Hump Day: Marie Harte's COLLISION COURSE

Need a way to beat the bitter winter cold? How about a hot Hump Day excerpt from Marie Harte's Collision Course, available next month? The last thing single mother and florist Joey needs is an entanglement with a hot guy who fears commitment, but it's exactly what she's going to get ...

She smelled like flowers. Trite but true. Except the floral scent mixed with that unique feminine essence that was all Josephine Reeves. And like that, Lou wanted to do her. Bad. He bit back a groan. “So, ah, why are you still here?”

“Want to see?”

He nodded.

“Follow me.”

He walked deeper into the shop and toward the front counter. “Wait. I’m not allowed back there, remember?”

Joey nodded. “Good point. I’ll check with the manager.” She paused. “Oh right. That’s me. Come on back.”

He grinned and followed her into the back, where they housed their cuttings and did their arranging and cutting on the work tables. Several bunches of flowers sat in vases or in Styrofoam-balled contraptions propped up by wire.

“Oh, those aren’t done yet. I’m just keeping them in place until we finish fitting the rest of the greenery and filler in them.” She motioned to the grand centerpieces, two of them, filled with bold color and big flowers. “These are what took so long. Aren’t they beautiful?” She sighed.

He wanted to sigh with her. Because the sight of her satisfaction did something to him.

He had to clear his throat. “Yeah, great.”

She spotted a rose that had come loose and tried to grab it from the center of the wide table. She rose on tiptoe to reach it. “I love these. They’re fragrant.”

“Let me smell.” He moved behind her and tried to catch a whiff as she held it up. “I can’t smell it.”

She held it closer at the same time he leaned into her, pressing his front to her back.

They both froze. The scent of soft rose petals hit him at the same time his body woke to full arousal. Joey must have felt it as well because she let out a shuddery breath.

Lou tingled everywhere they touched. He sniffed her neck then nuzzled the side of her smooth skin. “You smell good too. Like the rose and something else.” Something uniquely her.

“Lavender,” she whispered, then groaned and leaned back, effectively pressing him fully against her. “It’s floral.”

Lou couldn’t mistake that signal, especially when she sighed and arched her neck to the side, giving him more access. He felt lightheaded, all the blood pooling in his lower body.

He lightly kissed her neck, needing more.

“Lou,” she breathed.

“Fuck,” he whispered, totally done in. A few grinds against her and he’d come, which was crazy. He had stamina, patience, seduction down to a science. But not with Joey apparently. Rushing but unable to stop himself, he ran his hands up her sides and around to her front, cupping her breasts.

He bit back a curse when she moaned and ground her ass against him. Her breasts easily fit into his large palms, and the stiff nipples begged him to touch. To squeeze.

He pinched one, and her hand moved behind his head, pulling his lips closer to her throat.

“Turn your head,” he managed, barely able to speak past the roaring in his ears.

She did, and they kissed. An explosion of heat and electricity that filled him from head to toe. She tasted like chocolate, a sweet lust that glided over his tongue and stayed there. So much smaller than he was, she stood, pliant, while he kissed her.

She responded beautifully, and he didn’t think. He acted.

Pinching her breasts then molding them in his hands, he continued to play with her, loving the way her body moved against his. With his other hand, he reached down her front and eased beneath the waistband of her pants, moving slowly, giving her every chance to stop him.

Half-hoping she’d put an end to this sweet torment, half-praying she’d let him go as deep as he could.

The kiss ended so they could breathe, and she whispered his name like a prayer.

“Yes, cariña. Let me inside. God, let me in.” He sucked her throat and reached between her folds, stroking through her silky hair to the slick cream of her arousal. “So hot.” He moaned and slid a finger inside her, nearly coming at the feel of her extremely tight flesh sucking his digit deep.

The knowledge that she’d be that tight around his cock nearly set him off.

“Oh, yes. Yes.” She writhed in his arms, and he was lost. Unable to stop. He removed his hand and unbuttoned her blouse, keeping her pinned between the table and him, her back still to him. Then he parted the blouse before moving to the front clasp—thank you, Jesus—of her bra. He unfastened it and waited.

She moaned and reached for his hand.

“No. Stay there, just like that. Let those tits feel the bite of the air.” He nipped her neck, and she cried out but didn’t move.

Lou had to free himself from the pressure building on his dick. “Put your hands over your nipples and pinch them,” he ordered while unzipping his jeans. With real speed, he withdrew the condom from his wallet and ripped it free. He had it rolled over himself in seconds and returned to her hot little body, shoving her hands aside while he took over fondling her breasts.

“Fuck me, you’re sexy.”

“So are you.” She turned her head, and slumberous eyes met his. He’d never seen anything more erotic in his life. And yeah, he was a total head case for thinking it, but he loved her smaller size, feeling like he could do whatever he wanted to her, and she’d be helpless to stop him. Macho and non-PC and sexy as fuck.

He groaned and kissed her again, letting go of her breasts so he could make short work of her pants.

She kicked her shoes off.

He pushed her pants down her legs and followed with her panties, then nudged them off her feet. He tore from her kiss, only to feel her awkwardly trying to kiss his cheek and what she could reach of his neck.

On fire to have her, to put an end to this unquenchable lust, he ordered, “Bend over,” but didn’t give her a chance to obey. As he pulled her hips back and shoved her legs wider, he positioned himself between her legs, right at the wet entrance to her sex.

“You ready for a fast fuck, baby? I’m hard and wearing a rubber. And I’m two seconds from coming in that hot pussy.”

As wet as she was, her body knew what she needed. He hoped she did as well.

“Please, Lou. I’m so—”

He shoved inside, thrusting without cease as her body gloved him as if made for him. He was two pumps from coming but refused to go off without her. Reaching around, he rubbed her tight little clit and withdrew, then slammed home again.

She cried out and clamped down on him. And the pressure, the heat, the clear arousal she felt for him… He lost it.

Lou grabbed her hips and thrust twice more before coming so hard he saw stars.

Joey continued to whisper his name, shivering under him, those narrow hips still moving, her body milking him so hard.

After what felt like forever, he trembled, overwhelmed with sensation. The orgasm had short-fused his brain. And hers too, apparently, because she remained bent over the cutting table while he stroked her ass, unmoving while she caught her breath.

To his shock, he hadn’t done more than get semi-soft. As if his dick knew he might never get another chance at this, he remained hard enough to go again if he went right away.

“Let me, baby.” He knew he’d filled the condom and didn’t care. He needed one more go.

“Lou?” She sounded sleepy. So satisfied.

He grinned as he pumped inside her, and it didn’t take him long to go from semi-erect to full-out hard again.

“Again,” he said.


He slapped her ass then ran a hand up her front to grip her breast. “Again,” he growled, needing to show her he could… No, wait. He didn’t want to scare her off. This kind of play would only scare—

“Oh, yes.” She melted before him, tilting her ass up to allow for better penetration. “Yes, again.”

“Play with yourself. Get off when I do,” he rasped.

He didn’t give her a chance to change her mind and rode her into another orgasm while her clever fingers found a rhythm she clearly liked. When he found his release not long after, the feel of her body taking him to new heights made him weak at the knees.

Finally withdrawing from her, he nearly spilled out of the condom. Not wanting to jar her, he stepped back, zipped back up, and found a nearby trash can to dispose of the rubber.

Turning back to her, he saw her shaky as she reached for her pants and underwear.

“Let me.” He was quiet as he knelt, holding her panties for her as he faced her near-naked body. The small triangle of dark hair covering her sex was soft, so pretty. He would have leaned in for a kiss but wanted to show her comfort, not act like the raging sex fiend she probably now thought him.

She placed a hand on his shoulder while she stepped into the clothing. Her pants followed, and he slowly rose to fasten them for her. Which put him in line with her gorgeous breasts.

She hadn’t spoken yet. A glance at her face showed uncertainty. Which he couldn’t have.

“You are fucking beautiful,” he murmured and gently sucked each nipple into a little bead.

Her indrawn breath, the tentative cupping of his head before she threaded her fingers through his hair. She turned him on so simply with her acceptance. In Spanish, he said, “I want to suck you until you scream. To fuck you into a pile of warm woman. Again and again. God, I want you even more now, honey.” He kissed each nipple once more then fastened her bra and buttoned up her shirt.

She just watched him, so small, so vulnerable.

“Ah, Joey. Bella, you get to me.” He drew her in for a hug, and she relaxed and hugged him back.

“I needed that,” she mumbled against his chest.

He laughed. “No more than I did. Damn, Joey, I really filled up that condom.”

He thought she might have laughed before she pushed at his chest.

When he let her get some space between them, she sighed. “That was, ah, unexpected.”

“No kidding.” He blew out a breath. “You made my knees weak. I’m not kidding.”

Her shy smile made his stomach drop. “Good. Because you made me feel so good. So fast.” Her blush amused him. “I don’t normally… I mean, I don’t have a lot to compare it to. But that was unusual for me.”


She dropped her gaze to his chest and nodded.

“Yeah? Well, it normally takes me more than a few thrusts before I come too. And it’s really a big deal if I can go twice in a row like that. You got me so hard, baby.” And I’ll be ready to go again if you say the word.

But her shy smile and uneasy stance settled the matter. He’d pushed too fast already. Time to slow things down and not scare her away for good.

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