Cover Breakdown: Nancy Thayer's A NANTUCKET WEDDING

While we're super excited to celebrate this holiday season, the persistent chill in the air has already made us long for the warm summer sun. What better place to bask in the sun's golden rays than the beautiful shores of Nantucket? If there's a wedding on the horizon, so much the better! Nancy Thayer agrees and she's invited us to A Nantucket Wedding later this April!

Let's get to know the happy couple and their family:

It's summer on Nantucket and Alison is finally engaged to the love of her life. Things would be perfect--if only she could make peace between her daughters. Felicity, wild at heart yet a loving mother to her own children, and Jane, the extremely organized and high-earning businesswoman, arrive on the island hoping to get through these next few weeks without ruining their mother's big day. But when Felicity's husband reveals a long-term affair and Jane falls for her soon-to-be step-brother, everyone gets way more drama than they bargained for.


A Nantucket Wedding will be available in digital and print on April 24, 2018. In the meantime, you can ogle more insightful Cover Breakdowns here