Q&A: Charlaine Harris on Midnight, Texas; Aurora Teagarden and What's Next

Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine HarrisCharlaine Harris one busy and beloved lady. Her latest book-to-screen adaption, Midnight Texas, just wrapped its first season run. And the author has a new book out today in her beloved Aurora Teagarden series, Sleep Like a Baby. We broke down the cover way back in June and today Charlaine was kind enough to take a moment to chat with us about all these amazing projects — and what she's working on now! 

We have been recapping and loving the Midnight, Texas TV show! What is the most surprising thing about having your Midnight books turned into a show?

The set was originally a real street in Las Vegas, New Mexico. When "Midnight, Texas" was moved to a studio in Albuquerque, that street was exactly reproduced for filming. It was an incredible bit of set-building, down to the trees — all of which are created for the show. Amazing.

How has the experience of having Midnight on the small screen differed from your True Blood experience?

It's hard to say what's different. I was completely terrified when I met the cast and crew and production staff of True Blood. I also knew nothing about the process. I'm much more relaxed about it now, and consequently I have more fun with the people involved and in watching the process of filming.

We saw you got to visit the set, what was that like? 

Visiting the set is always fascinating. I could never be an actor or director, or cameraman or stunt person — or any of the hundreds of jobs that have to be performed for filming or support.

Which Midnight actor looks most like the character you'd pictured in your mind?

Though an actor can never match the picture in my head of the characters I've created, I think Arielle Kebbel as Olivia is probably the closest.

We also loved your latest Aurora Teagarden Mystery, where Roe takes on motherhood! We know becoming a mother affects your whole life, how did you decide to let those changes affect Roe? 

When Roe became pregnant in Last Scene Alive, all those years ago [Last Scene Alive was first published in 2002 - editor], I thought it was a pity I'd never get to see her be a mother. I'm very close to her, because she was my first series protagonist. When I got the chance to write her again, I was really happy to let her experience the exhaustion and elation of motherhood. It will change her forever.

Aurora has grown and changed over the course of the series — how is writing her different now than it was with her first book?

Aurora was naive and inexperienced in the first Aurora books. She had fallen into a rut familiar to her from childhood, and it wasn't doing her any favors. When she became involved in a murder, that created the spark that led to her whole life taking twists and turns that jogged her out of that well-worn path. She became more and more aware of her own abilities and her own desires. Roe knows herself much better than she did, and she's not afraid to show that.

We've heard you're working on a new series, what can you tell us about it? 

I'm writing a trilogy — maybe more, who knows? — set in an alternate America, in which the assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt has meant that the Depression has fractured America and the flu epidemic has lowered the population dramatically. My protagonist is a 19-year-old gunslinger named Lizbeth.

What's the best book you've read this year?

 Wow. That's a tall order. Let's say the past month, to simplify. Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine. Knocked my socks off.

Anything to add?

I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great career and loyal readers. I could not have imagined any of this when I started writing!

You can check out our recaps of Midnight, Texas here! And to grab your copy of Sleep Like a Baby here: Amazon | B&N; | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play

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