RT Convention: A Bachelorette Party We Won't Ever Forget

Every year the RT Booklovers Convention provides an incredible opportunity for us to reconnect with some fabulous reader friends, as well as make plenty of new ones! At the RT17 GIANT Book Fair we met Judith, a librarian who was celebrating her bachelorette party with several of her enthusiastic book-loving friends. We were transfixed by Judith's outfit — a long, flowing veil complemented by a satin sash that proudly proclaimed that she's a "bride-to-be" and a ridiculously regal scepter — and immediately got to chatting. We recently caught up with Judith and she shared some fun details about her bachelorette weekend as well as her beautiful wedding!

How did you hear about the RT Booklovers Convention GIANT Book Fair?

As a romance reader and librarian, RT was right up my alley! I went in 2013 when it was in New Orleans and loved every minute of it!

We were so excited to hear that you chose to celebrate your bachelorette party at RT17! What inspired you to celebrate with us?

RT happened to fall the week before my wedding and in ATL, which is less than two hours away from Birmingham, AL, so it was destiny!

The Bride and her book club

Image Credit: Kevin Roberts Photography

You had quite a crew of book-lovers celebrating with you! What were the reactions like when you all walked through the GIANT Book Fair together?

I must say ... the power of the scepter, crown, and sash went to my head. Everyone was so enthusiastic and loved the idea of a bachelorette weekend at RT. Best perk? That the authors wanted to take their pictures with me!

Your RT17 hashtag was #ScepterBitch. We saw you carrying a scepter that day, but we can't help but feel like there is more to the story! Care to elaborate?

My main demand for this weekend was a scepter ... mainly so I could hit people on the head. I never thought they would actually give me one (especially one so fancy, shiny, and with quite a bit of weight behind it!). I'm proud to say that #scepterbitch was the idea born from many colorful alcoholic beverages. It took us a while to finally find the correct way to spell scepter. Alcohol and spelling don't really go hand in hand.

Let's do this! #scepterbitch #rtorbust #atlbound

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Which RT17 authors were you most excited to meet?

Jenny Han! I love her books and was so excited to meet her!

Jenny Han at the 2017 RT Booklovers Convention GIANT Book Fair

Image Credit: Romantic Times, Inc.

You're a librarian for teens, so YA alley would have contained a lot of authors and stories that your patrons enjoy! Did attending the GIANT Book Fair give you any ideas for books and programming at your library?

My teens demanded that I convince Kiera Cass to come to our library. They have requested Kiera Cass and J.K. Rowling (in that order) as possible speakers, so I had to try! She was so nice and when I spoke to her publicist a few days later, I casually dropped that I was the bride in sash, tiara, and scepter. I was very memorable.

Do you have a favorite moment from your RT17 experience that you'd like to share?

Being there with all my girlfriends was the best. To run away from the wedding stress and completely escape into a world of romance books was just what I needed. To add to that I had all my amazing friends who are smart, sassy, and successful women — it was perfect!

Is your husband also an avid reader / book enthusiast and if so, did you incorporate any book themes or décor into your wedding?

My husband is a huge graphic novel fan. We were able to incorporate books into our wedding in several different ways. I made book flowers from discarded library copies of Harry Potter and picture books, which were incorporated into our floral arrangements. We also worked some Marvel/DC aspects into the groomsmen's ties.

Judith's Husband and Groomsman wearing super hero ties

Judith's husband Daniel shows off his superhero tie with groomsman Lamar
Image Credit: Kevin Roberts Photography

Judith was kind enough to share some of her beautiful wedding photos with us. Congratulations Judith and Daniel!

Harry Potter flower with wedding bands

Image Credit: Kevin Roberts Photography

Wedding flowers

Image Credit: Judith Wright

Harry Potter flower with wedding bands

Image Credit: Morgan Higgins

The 2018 RT Booklovers Convention will be held May 15 - 20 in Reno, NV. Registration is now open and you can also view the agenda! For more fun stories from RT17, click here.