THE BILLIONAIRES: THE STEPBROTHERS by Calista FoxIt's cold outside, but the RT office is hot, hot hot, thanks to a sultry new Hump Day excerpt from Calista Fox's RT Top Pick, The Billionaires: The Stepbrothers! Scarlet is an insurance fraud investigator and her case takes an interesting turn when she becomes intimately involved with not one, but two of the suspects. It's a tricky situation, one they vow to find a solution to together ...

Sam built a fire in the living room hearth as Scarlet admired the views through the glass panes along one wall. 

Michael stole behind her and whisked her hair over her shoulder. He kissed her temple, then asked, “Do you want wine or water? Anything?”

She gazed at his reflection and smiled. “I want to know that the two of you are still going through with this.”

“We’re here, aren’t we?”

She faced Michael. His mouth sealed to hers. His hands clasped her hips just as her fingers fisted the front of his shirt. The searing lip-lock went on and on. Until Scarlet was completely breathless.

She pulled away . . . but still wanted more.

Her gaze landed on Sam, standing alongside the fireplace, watching them. The vibrant glow in his beautiful blue eyes spurred her on. She crossed to him, slid her palms up his chest to his shoulders. Then downward where she clutched his bulging biceps. He kissed her slowly, evocatively, their lips and tongues twisting and tangling. He palmed her ass and squeezed before pressing her firmly against him. She felt his erection and it thrilled her even more to know how quickly he responded to her. To the sight of Michael kissing her and the wicked promise of what was to come.

Behind her she smelled Michael’s distinct scent, and her excitement ratcheted as he moved in close and his lips skimmed along her neck. He nipped the skin as Sam continued his sensuous kisses. Already she was careening toward sensory overload. And they’d just started. . . .

Between kisses, Sam murmured, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Desire flared deep within her. She was really and truly going to get her wish. Her fantasy.

Michael stepped away. Sam scooped her into his strong arms and carried her upstairs with Michael hot on their heels.

Scarlet’s fingers raked through Sam’s lush hair and she nibbled on his earlobe. Then whispered, “Nothing’s off-limits as far as I’m concerned.”

“Careful about granting carte blanche, darlin’. Michael and I will take advantage of it.”

“I know what I’m doing. What I want.”

She’d spent the past two days preparing herself with her toys. She’d boldly asked her friends about double penetration, and both Jewel and Bayli swore by it. Just hearing them describe how amazing it was to have both of their men inside them at the same time had gotten Scarlet’s juices flowing.

They entered a room and Sam set her on her feet. Then he flipped the switch for the gas fireplace and sank into a chair next to it. Michael propped his shoulder against the doorframe and folded his arms over his chest.

Scarlet eyed one man, then the other. What were they up to?

The suspense drew out as they both stared at her. Taking her in from head to toe and back up. She wore a tight black tank dress with a caramel-colored leather jacket over it. Black thigh-high stockings and four-inch heels. Michael appeared transfixed by her legs. Sam’s gaze remained on her breasts.

Eventually, Michael spoke.

“Strip for us,” he quietly commanded.

Scarlet’s entire body went up in flames.

It was one thing to have Michael or Sam peel away her clothing. It was something altogether different to do it herself while they both watched. While they each knew the other was getting hotter and hotter with every layer removed.

Christ, she was getting hotter and hotter just thinking of it.

She gripped the lapels of her jacket and slid the leather slowly down her arms. Let the garment fall to the floor. Then she strolled to the end of the bed and kicked off one shoe. She planted her foot on the bench at the end of the mattress and rolled the top of her stocking along her thigh. She bent at the waist to continue rolling the nylon down her calf, knowing the short hem of her skirt had hitched up far enough to give her captive audience a glimpse of her G-string and bare ass cheeks.

Holding the position a few seconds longer sexually charged the air. Then she kicked off the other shoe and repeated the process. Lingering once more. Until Sam shifted in his seat, his crotch apparently too tight for comfort. Served him right.

She kept her gloating smile in check. Instead, she turned to face them and eased a thin strap along her shoulder, letting it slip to the crook of her arm. The other strap followed. She worked the material over her breasts, stomach, and hips. It pooled on the hardwood floor and she flicked it away with her foot.

She stood before the men wearing nothing but her strapless bra in black satin, matching panties, and a diamond tennis bracelet.

“The bra first,” Sam instructed.

Scarlet reached behind her and unhooked the clasp. Tossed the lingerie aside.

“Now the panties,” Sam said. “Slowly. And bring them to me.”

Her pussy clenched. She should have known the men would turn this into a sexy game that stimulated her as much as it did them.

Crooking her thumbs in the strands at her sides, she dragged the satin downward. When she reached her knees, she bent at the waist again. Stepped out of the G-string. Took her time straightening, her gaze first landing on Michael, then sliding to Sam.

She walked over to him, crisscrossing one leg in front of the other with her gradual progression. Sam’s eyes were glued to her. When she reached him, she dropped the panties in his lap.

“Per your request.” She smiled slyly.

He rubbed the scant material between his finger and thumb and his irises darkened with lust. “You’re wet.” He lifted the lingerie to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, you smell good.”

“She tastes even better,” Michael informed him in his deep, intimate voice.

“I’m about to find out.” Sam gazed up at her and said, “Put your foot on the top of my thigh.”

She did, balancing on one leg.

“Stick your finger in your pussy,” Sam told her.

Scarlet slid her hand along her hip and to her apex. Her fingertip glided over her clit and then dipped into the tight canal.

Sam said, “Now brush that finger over your lips.”

Her pulse jumped. She wasn’t even sure anymore who was more aroused—them or her.

She followed Sam’s lead.

“Kiss me,” he demanded in a low, smoldering tone.

Scarlet’s foot slipped from his thigh and she pressed her knee to the cushion at his hip so that she could lean over him. Her mouth swept against his. Sam’s tongue darted out and swiped at her lips.

“Nice,” he murmured lustily.

She engaged him in soft, playful kisses.

But it was a huge mistake to think she was in control.

Michael joined them, alongside her, and his fingers grazed her cleft. Then one slid inside her and he pumped assertively. His other hand was between her legs in front and he rubbed her slick folds.

“Oh, God,” she said against Sam’s lips.

He discarded the panties and insisted, “Keep kissing me.” Sam cupped her breasts and massaged roughly. His thumbs whisked over her hard nipples.

Scarlet moaned as heat blazed through her. Her forearms rested on Sam’s shoulders. She bowed her spine to thrust her breasts firmly into his large hands and also lifted her ass for Michael. He worked a second finger into her pussy and stroked faster. He targeted her clit with the pads of two fingers at the same time Sam pinched and rolled her highly sensitive nipples.

She let out a small cry.

Scarlet felt moisture trickle along her inner thigh.

Sam kissed her hungrily as he continued to knead her breasts. Michael wedged in a third finger and picked up the pace. 

Scarlet had not doubted that it would be sensational to have two men pleasuring her, but she really couldn’t have known just how sensational it would be.

Her pussy squeezed tight and released, her clit pulsated, and her nipples tingled.

Sam broke their kiss and told Michael in a dark tone, “Make her come.” Sam shifted slightly and flicked his tongue over one aching bead, then drew it into his mouth. He sucked hard.

“Yes!” she called out. “Oh, God, yes. I’m so close. So . . . so . . . Oh, God!” Everything within her collided and erupted and she screamed.

Her heart hammered in her chest. Tremors shot down the one leg supporting most of her weight.

Michael withdrew his fingers from her and Sam guided her to straddle his lap as she quaked. He kissed her neck while she gasped for air. When the vibrations within her lessened, he stood and carried her to the bed and set her in the middle of the mattress.

Her chest still rose and fell quickly as she watched Michael undo his cuff links and tie and then unbutton his shirt. Every inch of smooth, tanned skin exposed made her mouth water. He shucked the shirt, toed off his shoes, and pested himself of the rest of his clothing. He was rock-hard. And Scarlet was certain she wouldn’t be pulling in a full breath anytime soon.

Her gaze flitted to Sam, who was hauling his sweater over his head. He jerked open the fly of his Levi’s and was out of his clothing just as fast as Michael. Her eyes feasted on Sam’s thick cock and she honestly felt as though she could come again. From the vision before her and the mere thought of both men slipping into bed with her.

But neither actually happened—the orgasm or them joining her. Instead, Sam returned to where the chair was positioned and snatched her panties from the floor. He strutted back over to the bed and said, “Give me your wrists.”

Michael grinned. Scarlet’s insides sizzled. There was a tickle of hesitation in her brain. But then Sam wagged a brow at her, silently reminding her of the carte blanche she’d given. All reluctance flew out the window. She offered him her wrists and he bound them with the strands of her G-string.

“Lay back,” Michael told her. “Arms over your head.”

“This isn’t exactly fair,” she claimed. “I want to be able to touch you. Both of you.”

“You will,” Sam vowed. “When we’re ready for that.”

She gazed at his cock, then Michael’s, and said, “You look plenty ready to me.”

“Maybe a little too ready,” Michael confessed. “You are damn good at getting us both worked up.”

“And we want you to come again before we fuck you,” Sam said. He leaned toward her, kissed her, then added, “We want to make sure you’re ready for us.”

“Michael told you how wet I am. Feel free to check for yourself.” Her tone was flirty but held the tinge of the desperate need she had for them.

Sam said, “I intend to get you wetter. Now lay back.”

As she did their bidding, Sam climbed onto the bed on one side of her. Michael did the same on the other.

Scarlet momentarily feared cardiac arrest.

She’d told them she could handle this, but could she really? They were both so gorgeous. So skilled at getting her off—and so perfect when they did it together.

Michael kissed her. His hand glided over her skin and he caressed her breast. Sam palmed the other one and his tongue flicked against the taut peak. The internal fire they ignited burned brighter than the flames in the hearth.

Sam drew her nipple into his mouth while his fingers skated along her belly and to her sex. He stroked her dewy folds, making her writhe on the bed. Then he rubbed her clit in a slow, circular motion.

Michael’s mouth left hers and instead lowered to her chest. He tended to her other nipple and Scarlet thought she’d go half out of her mind at the dual suctioning that alternated with the flittering of their tongues. She’d never experienced anything quite so intense on that particular erogenous zone.

While they lavished her breasts with affection and Sam hastened the tempo between her legs, Michael thrust two fingers into her pussy and pumped with force, pushing the air from her lungs.

Her legs were spread wide and she planted her feet on the bed, providing leverage so she could raise her hips. They undulated in rhythm to the men’s ministrations.

With her arms still above her head Scarlet was able to grip the edge of the mattress, and she held on as her body moved and wriggled of its own accord, seeking the pleasure Michael and Sam so willingly gave her.

She wanted more. So much more.

And they knew it.

They didn’t let up on her breasts, and her nipples were insanely hard and throbbing. Michael withdrew his fingers from her and eased a long one into her anus at the same time two of Sam’s fingers filled her pussy and the heel of his hand rubbed her clit.

“Oh, God!” she cried. “Oh, fuck!”

The climax loomed, the sensations mounting.

Her men stroked faster, plunged deeper, sucked harder.

Scarlet’s eyelids closed. Her hips rolled. Her breaths came on choppy moans.

“So fucking wet,” Michael said again, his warm breath blowing against her nipple. Her cream oozed from her pussy to her cleft and coated his finger as he thrust into her. “Come again. Come for us.” His mouth was on her breast once more. Pushing her to that beautiful precipice.

Scarlet’s nails dug into the bedding and mattress she fisted. From her fingers above her head straight down to her toes, everything pulled tight inside and out, her muscles straining, her core clenching.

A breath later the sensations burst wide open.

“Michael! Sam!” she said on a sob. “Oh, Christ!”

She came harder than ever before.

Twice as hard.

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