Midnight, Texas Recap: 1.10 "The Virgin Sacrifice"

It's the Midnight, Texas season finale, y'all! Time for the final showdown. Let's get to it. Be sure to also check out our Q&A with author Charlaine Harris to hear her thoughts on this adaption of her books!

We open on a deserted Midnight, looking pretty trashed after the sand storm. Fiji and Jeremy are heading off to meet the demon Colconnar while the Midnighters are trying to find them in the vamp bus. This show makes me type the weirdest sentences. I am going to miss it! The gang recaps (trying to steal my job, eh?) that the demon Colconnar wants to have sex with Fiji, as she is a powerful virgin witch. 

Fiji and Jeremy beat the bus to Midnight, and there are dead animals everywhere. The ground begins to crack. Jeremy tells her Colconnar will come to her tonight. I guess Fiji is in shock, because I would have of things to talk about with Jeremy. Like: were you always a demon? and, I'm sorry I melted your face? But that's just me. The wraiths are wandering through town. 

Manfred lets us know that tonight is the blood moon, a powerful and magical night. The Rev chimes in that it's also a full moon. When Manfred died and talked to the shaman (I wonder if the shaman knows the first slayer?), he learned how to kill Colconnar. He tells the gang to protect Fiji while he takes care of business. They also worry about the wraiths, who they decide to fight with holy water. They head to the pawn shop. Manfred is vague about what he needs to do to kill Colconnar. 

Jeremy tells Fiji to prepare herself for Colconnar, like clean up a bit? Which is now on like 10,000 levels. Fiji at last appeals to Jeremy and realizes he's just a demon, not Jeremy at all. He burns her shoulder. Fiji now knows Colconnar can see into her dreams, to know what will call to her. All the wraiths turn into other Jeremies. 

So many creep Jeremies.

Fiji shuts herself in her house to cry. Which is what I would do at this point, honestly. But then she pulls herself together and readies herself for the night ahead. 

The Midnighters, having abandoned the bus, stalk into town, all bad ass. Manfred's plan: "Save Fiji, kill the demon, close the portal to hell, we don't die." A covered-up Lem is like, "My flesh is burning, stop talking." Heh.

Off they go!

The Midnighters are ready to kill the wraiths with their holy water-dipped weapons. The wraiths disappear in a puff of smoke, if only briefly. The group splits up, Creek and Bobo heading to Fiji's as Olivia provides cover. Fiji's like I am trying to keep you safe. She's worried about killing Bobo like she killed Jeremy. Olivia heads for Fiji's but a wraith grabs her and she gets badly burned. 

Olivia is wounded.

At the pawnshop, Manfred's head is full of voices and screams. Honestly I would never want my magic power to be psychic. Invisibility is the way to go, IMO. So Manfred's looking for an evil object in the pawn shop, because the shaman told him that to fight evil he has to know evil. Lem tries to help him find a demonic object. 

Fiji makes Olivia a salve. Olivia asks her to not tell Lem about her injuries. Manfred calls to tell Creek he loves her. Creek says it back. Aw. Manfred has a weird stare thing happening. 

Lem's found a bunch of demonic objects in the pawn shop — one that made a nice family man beat said family to death, other voodoo and witchcraft items, all giving Manny one helluva headache, especially now that he's off his meds. He at last tells Lem the plan: He's going to let evil take him over. Lem is like, are you crazy? He also offers him some blood to make him stronger during the demon possession. Manfred passes, which seems unwise. 

Fiji wants Olivia to get to a hospital. Creek says she will take her, because Bobo is not leaving Fiji's side. They get Olivia into the car. 

Bobo tries to talk to Fiji. She's going to use her powers to protect Midnight. She's going to give herself to Colconnar and then try to kill him, like Jeremy. But Colconnar's a demon, who knows her mind, so? She at last tells Bobo about Jeremy. 

It's possession time! Manfred calls to the spirits of the demonic objects and offers them sanctuary within him. The demons arrive. 

Olivia is not doing well as Creek races her to the hospital. Olivia asks her to tell Lem that she would've come back to him. 


The demons take Manfred up on his offer of freedom and invade his body. Meanwhile, outside, the Jeremies are piling up the dead animal bodies. 

Fiji tells Bobo how she's going to destroy Colconnar. Bobo says what we're all thinking: if they just have sex now, Fiji wouldn't be a virgin, problem solved! At first Fiji's like WHAT, but then they kiss! The sun is setting as they start kissing. Bobo says he's not scared of being burned up. 

They better make it quick though, because the blood moon is out! Colconnar has risen! He asks for the virgin witch, but a possessed Manfred shows up instead. Manfred shoots fireballs at Colconnar and gets one back in return. The Jeremies show up at Fiji's house and Joe fights them off. Inside Fiji and Bobo are gettin' down. She's scared to hurt him. Bobo tells her she is strong, and so is her love, and that he trusts her. They do it! 

The Jeremies disappear and Colconnar senses the change. He is not happy and starts burning everything in sight. Manny hides as Lem realizes he needs more power. Joe stabs Colconnar, to no avail. Lem brings Manny another demonic object, supposedly from the devil himself. Manny starts bleed from the eyeballs as he and Colconnar fight fire with fire. Colconnar vanishes!

Manfred spews the demons out of him, sending them to hell. That was easy! Everyone comes running out. They're all safe! Bobo tells Lem about Olivia. 

Lem and Manfred arrive at the hospital. Creek has called her boss to come and keep her company. Lem rushes to Olivia's bedside. He bites his wrist to feed her just a bit blood. She wakes up, healed. We see Creek's boss on the phone, clearly talking to Olivia's dad, telling him she's fine now and that he should stay away. DUN DUN DUN!

A Week Later ...

The Rev is presiding over a wedding. But who's getting married? Want to guess? Lem and Olivia! Aw yay! Everyone is happy, Manfred and Creek; Chuy and Joe; Bobo and Fiji. Olivia tells Lem how happy he made her — how he made her human again. 

The next morning Creek is asleep, but Manfred's awake and pensive. He takes some over-the-counter pain killers as blood leaks out of his ear. So that's not good. An earthquake rattles the town. The Midnighters head outside to see what's up, there are big bulldozers and a construction project in the works. A hotel renovation to revitalize Midnight!

Will we find out what happens next season? Will there be a next season? We'll keep ya posted!

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