Hump Day: Lynda Aicher's AFTER HOURS

AFTER HOURS by Lynda AicherStaying at work After Hours doesn't have to be a drag, just ask Avery and Carson of Lynda Aicher's upcoming erotic romance! In today's Hump Day excerpt, Avery is working overtime when she stumbles across a seriously sordid scene in the conference room. (After reading this excerpt, we'll never look at a conference room the same way again!) 

Her brain stalled about a second after her feet did in the boardroom doorway. Her mouth fell open. Oh my…

The boardroom wasn’t empty after all. Nope. Not even close.

She scrambled to comprehend what she was seeing while knowing exactly what she watched: sex. Wanton, hedonistic, erotic sex. A woman and two guys.

But here? In the office? On the boardroom table?

Heat raced up her back to engulf her chest and neck. Blood roared in her ears, accelerated by her racing heart and the strange desire blasting through her.

She blinked once, twice, but the image remained. Propriety told her to look away. No, she should run away. What was she doing standing there? Walk the hell away. Now.

But she didn’t move.

The scene was…unbelievable. Unreal. Wrong. And so damn hot.

A single lamp on the credenza provided a soft glow to the room and dulled the edges of the threesome along with their actions. Their reflections were hazy shadows in the large windows along the outside wall. The lights from other buildings and the streets far below provided an open backdrop and little protection from prying eyes.

Like hers.

She should go—before they noticed her. She should.

She searched for moisture in her mouth. Swallowed hard. Slowly wet her dry lips.

What would it feel like to be that woman? The one splayed on the table, naked except for her black stilettos? Her eyes were closed, her red lips parted in a silent sigh, or would that be a cry of pleasure? Her black hair was spread in a messy array across the wood, her wrists bound by two thick cuffs over her head. She was lean yet curvy. Beautiful. And totally lost in what was being done to her.

Her back arched, a soft moan escaping to flow with a sultry lethargy through the room. It swirled around Avery to drag her deeper into the eroticism. Avery’s breath hitched. Her nipples puckered with sharp tingles that raced to her pussy.

The men were feasting on the woman. That was the only way she could describe it. Both of them. At the same time. A guy in a dark suit had his back to Avery, his head buried between the woman’s spread legs. Another in a white dress shirt and navy tie was sucking on a nipple while rolling the other between his fingertips. He stretched back, the tip clearly caught between his teeth, and the woman’s back arched impossibly more. She squirmed, another purring moan tumbling out before a gasped “Please.”

Yes, please. Avery’s back bowed in time with the woman’s, her nipples aching for the same attention.

It didn’t make sense. She’d never enjoyed porn. And she’d certainly never considered going to a live sex show. Yet…

She swallowed. Inhaled. The heavy scent of sex and arousal flooded her, adding another layer of stimulation. She sucked in another long, slow breath. The hedonism flowed through her to dislodge every concept of conservatism or impropriety she held.

A low growl—yes, growl—from one of the men tore through the room. Raw, fierce, exalting. No man had ever made that sound with her.

A soft whimper of want tumbled out before she realized it was there. Oh, God. She clamped her mouth shut, fear charging in. Had they heard her?

She took a step back, prepared to flee. Guilt sped in, yet it wasn’t enough to make her go. She’d be mortified if they caught her, but what would they do next? Would the men switch places? Would they fuck her? Both of them? At the same time?

Her pussy clenched, lust swarming hot and fast from her core. Her head spun with so many desires she couldn’t process them. She shifted her feet and bit her lip to keep quiet.

She’d never had a guy who’d been that devoted to her pleasure. Ever. Let alone two.

The woman gasped, her legs spreading even wider. The man between her legs pumped his arm, a low sucking and squelching sound emanating. Avery’s eyes widened on another inhalation. She couldn’t actually see what he was doing, but she didn’t need to.

Her pussy pulsed again. Her nipples tightened even more. They ached to be touched. Her hand inched up before she clenched her fist and forced it back to her side.

The woman on the table turned her head. Her eyes fluttered open as a soft cry bled from her lush lips. She closed her eyes only to reopen them, her focus squarely on Avery.

Oh, shit.

Her panic pounded out a frantic SOS in her head, yet she remained trapped in the moment. A sultry smile curved over the woman’s ruby-red lips, her hooded eyes conveying the pleasure the men were giving her. Passion overrode logic along with every ounce of self-preservation Avery had. Heat flashed another wave of want over her chest and burst into an aching demand between her legs.

She gripped the doorjamb, her head swaying with the heady sensations. The eye contact made the whole experience intimate. Like she was supposed to be there.

But she wasn’t.

The woman wet her lips in a slow pass that screamed seduction. The movement swiped out at Avery in the tease that it was. And for some damn reason, she wanted to tease her right back. Her tongue pushed at her teeth, but she kept them tightly closed.

This was insane. She’d never been sexually attracted to women. Not really anyway. Not enough to act on it.


What am I thinking?

She jerked her gaze away, determined to leave only to freeze again.

Another man stood in the darkened back corner of the room, arms crossed over his chest, feet spread in a power stance. And his eyes were locked squarely on her.

Her muscles seemed to petrify along with her thoughts. She had no doubt that he’d been watching her the whole time. He didn’t move either. Not even a flick of his lips or brow. He simply stared at her. Waiting.

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