Hump Day: Devon Scott's Commitments

COMMITMENTS by Devon ScottThanks to the glorious holiday weekend, it's taken us even fewer working days to reach our favorite time of week: Hump Day! Today we've got a special treat for you— an exclusive excerpt from Devon Scott's Commitments, available later this month.

The second book in Scott's Seduction series follows three friends who are unlucky in love. Everyone is experiencing turmoil as exes come out of the woodwork — and to make matters more awkward, Trey's reputation as a playboy is starting to wear thin, creating a rift within the group. Of course, Trey has plenty more wild encounters to enjoy before he reforms  ...

I knelt on the bed and stroked Gabrielle’s olive-skinned leg. Ran a finger from her ankle up to her thigh before flattening my hand and gliding it lightly across her shaved sex. I could feel the wetness on my palm. Gabrielle’s eyes never left me.

“She’s ready for you, Trey,” Gabrielle whispered. I responded by kneeling down and letting my tongue connect with the flesh of her knee, kissing it all over sensuously before tracing a wet swath up to her thigh. Gabby spread her legs wider as my hands found her breasts. I kneaded them lightly, then squeezed each one in turn and pulled at her nipples.

“You know what I like, Trey,” she whispered again, head thrown back, her eyes closed. Nina was fully nude now, and came around the bed and squatted behind me. Her hands found my back, stroking me up and down before reaching around and grasping my shaft. She began to jerk me off slowly with both hands as she rotated her big titties into my back, sucking on my earlobe. My tongue found Gabby’s hole—she held her legs apart and I moved in, tasting her nectar. Her syrup was sweet, just as I had remembered it. I scooped a bit of it up on my tongue and swallowed hungrily, before lowering my face to her pussy. My chin connected with her lips, and I rubbed my face in her box, first my lower jaw, then lips, nose, and eyelids. Gabrielle was squeezing her thighs against my ears, but I didn’t care—I increased my tempo, thrashing my head from side to side as I thrust out my tongue, kitty lapping Gabby as I tweaked her nipples. Nina had managed to maneuver beneath me and taken my cock in her mouth. I let out a gasp as her full lips enveloped my entire length—slurping it in and sucking it to the back of her throat as if she were a porno star. This sistah could suck a dick! I glanced down—Nina’s eyes were locked onto me as she sucked. I shifted, allowing my hand to find her spongy melons. I palmed each one in turn before returning my attention to Gabrielle. Her sex was drenched now. I returned to her orifice and probed her innards with my nose. Moving it rapidly from side to side, Gabby began to moan.

“Oh yeah, do it like that, damn, that’s it!” she said between heavy breaths. “Oooh, Trey, you gonna make me come, damnit!” I increased my tempo, fucking her with my tongue, stabbing her clit with my nose, grasping her lips gingerly between teeth, sucking her in to my mouth, swishing around her entire love hole as I felt her convulse and come.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” Gabrielle moaned, clamping her thighs tight against my ears as she reached out to grab my shoulders. Her nails dug into my flesh, but I didn’t care. I slowed my movement, feeling her orgasm peak then subside, the waves of pleasure receding. I placed my tongue on her still-throbbing flesh at the apex to her core, feeling her pulse and the heat transferred to me. I reveled in making a woman feel good. I glanced up. Gabby was smiling with eyes closed. She opened them, caught me staring, and squeezed my shoulder.

I beamed like the true playa that I am.

Nina shifted and my dick plopped out of her mouth, hard as a rock and glistening with her spit. I moved onto my haunches and sat up, guiding Gabby with my hand. She got on all four as I slipped on a condom. I glanced down. Even in the twinkling candlelight, I could see her asshole glistening with desire. I felt a twitch run the length of my shaft. Gabby’s head was turned, watching me. I palmed both ass cheeks, spreading them wide as I entered her still-wet pussy, well lubed from my tongue and her orgasm. I filled her quickly, grabbing her waist with both hands, pummeling her as I watched my cock jackhammer her box. Nina slid underneath us and cupped my balls with a hand as her mouth connected with our flesh—shaft and pussy—her tongue painting a coat of wetness as Gabby and I screwed. The scene was surreal—I tipped my head back, studying the pattern of flickering candlelight on the ceiling for a moment before closing my eyes to concentrate on the feeling alone—Gabrielle’s tight sex, Nina’s hot tongue, my dark cock—three people coming together in a delicious fashion, the same way a scrumptious pie is prepared, each ingredient added to the bowl and devotedly mixed by hand, creating a creamy batter that drips with goodness.

Reaching forward, I grabbed Gabby’s boobs in hand and kneaded her flesh. Glancing down I watched Nina work her magic on Gabby’s sex and on me. Deciding it was time to give this sistah some quality time, I pulled out of Gabby and maneuvered on top of Nina. Her flesh was heaving as I spread her Hershey thighs, her stomach warm against my own tight body. I grasped my cock in hand, waved it around her sex, spreading those black velvety folds before lowering my weight and thrusting inside of her.

Nina gasped as I entered her. Immediately she lifted her thighs in a motion that surprised me. I felt her draw on my dick and I was amazed at the tightness of this chick’s box. I grunted as I banged her, smiling down as Nina thrashed her head from side to side.

“Fuck me, boy!” Nina belted out, as her eyes squeezed shut. Gabby positioned herself over Nina’s face and lowered her sex onto her mouth. She reached for me and we tongue kissed as I rocked above Nina’s flesh, her stomach and ass vibrating as I thrust in and out. Off to my right I caught a moment and cocked my head to the side. A man had entered the room and was watching us. He, like us was nude, thin, but well-toned, his member in hand as he stroked it slowly. He grinned when we made eye contact, but said nothing. For a moment he stood there and I was trying to figure out what he was up to, but Nina was grabbing my ass and digging her finger nails into my skin as I boned her.

HOO BOY was that a hot one! Commitments will be available in print on September 26.You can pre-order your copy here: Amazon | B&N. And if more erotic reads is what you crave, you can find more Hump Day excerpts here.

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