Hump Day: Lexie Davis's SHARING BODY HEAT

In the mood for a quickie? Good, because we are too! Lexie Davis's RT Top Pick Sharing Body Heat is short, sweet and sexy. Part of Carina Press's new Dirty Bits line, the 17,000 word novella will be available next week, but we have a super sexy Hump Day excerpt to share with you today! But first, a bit of background:

What do you do when you discover your boyfriend is cheating ... with your sister? Rent a secluded cabin in the woods, of course! But the cabin comes with an unexpected guest — a sexy stranger who will have to serve as your roommate after a storm knocks the power out. Surely two consenting adults can find some way to pass the time ...

She laughed. “You’re desperate to see me naked.”

He sipped his drink. “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Do you have no-strings sex often?”

“No.” He moved away from the counter. “I work. I lead a really dull life.”

She met his gaze. “You’re hardly a monk.”

He licked his lips. “I am a man. If time allows, I entertain the idea of a relationship. I’ve had a handful of one-night stands. They were all in college. Women think they can play me because I’m rich. They’re wrong.”

She sat up. “Have you ever been cheated on?”

“I have.”

He sipped at his whiskey. “Is that why you’re here? Your boyfriend cheated on you?”

She glanced toward the fireplace. “With my sister. Had no remorse for it either. My sister is madly in love with him and as far as I’m concerned, she can have him. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.”

“Was he a lousy lay?”

“Nope.” She met his gaze again. “Sex was pretty fucking good.”

No pressure. Reid drank the last of his liquor and set the glass on the end table by the couch. “Did you love him?”

“I don’t know.” She shook her head. “I was enamored. I think we lived in two different worlds. I just chose only to see what I wanted to see.” She rubbed the area between her brows. “It’s so unlike me. I’m used to analyzing everything. This should have been glowing like a neon sign but it went on for nearly six months. I even found out that they weren’t using protection because she wanted to get pregnant with his baby.”

“They sound perfect for each other.”

She rolled her eyes. “You have no idea.”

He lay across the mattress, propping his head up with his arms while he stared at the fireplace. “So are we going to cut the bullshit? Are you going to take those jeans and panties off so I can lick you until you explode?”

She didn’t say anything for a moment. He thought he might need to push harder when she slid her hands down her stomach to her pants. His anticipation spiked as she slipped the button through its hole, undoing the top of her jeans before sliding the zipper down with ease. Her concentration never wavered. He watched as she lifted her hips and peeled the jeans down her legs, exposing her silky thighs to his eager gaze. Oh, hell yeah. Smooth skin. Skimpy black panties. She tossed the jeans to the side and spread her legs slightly.

“You’re right,” she commented. “I do feel more comfortable without jeans.”

“You’ll be even better without panties.”

She nodded. “Two can play your game.”

He arched an eyebrow. She liked to play with fire.

Hooking her fingers in her panties, she lay back and lifted her hips, tugging the scrap of fabric off her body. He watched as she revealed herself to him, lying back against the mattress with her bare slit showing. It would be so fucking easy to push her legs apart and eat her out. He entertained the idea while she lay there with her legs together, daring him to say something.

“What’s killing you more?” She nodded toward his cock. “Your arousal? Or the fact that you can’t touch me?”

“You’re playing with fire.”

She shook her head. “No.”

Spreading her legs so that he had a perfect view of her pussy, she met his gaze and licked her finger. God, he’d been fucking right. She was bare and she was wet. A tiny little ring dangled along her clitoral hood, and the sight of it made him harder. She had a labia piercing too. He watched as she rubbed her finger against her clit, never taking her eyes off him.

“This is playing with fire.”

“Sex is more fun with a partner.”

She laughed, dropping her head back against the pillows. “I do just fine on my own.”

Sweat dotted along his forehead. She was toying with him. He could feel bad about it, but instead, he decided to take what he wanted. Moving, he knelt between her legs and pushed her hand away from her clit. His big body forced her legs wider. When she didn’t say anything, he leaned in and licked her wet slit.

Lauren’s sigh as she combed her fingers in his hair was all that he needed to continue. He flicked his tongue along her clit, enjoying the tightening of her fingers in his hair too much. She may look sweet and innocent on the outside, but Lauren was a bad girl. He played with her piercing, glancing up as she squeezed her breasts together between her arms. Her head fell back, exposing her neck to his view. She looked as though she were caught somewhere between pleasure and pain.

Reid gripped her wrists and pushed them away from his head, pinning her to the mattress beside them. “You still want to play with your clit by yourself?”

“I’ll probably have to if you keep talking instead of finishing the job.” He squeezed her wrists tighter. “Oh, sweetheart. Now I’m going to make you beg me for it. This hot little pussy is going to be mine before we’re through and when you go back to wherever the hell it is that you came from, you’re going to sit at your desk remembering what it feels like to have my cock inside you, the way my tongue makes you scream when I lick your cunt.”

Meeting his eyes, she challenged him with her gaze. “Not just an asshole, but a cocky asshole too.”

“You have no idea.” He moved slightly, pressing his knee against her center. She sucked in a breath as he rubbed it against her clit. Her moisture coated his skin, hinting at her desire.

He leaned over her, nipping at her earlobe. Whispering, he said, “I should spank you but I want to see the look on your face when you beg me to come.”

She was close. Her hips moved along his knee, rubbing her wet slit as she rocked against his leg. Instead of pulling away, he let her wrist go and fisted his hand in her sweater, pulling her upright.

She stared at him, her face flushed.

He brushed her hair from her face and tangled his fingers in the long brown locks. Tugging, he forced her head to the side so he could suck her pulse point. She grappled at his arms but he had her pinned to the mattress with ease. His arms rested over hers while his hand remained fisted in her hair. She was completely at his mercy and he fucking loved it.

“Tell me what you want.” His cock left a leaky trail of pre-come along her stomach as he pinned her down, keeping his knee against her pussy. Reid licked the side of her neck before lightly biting her, drawing a loud moan from her lips. “I want to hear the words.”

“I’m not begging you for anything.”

He reached between them and fondled her clit. A hiss escaped her lips. “You sure about that? You don’t want all eight inches of my dick inside your tight pussy?” He thrust two fingers inside her to accentuate his words. “Filling you over and over. Fucking your tight cunt until you can’t walk. How many times in life do you actually get what you want? I’ll give it to you, but you’ve got to beg me for it first.”

He withdrew his fingers and brought them to her lips. After tracing the outline with her juice, he leaned over her and kissed her. She melted against him. Her hands slid along his sides while he moved slightly to grab her legs and push them forward. He broke the contact long enough to lean down to lick her again. With all the defiance she threw at him, he’d determined the best way to handle her was to lick the attitude right out of her.

She gripped her calves, gasping and moaning as he held her thighs in place. He lapped at her cunt, shoving his tongue into her tiny hole before sucking on the plump pussy lips surrounding it. Each swipe of his tongue pushed her closer to climax.

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