Hump Day: J. Daniels's BAD FOR YOU

It's our first full week back in the office after the holidays, and we think we deserve a reward for making it to Wednesday! We've got just the thing: a super sexy excerpt from J. Daniels's RT Top Pick! Bad For You, available later this month.

Sean and Shayla have been crushing on one another for a while, but feelings of inadequacy have forced Sean to keep Shayla at arm's length. Still, fighting fate is impossible and it isn't long before this brooding single father finds himself in Shayla's arms. Will the pair be able to overcome their differences in order to claim their much-deserved HEA?

Oh, holy God, he was kissing me.

Sean was kissing me.

Sean Molina, the man I was completely insane for and wanted more than I could remember wanting anything in all my twenty-three years of life, had his tongue inside my mouth.

I was going to lose my ever-loving mind.

Scratch that. Nope. I lost it.

I lost it right then and there.

That was the only explanation for the way I was reacting to this kiss.

“Yes,” I moaned while simultaneously climbing up his body and tearing at what we were both wearing. My one hand shoved up his shirt, touching his stomach, his chest, and my other hand worked at the button on my jeans while I hitched my legs around him.

I was crazy. I was trying to strip us right there in the middle of his yard so we could get skin to skin in front of his entire neighborhood.

And I didn’t care one bit who saw us or if we both got arrested for indecent exposure.

With his hands full of my ass, Sean backed us up while kissing me with such hunger, I would’ve thought he’d never kissed a woman before if I didn’t know any better.

He was sloppy and rushed and sucked so hard on my lips, it hurt.

It was the best, the best, kiss of my life and would forever hold that title. I just knew it.

“Fuck!” His one hand braced us on the side of the house when he nearly stumbled up the porch steps.

I didn’t care if we fell. I kept kissing him everywhere.

His mouth. His cheeks. His neck. Kept gasping. Kept moaning. Kept touching him. Gripping and clawing at his muscles. I moved my hands over his back and dipped them beneath the shirt of his I couldn’t get off. I grasped at his body like I was starved for it, because I was.

“Hurry,” I begged. “Oh, God, please hurry. I need you to touch me.”

“Keep sayin’ that,” he muttered.

“Touch me. I need it. I want this so bad, Sean.”

So bad—he had no idea.

 Sean got us up onto the porch and kicked the door open. We barely made it inside before he was on his back and I was on top of him.

That was when we went from crazy to fucking nuts.

“Shit!” I reached over to push the door closed so no one could watch Sean suck my breast into his mouth. “Oh, fuck…fuck!” Holy Lord, that sensation. His mouth. My body. I was going to explode. “Sean! Sean, Sean, Sean.” I weaved my fingers through his hair and held him to me as he lapped my other breast and tongued my nipple.

My shirt wasn’t even over my head yet. It was stuck around my neck. And my bra was still latched but shoved down to my waist.

“A year,” he mumbled into my skin. “A fuckin’ year, I wanted this.” He kissed up to my neck and licked there.

Oh, God. 

I shoved my hands between us and fumbled with his belt, getting it loose, then I tried unbuttoning his jeans while Sean grabbed at the pair I was wearing. He attempted getting them over my hips but couldn’t with the way I was kneeling.

“Wait. You do you, I’ll do me,” I told him, flopping back so my ass landed between his legs.

I pulled off my sneakers and ripped off my shirt and bra, then, leaning back, I wiggled out of my pants and panties and tossed them aside as Sean peeled off his shirt, tugged off his boots, and got one leg out of his jeans. He wasn’t wearing anything under them.

I barely got a glance at his cock before we were both lunging at each other, kissing, moaning, grasping at every part of the other person we could touch.

This was madness. This was sex without thought, without pause, without question. Letting desire drive and leaving reason and all sense behind. Fuck stopping to think. Fuck wondering, Should we? Could we? What if we did? We were just feeling. Feeling and letting it all happen.

It was the most beautiful, chaotic thing I’d ever experienced.

Bad For You will be available in digital on January 23. Copies start at $4.99, grab yours here: Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. And if more Hump Day excerpts is what you crave (who wouldn't?), we've got you covered.

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