Q&A: Stephanie Kate Strohm Discusses Royal Romances, Reality TV & her RT Top Pick, PRINCE IN DISGUISE!

PRINCE IN DISGUISE by Stephanie Kate StrohmWe don't know about you, but we are majorly obsessed wtih Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal engagement, so we are especially excited Stephanie Kate Strohm's RT Top Pick!, Prince in Disguise,  is out this month to help us daydream about royals in love. We caught up with the author to learn more about this engaging royal romance:

Prince in Disguise is set in part at a royal wedding — do you have royal wedding fever like the rest of us?

I am OBSESSED with royal weddings! I've got a Will and Kate commemorative tea cup, apron, magazine, comic book ... you name it. I woke up at the crack of dawn to watch their wedding live by myself. I've seen pictures of my mom dressed up to watch Diana's wedding in '81, so apparently the obsession is genetic.

You were an actress, would you ever do/have you ever done reality TV?

I was on one episode of a short-lived reality TV show called Dr. Steve-o (starring Steve-o of Jackass) — would not recommend! If I could choose to go on any reality show, I'd do Dancing with the Stars, because I LOVE to dance even though I'm not very good! (I also love costumes with lots of sequins.) I think I would have been a great Bachelor contestant because I cry very easily, but I am not tan enough or young enough to be on that show. (Also, my husband would probably be pretty upset by it.)

What was your favorite part that you ever played?

My favorite part I ever played was the Princess of France in Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost. LLL is kind of a weird rom-com about a group of guys who swear off women, then immediately fall in love with a group of ladies from France — hijinks ensue! It was my favorite show I ever did because I became real life BFFs with the girls playing my friends in the show. And we spent a LOT of time talking about the guys in the show and trying to maneuver them into hijinks situations — life definitely imitated art!

Who is your favorite royal? Tell us why!

My favorite royal is Kate Middleton. I think everything she does is absolute perfection — my friends and family tease me about my Kate obsession a lot, but I can't help it! I love her and her shiny, shiny hair! I also love Princess Mako of Japan, she fell in love with one of her classmates at university (because of his "bright smiles like the sun"! Awww!) and will give up her royal status when she marries him, because he's a commoner. Now that's love!

You've said that you like playing board games, what games do you have on tap for the holidays to play with family?

My sister and I are pretty lethal at Barbie: Queen of the Prom, so we always like to give that a go! Last Christmas we spent way too much time playing Dead of Winter, which is a not-very-jolly zombie board game. She will also almost definitely kick my butt at Ticket to Ride a few times. Or my husband will destroy me at Settlers of Catan. I'm just going to focus on losing gracefully this year.

Do you have any siblings? How does your relationship with them compare to Dylan and Dusty's?

I have one sister — it's one of the reasons I wrote Dylan and Dusty, because I'm always interested in the two sisters dynamic. I'm the older sister, and I am nothing like Dusty (currently wearing sweatpants, a free T-shirt from a dog groomer, no makeup and pretty sure I never brushed my hair today.) My little sister is also nothing like Dylan — she's not at all awkward, and she wouldn't touch a cross-country team with a ten-foot pole. But like Dylan and Dusty, my sister and I would do anything for each other, no matter how different we are.

Anything you'd like to add?

I got the idea for Prince in Disguise when I was at a wedding in the Scottish highlands in December a couple years ago, and it was absolutely beautiful. Scotland really is the perfect place to fall in love!

Prince in Disguise will be available in digital and print on December 19. Digital copies start at $10.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. For more YA reads, why not visit our Everything YA page?

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