TBR ASAP: Love at the Winter Olympics

We are so excited for the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Pyeongchang tomorrow morning — we can't help but wish we were there. Since jetting off to South Korea isn't an option at the moment, we've got the next best thing- a roundup of really great Olympic romances! Check out some of our favorite stories featuring Olympic athletes:


HOLD ME by Susan Mallery


Hold Me by Susan Mallery

After suffering a career-ending crash, Olympic skiing superstar Kipling Gilmore reolcates to Fools Gold to be closer to his sister, and finds a new purpose in search and rescue along the way.

Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Former Olympic skier Tyler O'Neil has suffered a career-ending injury, and that's not the only thing in his life changing! When his best friend Brenna takes a starring role in his sexy daydreams, Tyler realizes his bachelor ways are a thing of the past.

SUITE EMBRACE by Anita Bunkley

MAKE ME STAY by Rebecca Brooks

Suite Embrace by Anita Bunkley

After an accident results in a settlement that turns Skylar into a millionaire overnight, she heads to Colorado to visit her sister's resort. That's where she meets former Olympic skier and current ski instructor, Mark!

Make Me Stay by Rebecca Brooks

A CEO and a ski instructor collide in Rebecca Brooks' Olympic romance! Former Olympic skier Austin loves his job as a ski instructor — and the land he holds the lessons on. No way will he late Kane Enterprises build condos on the slopes!

Speed Skating

RACE FOR THE GOLD by Dana Mentink

Race For Gold by Dana Mentink

After an accident nearly ends her career, speed skater Laney is working hard to make a comeback. Her coach Max truly believes in Laney and will do anything to help, but someone seems to be sabotaging their efforts ...

Figure Skating (Plus One HOT Hockey Player)

SUMMER'S END by Kathleen Seidel

SHOT ON GOLD by Jaci Burton

Summer's End by Kathleen Gilles Seidel

While Summer's End doesn't take place at the Olympic Games, it does feature an Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater, Amy Legend. Amy is the youngest in her family, and though it takes some convincing, she finally agrees to spend the summer with her mother, siblings, and her new step-siblings in Minnesota.

Shot on Gold by Jaci Burton

Will "Mad Dog" Madigan is back for his second stint on the U.S. Olympic hockey team. Gold is all that Will's got on his mind ... until he meets Amber, a figure skater who's determined to prove that the "third time's a charm" by bringing home a gold medal herself.


The Magic Broom by Teegan Loy

The Magic Broom by Teegan Loy

Journalist Cody gets an interesting Olympic assignment: he must interview athletes with gold medal aspirations ... and try each of their sports for himself. Imagine Cody's surprise when his new neighbor (and maybe crush) appears at his interview with the curling team!



THE RIGHT MR. WRONG by Cindi Myers

Last Chance Llama Ranch by Hilary Fields

After an awful accident, former skiing superstar Merry is forced to find a new career. While working as a travel writer, Merry is assigned to work at Last Chance Llama Ranch, where she's surprised to discover that caring for animals could be her calling.

The Right Mr. Wrong by Cindi Myers

After a serious injury ruins Maddie's Olympic skiing career she finds herself working as a ski patroller in Colorado. When Hagan joins the ski patrol team, the chemistry between he and Maddie is undeniable, but personal strife complicates their relationship.

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