LACE COVERED COMPROMISE by Silvia VioletBusiness rivals find commonground in the bedroom in Silvia Violet's Lace Covered Compromise, out next week! We couldn't wait another minute to take a peek between the covers, so we arranged to share a super sexy excerpt from the book with all of our lovely readers. But first, a bit more about the plot:

Adam has spent his life working at his family's business, which he expected to inherit completely. That is until Nate enters the picture. Nate is Adam's father's latest business protégé, and should Adam wish to run the business, he'll have to do so with Nate by his side. The two clash in the boardroom, but it doesn't take long to realize that they work in perfect harmony in the bedroom ...

A few seconds later, Nate knocked. “Adam, come out of there so we can talk.”

I held on to the counter as the room whirled around me. “No.”

“Come out, or I’m coming in.”

“I . . .” My words died, because I had no idea what I wanted: his arms around me, or to disappear and never have to confront him.

Nate opened the door, and I just stood there, hands shaking, watching him in the mirror, wondering if I should kiss him or shove him away and lock him out.

“I want you too if that helps.”

I didn’t respond.

“Turn around and look at me, Adam.”

I didn’t mean to obey him. My body simply moved without my permission.

He took a few steps until he was right in front of me. “I’m calling a truce.”

I had to swallow before I could speak. “For how long?”

“Until we finish with this.” He gazed pointedly at my cock.

“So I’m just supposed to ignore the fact that Kingston is falling apart and I can’t work with you?”

“That’s right.”


He sank to his knees in front of me. “Because I’m going to suck your cock.”

Fuck. “That’s a good reason.”

“Yes,” he said as he unbuttoned my pants. “It is.”

Nate opened my fly, but he didn’t pull my cock out, instead he leaned in and nuzzled it. I tensed. He hadn’t even touched bare skin yet and it was already clear I wouldn’t be able to hold anything back from him.

“Relax,” he said, his voice low and rough, his breath warm against me.

“I used to imagine you were Satan in hippie guise. Maybe I was right. You’re absurdly good at this seduction thing.”

He chuckled. “Stop thinking.”

“I can’t. That’s one of the reason why I never—” He mouthed my cock though my briefs. “Holy fuck!”

“Like that, do you?” he looked up, his pink lips slightly parted, eyes dark.

“I . . . um . . . yes.”

This time his smile was completely genuine. “Now I know what to do to make the sass stop.”

“I . . .” Never finished. He shoved my pants and my briefs down and my cock sprang free and reached for his mouth.

“Mmm, you certainly do want this.”

I groaned. “Shut up and get on with it.”

“No talking. No moving either. Hold the counter and do nothing.”

“You can’t tell me—”

He raised a brow and my hands went to the edge of the counter. “Much better.”

I didn’t do obedient or submissive or . . . Nate. Yet here I was taking all his commands. He had me mesmerized as I watched his hand slide up and down my cock.

When he licked the tip, I jerked, unprepared for just how good that would feel. It had been a damn long while, at least based on my usual standards. I’d burned out on paying for sex—yeah, I did that and so do a lot of other people, don’t judge—and gold diggers and hookups I regretted before I even got off. But Nate was different, not just because this wasn’t sex-for-hire, but because he made me feel so much with just the touch of his hand. Being with him was already better than the last dozen rounds of sex I’d had and we’d hardly started.

He dipped his tongue into my slit, and I gripped the counter harder. No way in hell could I stay still and quiet for much longer.

After a minute, he finally took me into his mouth and I drew in my breath at the sight of those shimmery pink lips wrapped around my cock. If it weren’t for my hands on the counter, my legs would have given way as he sucked.

He took me deeper and deeper still. Holy fucking God, Nate Thomas was deep-throating me. If I’m dreaming, I sure as fuck better not wake up.

He looked up at me and somehow managed to smirk with my dick down his throat. Talented asshole.

I scowled at him. “Get on with it.”

He pulled off and I held back a whimper. “Keep up complaining and I’ll stop completely.”

“Please, don’t.”

His eyes went wide. That word “please” coming out of my mouth shocked him as much as it did me.

“You said forget how we really feel, right?” I asked, heat filling my face. Because the real-world Adam Kingston didn’t beg, not even for what might be the best blowjob he’d ever had.



“Shut up and enjoy this.”

I wasn’t good at turning my mind off; I never had been. I analyzed, observed, and commented nonstop— Fuck! He swallowed me again, and the tip of my cock slid against the back of his throat. Dear Lord, could anything feel better?

Him bending you over the end of the bed, pounding into you, working you until you’re dripping sweat, shouting his name, crying out for him.

My mind clearly hated me. I was going to come in seconds if I didn’t stop thinking that way.

Nate sucked, kissed, and licked me until I needed to grip the counter just to stay upright. My breathing was ragged and when he took me all the way down, I made embarrassing whimpers no matter how hard I tried to hold them in. It was just so good.

He slid his lips along my shaft while he toyed with my balls. Then the bastard sank down until his fucking nose was against my pubic bone. I gasped. “Nate, Jesus!”

He stayed there for longer than should have been possible and then pulled all the way off, gasping for air.

“Fuck, that was . . .” I had no words to describe it. Nothing had ever felt that good before.

Nate licked his lips and nodded before starting to suck me again. His mouth was so fucking hot, and his soft lips sliding along my cock nearly did me in. My whole body tingled from the intensity. Why did we have to hate each other when he was so fucking perfect? I fought to suck in air as his slick tongue caressed the underside of my cock. I was close. So close.

He let me go and sat back.

“Don’t stop.” I no longer cared if I begged. I needed this, and I was going to have it. It wasn’t like I could let it happen a second time. “I need more.”

Nate rose to his feet. “Damn right you need more. Get on the bed.”

Did he think I was going let him fuck me? Was I?

“I don’t . . . I’m not . . .” I had no idea what I was saying. He’d completely rattled my brain.

He leaned in and kissed my neck. If I couldn’t form a sentence before, I sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to now. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he whispered.

“But you will.” We were enemies, at war over what we both thought of as ours to protect.

“Not like this, not here, not when I’m touching you.”

That I could let myself believe, and while the aftermath might do me in, this was too good to give up. “Fine.”

“So how do you want this to work? Do you expect to control everything in bed too?”

Why not be honest at this point? “I love to be fucked as long as it’s the right person doing it.”

He gave me an evil smile. “I am the right person.”

His words sent a shiver through me. I had a feeling this was one time we were going to agree on something. “Are you?”

“Yes, and I want to bury my cock in you and hear you make those same sounds you did when my mouth was around your cock.”

I almost made one then. “Do it.”

“Only if you swear you won’t try to use it against me later.”

“I swear. I shouldn’t have said what I did.”

“Which of the many things?’

“About telling the board about you and your lipstick and . . . the rest of it.” I would never have hurt him like that, but now that he’d shown how much he cared about my pleasure, rather than just getting himself off, I doubted I could even toss out spurious threats.

He took a few steps back, pulled his tank over his head, and tossed it on the floor. His hands went to the fastenings of his pants, and he undid them, slowly exposing a triangle of pink lace.

I licked my lips as he pushed his pants over his hips. Nothing could’ve made me look away.

When he kicked them off and stood there, in nothing but lace panties and lipstick, I knew I’d never seen anything sexier. Before I saw that damnable scrap of lace sticking out of his bag I would’ve said seeing a man dressed like that would do nothing for me. But Nate . . . The pink, combined with his toned body and a look that said he would fuck me until I screamed. It was too good.

We had plenty of time to hate each other after this night. So he was the last man I should have naked or nearly so in my bedroom. So fucking what?

“Get on the bed,” he demanded again.

“Now who’s bossy?”

“You like it.”

I did. I didn’t want to, but I did. I toed off my shoes, kicked out of my pants, and started unbuttoning my shirt. Nate batted my hands away. “I’ll do it.”

While he pested me of my shirt, I toyed with his panties, running my hands over the lace. The novelty of them on a hard male body was so fucking erotic. “I don’t suppose you can fuck me with these on?”

He grinned. “Not these, but they do make ones with openings for that.”

“I can see why.” Too bad I wouldn’t be seeing those.

“I didn’t expect you to like them or to admit it if you did.”

“I’m honest sometimes.”

He nodded. “That’s good to know.”

I knelt in front of him and rubbed my face against the lace. Then I lowered them enough to run my tongue along the underside of Nate’s cock. He dropped his head back and groaned as I licked the tip, while sliding my hand down the crack of his lace-covered ass.

“Can’t last long if you keep that up,” he gasped.

At least I wasn’t the only one.

“Sucking you was incredible. It felt fucking fantastic to have your cock down my throat.”

I sputtered around his cock. That he’d done that was amazing enough, but for him to say he loved it was too much. I pulled back. “Your mouth is amazing. I’ve never . . . You’re . . .” Heat rushed up my neck. What the fuck was I doing? Exposing everything about myself to him, to Nate fucking Thomas.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered. “I won’t tell you again.”

Lace Covered Compromise will be available in digital and print on November 6. You can pre-order a print copy on Amazon for $16.99, or a digital copy for $3.99 here: Barnes & Noble | iBooksKobo. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave (who wouldn't?), we've got you covered.

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