Be Your Own Superhero: Intersectional Feminism in Comics," is an event we would have totally lined up for, because, as the blurb advertised, "representation matters, both on and behind the page." HELL YEAH IT DOES! 

Hear Sam Maggs (Wonder Women, Star Trek: Waypoint), Susana Polo (Polygon), Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex), Robbie Thompson (Supernatural, Silk), Christina "Steenz" Stewart (Lion Forge Comics), Cait Brennan (Debutante) and Rose Knight (Women Write About Comics) chat about the strides made in representation of race, gender, and sexuality in comics-and how everyone can do better.

A few highlights include Sarah's shout out to Sassy magazine, how it made her realize she was a feminist, and that feminism includes all types of people. She also expressed that while progess is being made, thanks to the first female Doctor Who and the success of Wonder Woman, that there's still work to be done to include all races in our push for equality. "In order to see myself onscreen, I still need to squint," Kuhn said. "And I want us to get to a place where none of us have to do that." Amazing! See the entire panel here:

Thanks to Penguin RandomHouse for providing the video! For more Science Fiction coverage, visit our Everything Sci Fi page.