Midnight, Texas Recap: 1.9 "Riders on the Storm"

The apocalypse is nigh in Midnight as our crew fights to save the day and we get Fiji's backstory …

We open on Fiji's house, a bunch of books open like the Scooby Gang is tearing apart Giles's library. Fiji is dreaming about her demon. 

Manny and Joe are talking apocalypse when they hear Fiji out on the street yelling. She's screaming at last week's messenger demon, who says she's been lying, she brings death to everyone. He says she'll submit to Colconnar. She fries him with her fire hands. 


The Midnighters wake her up, but she won't tell them what the demon said. 

Flashback! A young Fij (with straight hair and a lot of eyeliner) arrives in Midnight and eyes a cute boy. She's here to visit her Aunt Mildred. Young Fiji is lost and needs a plan. Apparently she broke some windows at college after a break up, then set fire to her hospital room. Mildred drops some psychic knowledge on Fiji — that she's a witch and Fiji is too. 

Manny and Joe are trying to figure out how to deal with the apocalypse and decipher the prophecy. SOMEONE CALL GILES. We learn that the shaman who sealed the veil last time didn't survive, and is buried under the church. They decide to dig him up — and fast. An incoming sand storm means the veil is weakening. Time to evacuate — even Creek. 

The storm is whipping up as Manny, the Rev and Joe dig up the shaman so Manny can talk to him. The Rev is like why send Creek away, you love her. Manny's like whatever, bro. The grave has nothing Manny can use. 

What'd you do today? Oh, just tried to dig up an ancient shaman's bones. Cool.

Creek's car blows off the road. She hits her head, and the car won't start.

FLASHBACK! Fiji opens a trunk in her aunt's house, but Mildred says that's dark magic. They work on Magic 101. She has to learn how to control her emotions.

In present day, Fiji looks outside and sees the messenger demon. Bobo and Olivia head out into the dust storm to get him. The wraiths arrive, signaling the arrival of Colconnar. 

Fiji is tending to Bobo's wounds, the wraiths burned him. They decide to leave town to regroup. Lem is cranky at being awake during the day. Fiji can't find the cat. Manny sends them away and promises to get the cat and meet them. He grabs Mr. Sunggly just as Creek pulls up. They race off. 

Rev drives the vampire tour bus as Creek and Manny follow behind. The cat tells them to get it together already. 

On a bus, headed outta town.

FLASHBACK! The cute guy, Jeremy, comes to chat. Pretty soon Fiji’s drinking wine on the swings with him at night. She's telling him about her long mental hospital stay, and how now she finally knows she's not crazy. They kiss. Mildred looks on disapprovingly. The next day Mildred tells her Fiji needs to learn to better control her emotions, and to protect her heart in the meantime. 

Turns out the dust storm is following our crew. Bobo knows where they can hide out — a deserted bar. Fiji sees the messenger demon still following her. The Midnighters tell her it's time to fess up. She yells the truth, she's a virgin. A powerful, virgin witch. 

Fiji is not dealing well with revealing her truth.

Flashback: Fiji's with Jeremy, celebrating their three-month anniversary. They profess their love for each other and things progress in a steamy direction. She tells him she's a virgin and she's ready. They kiss. And then ... he self-immolates. 

Present. Olivia and Lem make up, but she tells him she's leaving town. She doesn't feel safe, and she's stayed in Midnight too long already. Lem is very gracious. 

Manny strategizes with Fiji and they both pull out their dark magicks. Turns out they need a sacrifice. A life. The Rev volunteers. But the cat speaks up: he's old, his bones hurt, he misses Mildred. BUT I AM A CAT PERSON. They perform the ritual. The smoke surrounds the cat, but it's Manfred who turns grey and collapses. 

Olivia performs CPR, to no avail. Creek lies down, and places her head on Manfred’s chest, refusing to believe the truth. 

We see Manfred in a deserted Midnight. The church bell is chiming. He sees the shaman. He asks about his grandma, but the shaman is like stay on track, man. Manfred asks how to close the veil, and the shaman whispers the answer.

Fiji walks out into the dust storm toward the waiting messenger demon. The demon takes off his mask, and it's Jeremy! Colconnar sent him because he knew Fiji would listen. (This leaves me with some questions: Was Jeremy always a demon, messing with Fiji and that’s why he got fried? Or is Colconnar able to manipulate dead mortals, or is Jeremy not really Jeremy? Am I overthinking this? Y/N/M) She agrees to go to save everyone else. 

Manfred comes back! He's got the answers. 

They realize Fiji is gone. We close on Fiji following Jeremy through the windblown field to Colconnar. 

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