Hump Day: Melinda Di Lorenzo's AFTER HOURS

AFTER HOURS by Melinda Di LorenzoWhat do you do when your weekend fling appears in the cubicle next door come Monday? Today's Hump Day excerpt from Melinda Di Lorenzo After Hours, available next week, walks us through a similar scenario. Aysia loves her career and takes her company's non-fraternization policy very seriously, but there's no denying the attraction that sizzles between her and Marcelo.

I watched as she took a swig of the water, envious of the bottle. Then I watched some more as she swallowed, her tongue darting out to suck off any wayward drops. Christ. Every move she made managed to be sexy. I fought an urge to toss aside the water bottle – and my dignity – so I could throw her over the counter right that second. She took another sip, and when she pulled the bottle down this time, a drop of liquid hung on her upper lip. I waited for her tongue to come out to claim it, and was sorely disappointed when it didn’t. 

You are more than a set of overactive balls, I told myself firmly, and I cleared my throat. “You still up for shopping?” 

The water droplet trickled down her lip to her chin, distracting me so badly I almost missed her reply. “Bed sheets?” she asked. 

“Uh. Yeah.” 


Now the drop slid down her chin to her throat, settling for a second in the small, kissable spot just above her first rib. Hell. Maybe I am nothing but a set of overactive balls. I continued to stare for a long moment before lifting my eyes to meet her mildly amused gaze. 

“Good,” I managed to say. 

Three seconds went by before I sought the water droplet’s path again. 

“Gotta charge my phone for a bit first,” she added. 

The drop was just above her cleavage, hovering. 


“Probably eat.” 

“All right.” 

“Stretch a bit.” 


“And take a shower.” 


“Maybe have some sex. If the right guy shows up.” 

The drip disappeared under her low-cut, form-fitting shirt. Why that hell was that single bit of moisture so damned alluring? 


I looked up. “What?” 

She was already on the move, one foot on the little stairs that led up to her bedroom in the loft. She tossed me a smile over her shoulder, then reached down and yanked off the tiny shirt. For a second, she held it on the tip of her finger. Then she dropped it. 


Why wouldn’t my own feet move? She laughed like she knew how stuck I was, then reached for her bra. In an instant, she was topless. My eyes dragged hungrily over her bare back. I clearly hadn’t spent enough time just looking at her two nights earlier. 

She had light muscles under her soft curves, and smooth, beautiful skin. Tan lines emphasized how much time she spent in the outdoors, but the contrast wasn’t so strong that it was startling. I lifted a hand – maybe just to prove I could still control some small part of my body – and ran my fingers over my chin. I was half-surprised to find that it wasn’t covered with drool. 

Aysia’s hands moved to her shorts. She lowered them. One inch. Then another. She cast another look my way, but it barely registered. I had a perfect view of the dimples in the lowest part of her back, and I could just see the top of her heart shaped ass. But she’d stopped moving, her striptease paused. 

“Something you want, Marc?” she asked archly. 

“Take them off,” I said, my voice full of need. 

“Say please.” 

“Please,” I growled. 

“You don’t sound like you mean it.” 

“I don’t think I’ve ever meant anything more.” 

She let out another laugh, wriggled once, then let the shorts fall. For a blissful second, my cock and my brain were in complete agreement. Her ass was everything that makes an ass perfect. Then she was gone. Running up the stairs and slipping from my line of sight. 


I finally convinced my feet that they needed to do some work, too. I strode across the room and hit the steps in my usual way, taking two at a time. Even so, when I reached the top, I could already hear the shower running in her en suite. I pushed my way through the bedroom and into the bathroom just in time to see her slide the stall door shut. Immediately, I pressed my hand to the glass and opened it again. 

She gave my fully clothed body a critical glare. “You are not getting in here like that.” 

I shot a pointed look around the shower stall. “I don’t know how to tell you this, honey, but I don’t think you can stop me.” 

She crossed her arms over her chest, pushing her cleavage to epic proportions, and I fought a laugh. The gesture did nothing to make her glare any more convincing. I took a small step closer and ran my thumb across one of her wet, on-display breasts. 

“It’s cute that you think getting mad is gonna work.” 

“I swear, Marc – ” 

I dropped my mouth to hers cutting her off forcefully. The water rain down on me, and I didn’t care. I moved forward again, encircling her naked body with my clothed one, and I deepened the kiss, parting her lips with my tongue. She tasted fantastic, salty with a hint of leftover sweat and fresh with the water pouring down our faces. Still exploring her mouth, I lifted a foot and stepped into the stall, sliding the door shut behind me as I did. She wasn’t pretending to fight me anymore. Her hands were on me. Running across my back, digging into my hair, then pulling away just long enough to drag my T-shirt up and toss the sopping thing aside before tilting her head back up and cementing her lips back to mine. She hooked her knee over my hip and pushed into my thick erection. 

Growling against her mouth, I reached down to grab her ass and lift her up. I pressed her against the shower wall and thrust against her in a quick circle. One way. Then the other. 

“Pants,” she gasped, pushing a hand between us to snatch at the button of my jeans. 

As she fought the tiny space between us, her finger hit my cock, again and again, making me groan. God, how I wanted her. Now. 

“Too slow,” I muttered, then pushed her aside to free myself. 

Quickly, I flicked open my button and zipper. She helped me along by shoving down my pants to my hips. I groaned again. I was so close to where I wanted to be. So ready to take her, hard and quick. 

“Condom,” I said, loathe to let her go, but knowing I had to, just for a moment. 


I released her and stumbled from the tub, pulling of my shoes and my waterlogged pants as I did. I slid open the drawer, found the box, and tore it open. 

By the time I got back to Aysia and the shower, I was sheathed and ready. And she was no less eager. Before I even reached the edge of the bath, she had her hands on me once more, pulling me closer. I tried for a futile second to slow things down. I put my palm on her hip, thinking I might restrain myself for a moment longer. I couldn’t. When my fingers closed on her soft skin, she tipped her head back with a gasp. 

The sight of her with the water pouring down on her face – her expression wanton and her hair plastered to her shoulders – was all I could take. Without any pretense of holding back, I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her from the ground again. I pushed her to the wall, sliding my cock into her as I did. Just entering her almost undid me. The way she fit me so perfectly. How she was tight and slick at the same time. The fact that cried out my name as I rocked inside her, again, and again. It was all too much. 

“So fucking good, Aysia,” I said against her mouth. 


I don’t know if it was an agreement or just an exclamation, but as soon as the word slipped from her lips, her grip on me tightened. Her fingers dug hard into shoulder blades and her knees hugged my hips and her ass clenched under my hands. All around me she tensed up. 

“Christ,” I swore. “I can’t – now, Aysia. Fuck. Please.” 

She called out another affirmation, then quivered under me. 

“Now,” I said again, and her reply was a wild noise that drove me over the edge – that drove us over. 

Together, we came – her pulsing around me, me throbbing inside of her. I held her there against the wall until our breathing evened out, then released her to the ground slowly and gave her a half a dozen slow, warm kisses before I pulled away.

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