Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Today is a very important day in the literary community: it is Harry Potter's birthday! (If you want to get technical about it— and we basically always do— Harry would be 37 today, as he was born on July 31, 1980.) It seems that every time we read this series there are new lessons to be learned, and new areas of the Wizarding World to discover. Since we can never get enough of our favorite bespectacled wizard, we're indulging in a Harry Potter shoping spree! Here are just a few of the items that have made their way into our shopping cart ...

Harry Potter 7 Book Box Set

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The seven book Harry Potter box set is a classic. This is a must for every home library.

Harry Potter 7 Book Box Set

Buy the paperbacks on Amazon for $52.16

While we are the first to shout "the book was better" about most every book-to-film project, the Harry Potter film franchise holds a special place in our literary-loving hearts. Not only are these live-action adventures satisfying, but they gifted the world with one of our favorite famous book-lovers: Emma Watson.

Harry Potter 8 Film Set

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Now that you've integrated Harry Potter into every aspect of home entertainment, why not incorporate the theme into your wardrobe as well? This Harry Potter handbag includes ample space for your smartphone, ID and various credit and business cards.

Harry Potter Hybrid Bag

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Who among us has not wished for our very own Marauder's Map? While current technology hasn't quite caught up with the Harry Potter universe (sorry, but the Find My Friend app is not the same), we can still pay homage to this awesome innovation with the Marauder's Map mug!

Morphing Mugs Harry Potter (Marauder's Map) Ceramic Mug, Black

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We can feel our love for Harry from our head way down to our toes! So of course we wanted some Harry Potter-themed socks to keep us warm.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 5 Pack Ankle Socks

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Didn't we say from our head to our toes? This Harry Potter infinity scarf is exactly what we will be wearing when an autumnal chill blows through the air.

Harry Potter Map Infinity Viscose Scarf

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Who among us hasn't grabbed the broom from the cupboard in order to pretend that we are playing Quidditch? (Just us? We don't believe you ... ) Save for the Nimbus 2001, this kit offers everything you need to become the next Viktor Krum!

Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set - Accessory

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If you're a seeker, perhaps you'd like to turn the first snitch you catch into a lovely necklace to commemorate the occasion!

Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set - Accessory

Buy it on Amazon for $6.99

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